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The Christmas lights have been turned on in town for weeks, and now everyone is asking the same thing: “Do you have your tree up yet?” For some, decorating the Christmas tree is a highlight of the year; for others, it’s a bit of a faff. To make the process as enjoyable and simple as […]

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Picture your dream wedding day, and it probably involves photographs by sunset, seasonal bouquets and an idyllic arch or gazebo set up on the beach. By the same token, the likelihood is that it doesn’t involve shivering guests, icy roads or the groom in a sou’wester and galoshes.  Most people have their weddings in the […]

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Although the amount of mail generated by the UK has slowed in recent years, sales of greeting cards, and specifically Christmas cards, show few signs of decline. The British public spent more than £1.7 billion on Christmas cards in 2017, according to the Greeting Card Association, and while ecards have become a popular way of […]

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Hordes of falling, multicoloured leaves; fresh, crisp mornings; the return of rush-hour bedlam. Uni is beckoning.  Whether you’re a first-year newbie shaking with excitement and trepidation, or a postgraduate veteran delaying the impending reality of the working world, you’ll be spending loads of time in your student accommodation this coming year.  Revamping your university room […]

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With the opening day of the tournament only a few days away, the buzz surrounding the Rugby World Cup is steadily increasing. That buzz will have reached a deafening din by the time the first ball is dropped and then swiftly booted aloft at Tokyo’s Metropolitan Stadium this Friday!  If you’re a business owner or […]

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Did you know that board games and tabletop games have their origins in ancient Egypt? Almost 3,000 years ago, in the Middle Kingdom and Early Dynastic periods of Egyptian history, people played board games like Mehen, which used lion and lioness-shaped counters and marbles. The most popular board game was Senet, a draughts-like game which […]

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Last week Zazzle artist John Dyer travelled all the way from Falmouth, Cornwall to the tribal village of Mutum, in the Acre region of the Amazon rainforest, Brazil. With him, he brought some high-tech satellite equipment and plenty of art supplies. The expedition is the first chapter in an incredible new project called ‘Last Chance […]

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Design duo, Michelle and Leanne, started their Zazzle store The Arty Apples after realising that life is too short to not follow your passions. They now work on the business full-time from their homes in the Cotswolds, and are even getting younger members of the family involved! Where is your hometown? We both still live […]

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Today we’re chatting to Laura Jones, originally from Ireland but living in Italy. A preschool teacher by day, she actually creates most of her work on her daily commute to Milan. Her illustrations started as Instagram posts, but she soon realised they look great on products like badges and stickers, and loves the idea of […]

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Tell us about yourself! Where is your hometown? Do you have any hobbies? I live in a small town called St Helens in the North West of England. It’s about halfway between Liverpool and Manchester, which is great because those two cities have produced so many great artists, musicians and writers – it’s a really […]

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