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It’s something you use every day – your favourite mug for a nice cuppa tea. But who knew that you could whip up a whole meal in mug? The recent trend for microwave mug recipes suggest you can and could be a lifesaver for people on the go or those with an aversion to the […]

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The custom of sending Christmas cards started in the UK in 1843. Nowadays, where digital communication is standard practice and personalised letters are rare, a card can bring so much joy to loved ones during the festive season. Giving a Christmas card, just like giving a gift, is an opportunity to show the recipient just how much […]

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You know Christmas is around the corner when you start to hear the ‘who got who?’ whispers at the water cooler for your office Secret Santa. The rules are simple. The budget is £XX and the identity of the gift giver is a secret, never to be disclosed. The big reveal is about to be made. […]

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Love Christmas but hate the stress leading up to it? We feel you! If you’re not organised, Christmas can have people feeling more frazzled than festive. Our guide for getting ready for Christmas early will cut the crazy out of Christmas planning and keep you from being swept up in the holiday madness. It will […]

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In my early twenties I went to a fancy dress shop in search of the perfect Halloween costume. My outfit of choice was the Honey Monster – the classic cereal king! It included a furry yellow body suit, mask and a red jumper labelled ‘Honey Monster’, my new secret identity. I had to try it […]

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Gone are the days when a game of pass-the-parcel then ice cream and jelly would suffice for a children’s birthday party. Today, kids’ parties are getting more and more imaginative (and expensive!) But you don’t have to break the bank (or your brain) throwing the next birthday bash. Here are five fun and affordable kids’ […]