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12 Days of Ugly Christmas Jumpers

Congratulations! You are invited to take part in the ongoing Christmas craze to sweep our streets every December: the ugly Christmas jumper. Huh? Wait – you don’t know what hideous horror to wear this Xmas? No problem. We have a ‘stylish’ selection to make sure you stand out as the best… amongst the worst-dressed this season (if that even makes sense).

Below you’ll find our favourite novelty Christmas jumpers that are sure to make an impression, good or bad! Whether it is for that funny family feast or you’re rolling to the annual office Christmas party, we have you covered with enough tacky tops for the 12 Days of Christmas.

Cheesy Christmas Jumpers

First up is the cheesy Christmas jumper, a traditional eyesore that goes back decades. Imagine the hand knitted beauties your relatives wore in the 1960s. That’s the look you’re aiming for. Think bright colours, argyle patterns, snowflakes, saccharine slogans and a couple of jolly santas and snowmen. Preferably all of the above combined into one naff piece of knitwear. This holiday sweater is sickly sweet and more is definitely more. Don’t Stop Believin’!

Here is a prime example.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater

by christmastee

Here’s another candidate for some oozy cheese.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ugly Christmas Jumper, Sweater, Hoodie, T-Shirt

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ugly Christmas Jumper

by changy

Remember, when it comes to novelty Christmas jumpers you want to rock a vintage look. This one is a classic.

Cute Christmas Jumpers

There is a fine line here. One person’s cheesy could be another’s cute. But the more sentimental folks won’t be able to resist these dachshunds dashing through the snow or jumpers that let you pretend to be a penguin. Adorable or awful? No matter, these cuties work for this wonderful time of year.

Simple but effective, these two sweet seasonal sweaters could kick start an entire Christmas fancy dress outfit. Just add antlers (or flippers).

    Ugly Red Nosed Sweater
Penguin Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Reindeer Or Penguin Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts

by loveloyal

Funny Christmas Jumpers

Funny Christmas sweaters are a tough nut to crack, but on Zazzle there is a sweatshirt for every sense of humour, from the ‘LOL’ to the ‘just plain weird’. These beauties make super secret santa gifts or outfits for the office party, or even the day after. They say humour is the best medicine, so nurse that headache with a hilarious holiday sweater.

It’s a pun-derful life. The art of the pun may pass some people by, but not you! From the brazenly bad to the seductively sublime, you’ll find more people talking about these novelty Christmas jumpers more than any other. Ho-ho-horrible isn’t it?

ugly Christmas sweater alternative

Ugly Christmas Sweater Alternative

by surpriseshop

Not only does this sweater show a silly sheep (a funny Christmas favourite), it has not one pun but two!

Ugly Christmas Sheep Fleece Navidad Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sheep Sweater

We couldn’t leave out the cat lovers, this one is for you. Meowy Christmas!

DIY Christmas Jumpers

But… but who has the time? Ha! Naïve you. The art of an ugly jumper is that it truly takes no time at all. Especially with Zazzle, where you can create personalised Christmas jumpers in a jiffy. Here are a couple of ideas to mimic that home-made feeling.

Remember those embarrassing Christmas photos you SWORE would never see the light of day? Well guess what – it’s time to take one for the team! Picture yourself as an elf working in the North Pole laboratory. Upload your seasonal snaps. The Nightmare before Christmas is about to begin. Cringe mode activated. Yes, it’s an Elfie selfie…

If you’re not ready to slap your face on your sweater, customise your Christmas clothing with your name or pick a design that hints at your hobby. Whether you’re into fishing or football, golf or guinea pigs, you can show off your passion with some festive fashion. You can even personalise to your politics.

Or take one tasteful typographic sweatshirt, as below, and pimp it up with some naff accessories. You can vary the degree of awfulness to match the occasion. Take it 3D by pinning on personalised badges, Christmas decorations, tinsel, even some flashing fairy lights for a custom Christmas jumper that won’t ever be forgotten.

C’mon, I can’t have all the ideas readers. Mix it up a little!  Make your own Christmas jumper, from scratch with our design tool. Add your own sarcastic season’s greetings or dashing design to one of our blank templates. Why not post it for sale… you might even make it into my list next year!

So that’s the ultimate ugly Christmas jumper starter pack to get you through all 12 days of the holiday.

What are your ‘so bad it’s good’ decorative outfits? Was it a his and hers Christmas jumper mix match? Let us know by commenting or sharing. I swear I won’t judge… much.

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