7 Teacher Gifts They Really Want!

The end of term is beckoning but before you jet off on holidays there are few people to thank first. The teachers who have opened your young scholars’ minds and have motivated them to accomplish top-notch marks. Tracking down unique teacher gifts can be tricky. No doubt the soap, candles, plants and chocolate boxes pile up on the desk every year – all great presents but everything in moderation… If you really want to stand out from the stack, think about personalised teacher gifts! Teachers spend a lot of time getting to know their pupils so it’s nice to show that you have thought about them too. Here are some teacher gift ideas from Zazzle that are personal, practical and will let them know they’ve done a great job!

1. Post-it® Notes

Every teacher loves sticky notes. Take theirs to the next level by giving them a pack of personalised Post-it® Notes! From labelling piles of marking or important pages in text books, your teacher will find plenty of uses for this present. Customise their pack with their name, initials and more.

Teacher Post It Notes - Teacher Gift Ideas

2. Wine Labels

You may not want to admit it, but your child could be a handful or even an eager beaver who wants to know absolutely everything about everything else. Either way, a personalised bottle of wine makes a much-needed teacher appreciation gift. Customise our wine labels with names and funny messages to let them have a giggle.

Teacher Wine Labels - Teacher Gift Ideas

3. A Tote Bag

They can either take the wine home in this or use it for all the marking, text books and everything else they carry to the classroom every day. Go for a teacher-themed tote with their name and specialist subject, or a simple monogram design that they can use at the weekend too!

Teacher Tote Bags - Teacher Gift Ideas

4. A Tumbler

As an alternative to teacher mugs, why not customise a tumbler. These handy flasks keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold – perfect for coffee on the go or staying hydrated at the desk. Pick a design with a funny quote to keep them motivated throughout the day.

Personalised Tumblers - Teacher Gift Ideas

5. Pens

No matter how many pens they own, teachers need more! Every time they hand out one to a student, there is high chance they won’t get it back again. Solve the problem by giving them a pack of personalised teacher pens with their name on.

Teacher Pens - Teacher Gift Ideas

6. A Passport Holder

Every teacher deserves a holiday over the long summer break. So send them off in style with a personalised passport holder! Even the most motivated teacher will probably want to leave their job at home, so personalise with their real name.

Personalised Passport Holders - Teacher Gift Ideas

7. A Jigsaw Puzzle

A personalised jigsaw makes a sweet and sentimental gift for teachers. Simply add a class photo to a blank jigsaw template and add some text such as ‘Class of 2018’. This personal present will remind any teacher of all the times they had to pick up the pieces and put everything back together again…

Well there you have it – our top gifts for teachers. If you’re still lost, why not send a Zazzle gift card so they can create something they really want over the summer holidays. Then don’t forget to accompany your present with a friendly teacher thank you card for a finishing touch. Buy your teacher gifts online, we’ll make them, then you can save your energy for all the running around you’ll be doing this summer!