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5 Secret Santa Gifts for Strangers

You know Christmas is around the corner when you start to hear the ‘who got who?’ whispers at the water cooler for your office Secret Santa. The rules are simple. The budget is £XX and the identity of the gift giver is a secret, never to be disclosed.

The big reveal is about to be made. As you pull that scrunched up Post-it® note from the Santa hat, you wonder which name will appear in your hand. Your boss? Your assistant? Someone from HR? To your horror you’re stuck with a name you don’t even recognise: ‘Dave’ from Accounts… a familiar face that you know nothing about.

Fret not! You don’t need to be best friends with someone to get them the perfect gift – in fact you don’t even need to know them. This Zazzle gift guide is perfect for semi-acquaintances, mystery colleagues and even strangers.

This adorable stocking will add some festive cheer to any mantle. You at least know your recipient’s name, so personalise their stocking with their initial for a bespoke, one-of-a-kind gift that will lead to endless Christmas memories.

Whether their poison is tea, coffee or Bovril, a nice hot cuppa in the morning is an office staple all across the UK. So you can’t fail with oen of our personalised mugs. This monogram design is simple yet elegant and the perfect gift for that not so familiar colleague.

Everyone’s got to eat right? A cute calendar perfectly combines practical and adorable in one perfect gift. Who doesn’t love a food pun?

A motivational poster is a great gift for anyone working in an office. They can hang it on their wall or cubicle for a daily dose of inspiration. Office décor is proven to have an impact on everything from mood to morale to productivity and performance. You’re welcome Dave!

A mini basketball hoop will add some fun to any desk. This design is simple, yet not overly familiar and the custom printed name adds an extra special touch. Rumours around the water cooler are sure to be all about the identity of this perfect giver!

This list is guaranteed to please anyone in your office or workplace and will no doubt get the whole office talking about your thoughtful gift, without any upsets! You can thank us by sharing your Secret Santa gifts on Instagram or commenting below.

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