Wedding Thank You Card Tips & Etiquette

The big day has come and gone, the guests have travelled home and last slices of cake have been eaten. While your honeymoon may be the only thing on your mind right now, there’s one last thing to check off that to-do list: the wedding thank you cards.

Attending a wedding is a big ask, and often expense – your guests may have taken the days off, bought a new dress, booked a hotel and found a present. You want them to know how much their presence meant to you.

The thought of writing 100+ thank you notes may not be that appealing, but it is achievable! Just follow our guide to wedding thank you card etiquette and see some of our favourite designs.

Who Receives a Thank You Card?

There’s no need to panic about this one – simply include everyone. From small gestures to grand actions, thank everyone who contributed in any way to your nuptials.

Start with the wedding party, so your bridesmaids, groomsmen and of course your parents. Whether they hosted your wedding and provided financial assistance or not, they deserve a huge thanks for the love, help and support they’ve given you, on the big day and run-up to it. Even the little flower girls and ring bearers will want a card. They may be small but being part of your wedding was probably a big deal for them.

Parents Wedding Thank You Cards

Let’s face it, without the suppliers, you wouldn’t have been able to make your fairy-tale day come true. From florists to bakers, musicians to photographers, every little detail they added counted so include them on your list. Plus don’t forget the person who married you!

Officiant Wedding Thank You Cards

Next up, all the guests. The friends and family who came to rejoice with you made your day what it was. It’s important to remember that sometimes, presence is the only gift we need. So don’t leave out those who weren’t in a position to buy a gift. Also, if you received a group present, it’s more personal to thank each individual guest rather than send just one card. Finally, include the family or friends who couldn’t make it on the day but still sent you a gift.

When Should You Send Wedding Thank You Cards?

This one is easy too – as soon as possible! Why not get them done and dusted before your honeymoon, so you can truly sit back and relax as newlyweds? Even if you don’t manage that, it’s best practice to send your wedding thank you cards within three months of the day. Also, it’s more fun and easier to write your messages while the wedding is still fresh in your minds.

Of course timing also depends on the size of your wedding. If you had hundreds of guests, then everyone will understand that you have a big task and it may take a while. But if you had a very small guest list, sending cards six months down the line won’t look great!

That said, if you miss the three-month deadline, don’t use that as an excuse to not send a card at all. A thank you card sent a year later is still better than none at all.

Floral Wreath Wedding Thank You Cards

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Thank You Cards

Your thank you notes are the last little detail in your wedding, so you’ll want to leave your guests with something memorable. Personalised wedding thank you cards will do just that. If you’re organised and want all your wedding stationery to match, why not order them at the same time as your wedding invitations. Whether you opted for a rustic, vintage or beach theme, most of the wedding invitation suites on Zazzle have coordinating thank you cards.

Beach Wedding Thank You Cards

Another option is to wait and use your photographs and send wedding photo thank you cards. Simply add your favourite shots to one of our templates to create a perfect keepsake for your guests. If you do this, talk to your photographer about timing so you can get at least a selection of photographs before the rest to make your cards.

Photo Wedding Thank You Cards

It’s also nice idea to send specific notes to the wedding party. You can find individual mother of the bride, flower girl or bridesmaid thank you cards and even personalise them with names.

Bridesmaid Thank You Cards

What to Write in Wedding Thank You Cards

The trick with wedding thank you card wording is to make it as personal as possible. First things first, address each person by their name. If they gave you a gift, thank them for it and say why you love it and how you plan to use it. If they gave you money, it’s inappropriate to mention the amount but thank them for the ‘generous gift’. Then suggest how you will use the funds, whether for your honeymoon, to decorate the house etc.

It’s nice to call out other details in your note, for example if the recipient helped you with something specific or travelled a long way to be at the wedding. Or why not recount a fun anecdote from the day that included them. If they didn’t make it, say how you wished they could have been there.

Floral Wedding Thank You Cards

Finally, mention when you might see them next, whether that’s for a lunch date or at an upcoming family event. Then sign off from both you and your spouse. If you’ve taken your other half’s name (or you want to specify that you haven’t!), or if you changed your address since your wedding, your thank you cards are an opportunity to let people know. You can even have an address sticker made up to add to the inside of the card, or as a return address on the envelope.

Address Stickers

More Wedding Thank You Card Tips

The secret to making this task stress-free is to be organised. No matter how big or small your wedding is, you know you’re going to need to thank your guests, so start planning before the wedding! Explore thank you card designs, settle on one you love and get it ordered in plenty of time. This way, if guests decide to give you your gift prior to the wedding, you can thank them straight away.

The idea of missing someone you meant to thank is gut-wrenching. Don’t rely on your memory amid all the madness of a wedding and honeymoon, start a list of all the people you need to thank. Remember that wedding guest list spreadsheet? Make a copy! Then just add columns for gifts and keep track of them as they arrive. This way you will have all the names, addresses and details you need to start writing.

Photo Collage Wedding Thank You Cards

Then just designate a time to start and stick to it. You could spread it out over a series of sessions or get a bottle of wine and some nice food in and make a night of it! If you had hundreds of guests, you could enlist a couple of helpers to seal envelopes, write addresses and add stamps. But the personal messages inside should always come from you or your spouse.

Last but not least, remember to use a nice pen! Good luck and share any of your own wedding thank you card tips.

Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Shopping for Father’s Day gifts isn’t an easy task. What are we going to get him this year? How are we going to make it different from last year and the year before? Does he still like the same style, the same food and the same hobbies? It’s a bit of a minefield, one that can make you second guess every gift idea you conjure up.

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate everything you love about your dad. Maybe it’s his humour, dripping with sarcasm, or maybe it’s the way he instinctively knows when you’re feeling down and need a hug. Maybe it’s remembering all the things your dad taught you as you were growing up; how to ride a bike, how to tie your shoelaces, how to fix things around the house. Or maybe it’s simply the way he loves you unconditionally and the unique bond you share.

Make this Father’s Day extra special with a gift from Zazzle. With so many options and the ability to customise your chosen present, you’ll be spoiled for choice! From sports to comedy, cooking essentials to artistic pieces and superhero merchandise to stylish clothing, we have the best Father’s Day gifts for all types of dads!

 Sports Mad Dad

Is your dad a sports fanatic? Get him prepared for the field or add a bit of fun to his game with fantastic sports equipment and gear! If your dad is a table tennis pro, our ping pong paddles can be personalised with your very own images or message. There are some great designs including ‘Ping Pong Champion Dad’ and a customisable ‘The Man, The Myth, The Legend’. Make your gift extra special and pair the paddle with a personalised ping pong ball.

With all that exercise, a water bottle is going to be essential. Ensure you dad’s one doesn’t get mixed up with someone else’s and create his own one-of-a-kind bottle. If designing isn’t your cup of tea, glitz up your dad’s game with a ‘Best Dad Ever’ design or give him a bottle featuring an illustration of his favourite sport, animal or colour.

Dad Ping Pong Paddle

Funny Dad

Ah yes, the comical dad! Always ready to drop the next joke or pull the latest prank. Embrace your dad’s sense of humour and give him a chuckle with a gift he can’t resist. Perhaps your dad spends a lot of time running around after you and your siblings? Maybe he’s on the go so much, his phone is constantly paying the price and prone to falls and scratches. If that’s the case (pardon the pun), perhaps a protective phone cover is just what he needs. There’s no need to lose out on the opportunity to make your own joke here; personalise it with a funny message or private quip.

Has your dad ever come home from work exhausted and looking like he’s had the worst day? Lift his spirits from wherever you are with a funny mug he can grab a cuppa with or a funny magnet he can stick on his computer tower. Sometimes all we need is a smile to let go of some of that stress!

Funny Father's Day Mugs

Foodie Dad

Is your dad a lover of all things cuisine? Make sure he has everything he needs to be a master chef and artful foodie this Father’s Day. If, like most of us, your dad is rushing out the door to work in the morning and never forgets his cherished cup of coffee, a travel coffee mug is on point for his needs. Not only can you add a cute picture of you and dad to our coffee mugs and personalise it with text, it keeps hot liquids warm and avoids nasty spillages on the morning commute.

Let your dad’s cooking instincts take over and make sure he protects his clothes in the process! What’s better than a custom printed apron to don whilst you prepare the family meals? And when it’s finally time for dear old dad to sit down and put his feet up in the evening, make sure he’s accompanied by a bottle of wine, with its very own customised wine label.

Dad Apron

 Geeky Dad

Everyone loves a dad who is a total nerd! Show your dad you love his geeky side this Father’s Day with geeky gifts he’s sure to love. Is your dad a massive DC Comics fan? Make him feel like the hero he is with a cool ‘Super Dad’ belt. Why not take it one step further and deck your dad out in all things super with ‘Super Dad’ t-shirts, hoodies and hats! We even have ‘Super Dad’ flip flops – just make sure he doesn’t decide to pair them with ‘Super Dad’ socks!

Does your dad love his video games and spend a lot of time on his computer? Get your hands on a ‘Best Dad In The World’ or ‘Keep Calm Dad, It’s Just A Game’ mousepad for the perfect Father’s Day gift. Remind your dad just how great he is and give him some silent company whilst he’s playing video games with a ‘Number 1 Dad, Happy Father’s Day’ teddy bear.

Fathers Day Superdad T-Shirt

 Dapper Dad

It can be rather difficult to think of Father’s Day gift ideas for dashing dads. With such unique taste and great style, it’s easy to worry about not hitting the mark. Well, never fear – Zazzle is here! We have a great collection of fashionable clothing your dad will love to don.

Want to give your dad cool yet cute Father’s Day presents? Our father-son matching t-shirts are trendy and sentimental. If you’re looking for something classy and old-school, why not check our ‘The Original’ and ‘The Remix’ tees? Change the colour, font and t-shirt style to really capture your dad’s personality and style. If your dad is more of a hoodie man, we have everything from ‘My favourite people call me Papa’ to ‘Best Dad Ever’.

Is your dad’s style less young and hip dad and more sophisticated and charming father? It’s often the accessories and smaller items of clothing that are the quirky focal point for this style. Why not grab your dad a pair of colourful and whimsical socks, featuring anything from dachshunds to eye-catching patterns. Finish off your dad’s polished look with a tie and choose from eccentric Mad Hatter’s Tea Party designs to elegant Fleur-de-Lis inspired pieces.

To top it all off, don’t forget to peruse our range of Father’s Day cards to complement the perfect present.

Our Favourite Statement T-Shirts this International Women’s Day

What does being a woman mean to you? Does it mean being confident? Does it mean being strong? Does it mean loving yourself unconditionally? Being a woman means so many different things to different people. Throughout history and today, fierce and feisty female heroines have paved the path for women worldwide.

Today is International Women’s Day and this year it is focused on highlighting the gender parity gap still very much present between men and women. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2017, the gender gap is not getting any smaller. Data suggests that the gap is, in fact, widening and gender equality is moving backwards. Armed with the hashtag #PressforProgress and nothing but passionate gusto, today women (and men) all across the globe will be calling for active progress in closing the gender gap.

As women, International Women’s Day isn’t the only female empowerment celebration we got to embrace this year. Last month, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the passing of the Representation of People Act in 1918. This act enabled a number of women over the age of 30 to vote – a monumental historical event. However, progress was still to be made as it was only women who lived in a house or were the spouse of someone who lived in a house that could vote at this time. So, after years of women fighting for equal social, economic and political rights, are you ready to join the action?

On Zazzle, we’ve seen more and more of our creators and customers making a statement with slogan t-shirts demanding for change. They may be wearing them today, and hopefully all year long. Here are some of our favourites.

#PressforProgress HashTag International Women’s Day T-Shirt

Gender parity won’t happen overnight, but positive gains can and are being made every day. Continue to highlight this year’s hashtag #PressforProgress and the importance of staying motivated with this typographic tee.

#PressforProgress International Women's Day T-Shirt

Venus Symbol T-Shirt

Subtle but still strong, this Venus t-shirt sends an unmissable message. Embrace your gender with the globally recognised female symbol.

 Venus symbol t-shirt

Circle of Women T-Shirt

Sometimes all you need is a symbolic way to get the point across. Stand tall and proud with your sisters and remind them that together, anything is possible with this colourful shirt.

Circle of Women T-Shirt

Strong Woman T-Shirt

Too often, women have heard the word ‘weak’ to describe the female gender. This design reminds the world just how strong they are, with a sense of humour.

Strong Women T-Shirt 

We Should All Be Feminists T-Shirt

Fighting for Women’s rights needs to be embraced by the whole of society to succeed. This stylish statement tee gets straight to the point.

We Should All Be Feminists T-Shirt

Empowered Women Empower Women T-Shirt

So many strong women offer inspiration to others. This graphic t-shirt supports just how important their work and example is to the movement for change.

Empowered women, Empower Women T-Shirt

International Women’s Day Celebration Tee

International Women’s Day is a time to show love and support to women from every background, regardless of race, ethnicity, political standing, sexuality and religious views. This design shows how today they all stand together.

 International Women's Day T-Shirt


These are just a few of the statement t-shirts we see trending every day. If you have a striking image or inspirational quote to share, create your own slogan tee with our design tool and spread the word. Whatever way you decide to celebrate International Women’s Day today, make sure your voice is heard.