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6 Geeky Gifts That Every DC Comics Fan Needs

What do you buy the DC fan who already has everything? Yes, there sure is a lot of merchandise to choose from, but you know they were the first in line to buy this or that. Yet there’s always something missing (trust me, I have some branded playing cards to prove it). They just haven’t realised it yet.

So I’ve done you a favour and created this nerd based list of 6 MUST HAVE geek gifts that will be a perfect fit for that difficult-to-shop-for fan in your life, all from Zazzle’s official DC Comics store. It’s almost like I have psychic powers. The lottery numbers will be: 4, 8, 15 ,16, 23, 42. I won’t say when though (gotta keep you all guessing)…

Batman T-Shirts

There’s no fan out there that doesn’t dare to dream to take on the mantle of this Caped Crusader! Batman is the world’s greatest detective so be sure that you wrap this cool gift tight because we don’t want to spoil the surprise for one lucky fan.

Bruce Wayne style threads that they’re going to love! Geek t-shirts are all the rage and you can even customise these for an unusual gift they WILL NEVER EXPECT.

Superman Phone Case

The Man of Steel is lending his awesome powers of strength to your tech. Make your phone indestructible just like Clark Kent (woah – that reporter guy?)! Thanks to a personalised, hardened shell that even kryptonite will have a hard time breaking down.

A custom case makes a gift that is functional as well as fashionable. Believe me when I say that the best gifts are for gadgets! iPhone or Samsung, we have you covered!

Wonder Woman Journal

This blockbuster superhero needs no introduction. Diana Prince is here to kick ass and take names (with some style I might add). This journal brings the classic character to life right off those pages. Every fans dream!

Inspire fan fiction or embrace the lasso of truth with a diary. What? Nerds have feelings too. Whatever you need, be sure that a custom journal will go a long way with any devotee of this fabulous female fighter!’

The Flash Mouse Mats

If you’re looking for tech gifts for him then you’ve got just the ticket with this amazing mouse mat. Family or friend, if they’re anything like me then they’re blazing through the internet like The Flash.

Video gaming, social media or checking to see if someone has finished those books yet (he hasn’t as of writing… big surprise) you’ve got to be the fastest man alive when it comes to your computer, just like Barry Allen. Keep up the pace with a slick mouse mat for a custom gift you’ll immediately love!

Suicide Squad Watch

Crime never takes a break! Always remind yourself of this fact with an ultra-cool watch featuring the baddest criminals of all – Suicide Squad. These are dangerous types and it’s time to teach them a lesson!

This can be tag teamed with the Batman shirt from before for a two-hit combo knockout (street fighter style)! Watch the joy in their faces as they unwrap this prize.

Comic Book Cushion

By the very nature of their fandom, your geek probably spends a lot of time indoors, watching movies, playing video games or engrossed in comic books. Make their lair more comfortable but still on theme with a retro comic cushion.

Remember those playing cards I mentioned before? I’d trade ‘em all for this list. That’s how you know I got you covered. Serious question: Who’s your favourite DC character? Answers in a comment below (you know the drill by now).

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