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7 Easy and Affordable Ways to Brand Your Business Packaging

Done wrong, packaging can be expensive and is hardly noticed. Done right, it’s a powerful tool used to distribute and promote your brand. Custom packaging makes a good first impression and well-designed extras like business cards or flyers may be kept, reminding customers to come back. It will make you look more professional and polished – suggesting you put that extra effort into everything you do. Check out these seven easy and affordable ways to brand your business packaging.

1. The two things that people look for when they get a package is the product they ordered and its receipt. An easy way to make the most of your internal packaging is by making the receipt more special by adding a personal message and thank you. Also remember to pop in your business card or flyer, perhaps with a discount for a future purchase. Simple extras like this can do wonders for building goodwill and improving your brand.

2. Rubber stamps are a great way to add your brand to plain packaging, quickly. They will keep your branding consistent but without the need to pay for bulk printed materials. It can also can give your wrapping a more homemade look. Café owners could stamp their paper coffee cups, shops paper gift bags or card designers can add their logo by stamping the back of each card. If you bake and sell sweet treats, why not stamp plain gift tags to label your goodies.

Logo Rubber StampLogo Rubber Stamp

3. Do you sell small, high quality products that deserve great looking packaging? If your customers are spending that little bit more on your goods, it makes a difference to present them properly. Rather than basic boxes, custom favour boxes or bags are great way to package homemade sweets, soaps and jewellery without spending a fortune.

Paper Bags for Businesses

4. Stickers or labels customised with your logo or business name can really make your brand stick. Add to external packing to brighten up boring brown boxes and even catch the attention of the delivery guy. Use them to seal envelopes, wrapping paper or paper bags for a practical but pretty finishing touch. You could even include a few unused stickers in your packages for customers to spread the word.

Business Stickers

5. Wow them with your wrapping! Extra-special wrapping paper shows thought and attention to detail and makes the arrival of your product more of an event (perhaps even an unboxing). If you have company colours, make your wrap match, or even print your own wrapping paper with your logo. Use custom tissue paper to wrap more delicate items or to stuff in gift bags. For a final flourish, you could even add ribbon.

6. If you sell in a shop or on a stall, why not pop your products in branded re-usable bags or totes? Not only will this demonstrate you’re environmentally conscientious, but your customers may use their bags for their own shopping too, showing off your brand to the world! With most supermarkets charging for plastic bags today, your bag is bound to be put to good use.

Goodie Bag Tote Bags

7. Don’t underestimate the power of swag. Throwing in fun items like badges, magnets, pens, key rings or even clothing will put your customers in a good mood – who doesn’t love a freebie! Brand yours with your logo and hopefully your customers will remember you every time they open the fridge or grab their car keys. Items like this are often shared, spreading the word even further. Try to pick swag that suits your customers. For example, other businesses may use Post-it® Notes, whereas fashion fans may prefer a tote bag.

Personalised Pens

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