Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Shopping for men is tricky enough, but finding Valentine’s Day gifts for him is the ultimate challenge. You just used up all those clever and cute present ideas at Christmas, so what are you supposed to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?!

Never fear, our Valentine’s Day gifts list is here to save the day. Whether you’re on the hunt for something sweet or silly, our unique ideas will show him you get him.

1. Watch

Late for work, late for lunch or (worst of all) late for dates? He’ll have zero excuses after receiving this practical personalised present. Customise our watches with his initials, star sign, favourite hobby or even a photo of yours truly. From leather to metal, complete his watch with your choice of strap to make sure he’s strapped in for the long run. This monogram men’s watch is custom but classy.

Mens Watch - Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

 2. Phone Case

Did he get a new phone for Christmas? Bingo! Valentine’s present for him sorted. Keep his phone as good as new with our range of customisable phone cases. Add a photo of you together or a special place to one of our photo phone cases for a gift that will make him smile every day.

Photo iPhone Case - Valentine's Gifts For Him

3. Hip Flask

Trip with the boys, house party or sneaking something stronger into a sports match (tut, tut) all require one very important item – a hip flask, of course! The sleek, stylish and brown bag alternative to transport his liquor. Make his mark with his monogram, message or even coordinates of where you met, married or had an amazing holiday together.

4. Couples’ T-Shirts 

If you’ve been secretly tempted by his ‘n’ hers merchandise, now is your moment! Our couples’ t-shirts strike the right balance between cute and cheesy. Don’t expect him to wear his to the pub, but he might pair it with some PJ bottoms for those Netflix nights in. These cute milk and cookies matching t-shirts are made for you!

Couple's T-Shirts - Valentine's Gifts For Him

Couple's T-Shirts - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

5. His ‘n’ Her Mugs

You’re on a roll now, so why not serve up these matching his ‘n’ hers mugs over a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast! The perfect way to show you love him a latte. This mr & mrs pair are perfect for newweds.

His n Her Mugs - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

6. Coasters

Let him claim a spot on the coffee table with a custom coaster. Well, one more spot on the coffee table if you include the spot for his remote or his feet. This particular custom coaster design will make him feel like he’s achieved one of his life goals – to own his own bar and/or beer! Whether its coffee or an adult beverage on the rocks, let him feel superior by placing his glass down onto a sleek stone coaster.

Personalised Beer Coaster - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

7. Apron

Does he fancy himself as a bit of a king of the kitchen? Humour him with a custom apron like this one and get in the good books with your cook. Hopefully it will come in handy when he’s preparing that five-course Valentine’s feast you’re looking forward to!

Funny Mens' Apron - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

8. Socks

Was his stocking missing the usual pack of socks this Christmas? Or are they all a little smelly already…? No matter, stylish socks are the accessory of the moment and the bolder the better. Treat his feet with our range of fun sock designs.

Personalised Socks - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

9. Boxer Shorts 

Last, but by no means least, in our Valentine’s Day ideas for him – unique underwear. Ban those boring old boxers and replace with a custom printed pair in comfortable cotton.

Personalised Boxer Shorts - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

So there you have it, our favourite Valentine’s gifts for guys. Are you planning to show some love this February 14th? For more Valentine’s Day gift ideas or cards to wow your man, browse through our gift guide on Zazzle.

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