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5 Original Kids’ Birthday Party Themes

Gone are the days when a game of pass-the-parcel then ice cream and jelly would suffice for a children’s birthday party. Today, kids’ parties are getting more and more imaginative (and expensive!) But you don’t have to break the bank (or your brain) throwing the next birthday bash. Here are five fun and affordable kids’ birthday party themes to try.

Bam! Boom! Kapow! – The Superhero Party

Throw an action-packed, kick-ass superhero party. You don’t need super powers to pull it off.

  • Assemble the crew by sending some superhero themed party invitations. Zazzle has a range of official
    DC Comic invites that are sure to start the birthday party with a bang!
  • Use a bold colour palette of red, yellow and blue for that pop-art look. Simple, coloured table cloths will
    do the trick then you can power them up with Zazzle’s superhero paper party plates and cups.
  • Create a cool cityscape backdrop in a flash with a big superhero banner.
  • Set up a ‘training camp’ with activities to test speed, agility and skill, to prepare your mini-superheroes
    for a life of crime fighting!
  • Paint some rocks green and hide them in the garden for a ‘Kryptonite Hunt’.
  • Label colourful and healthy fruit and vegetable snacks as ‘SUPER POWER Foods’… it’s worth a try.
  • Fold pages from comics into cones and secure with tape. Fill with popcorn, crisps or sweet treats!

Have A Blast – The Mad Scientist Party

Nerd up and throw your kids a mad scientist birthday party. It might even be educational…

Science Experiment Kids' Birthday Party Invitation Girl
Science Experiment Birthday Invitation Girl
by Anietillustration
  • Fill the walls of your party zone with posters showing scientific formulas, calculations and the
    periodic table to recreate that science lab feeling.
  • Dress your mini scientists in white coats and goggles to unleash their inner science geek!
  • Stock up on coloured hair spray and gel so guests can self-style their mad scientist look.
  • Fill glass bowls with colourful gobstoppers styled as atom balls. Serve jelly or juice in beakers, petri
    dishes or test tubes. You can even set up an ‘Ice Cream Lab’ so they can experiment with fun toppings.
  • Look up some fun and easy science experiments to try at home. The coke and mento trick never fails.

Great Hall Feast – The Harry Potter Party

Recreate the Great Hall Feast for little Harry Potter fans (or even big ones… for your 30th!).

Harry Potter | Gryffindor Crest | Perfect for Harry Potter Kids' Birthday Party
Harry Potter | Gryffindor Crest Gold and Red 6 Cm Round Badge
by harrypotter
  • Kick off your feast with a Sorting Ceremony. Don a witch’s (or wizard’s) hat and sort each guest into one
    of the four Hogwarts Houses. Reward them with house badges. Keep an eye on the Slytherins!
  • Fill some ready rolled shortcrust pastry disks with cooked spiced pumpkin and shape them into pasties.
    Glaze them with egg wash and bake until golden. The result – homemade pumpkin pasties that would impress Ravenclaw and pumpkin pasty connoisseur, Cho Chang!
  • Serve delicious homemade Butterbeer by combining cream soda, cream and butterscotch sauce.
    Pour into stein mugs for a magical drink that tastes just as good as The Leaky Cauldron’s
  • Play ‘Pin the Glasses on Harry’, like pin the tail on the donkey.

Let’s Go To The Movies – The Cinema Party

Hold a blockbuster birthday bash with a cinema theme.

Movie Popcorn Personalised Party Favour Bag For Cinema Kids Birthday Party
Movie Popcorn Personalised Party Favour Bag
by VisionsandVerses
  • Send vintage style ticket invitations for an old fashioned, Hollywood feel.
  • Fill favour bags or boxes with popcorn and sweets. Serve drinks in old school coke bottles with striped
    straws or mix up some milkshakes. Mini burgers, hot dogs or pizza slices complete a diner-style menu.
  • String up some fairy lights for some glitzy Hollywood lighting and even hang a fake curtain around
    the projector screen or tv.
  • Transform empty cardboard boxes into ‘cars’ (or your guests’ seats) with paper plates for wheels, for a drive-in cinema.
  • Turn on their favourite film and (hopefully) sit back. If you can’t face the party at home, take the snacks
    with you and hit the multiplex.

Under The Sea – The Mermaid Party

Everyone wants to be a mermaid. Make a splash with an under-the-sea party.

Mermaid Kids' Birthday Party invitation
Mermaid Birthday invitation
  • Decorate with blues, aquas, pinks a purples, preferably with some silver and LOTS of glitter. Pick up balloons, streamers, even tinsel to create your blue lagoon.
  • Whip up some clam cookies. Sandwich two biscuits with frosting then pop in a sweet for a pearl.
  • Make ‘crab croissants’. Fill croissants with ham and cheese then stick in cocktail sticks with stickers for eyes.
  • Hide chocolate coins in the sandpit for a mermaid treasure hunt.
  • Bring out the rainbow hair spray again for luscious mermaid locks, then get plaiting.

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