Unique Wedding Gifts That Mean More

In the age of gift registries and honeymoon funds it seems impossible to give unique wedding gifts that really stand out. Wedding gift etiquette clearly states that you should stick to the list… but here at Zazzle we believe that personalised wedding gifts mean so much more than a mindless purchase off the registry. So if you want to give a gift with a difference, we’ve come up with seven wedding gift ideas that will have the bride and groom swooning.

1 . For the Arty Couple

Create a custom piece of wall art that that they can hang in their home and enjoy every day. For example, frame a vintage travel poster of where they met or their honeymoon destination. Make wood wall art embellished with their initials and the details of their wedding day. Or print a wedding canvas using a stunning photograph of the moment they were married.

Wedding Photo Camvas

2. For the Adventurous Couple

Any globetrotting couple is sure to have booked one heck of a honeymoon. Send them packing with some some personalised travel accessories. Wedding luggage tags, his ‘n’ hers flip flops and monogrammed beach towels are personal but practical and are sure to be used for years of adventures to come!

Wedding Luggage Tags
Wedding Beach Towels

3. For the Foodie Couple

If the way to their heart is through their stomachs. stock their kitchen with food-centric gifts. Customised aprons, chopping boards or even table cloths are so much more exciting than another toaster. Or if you’re a bit of a foodie yourself, wrap up homemade or carefully selected goodies with personalised stickers, wine labels, tissue paper and gift bags for a beautifully presented wedding hamper.

Wedding Chopping Boards

 4. For the Couple Who Can’t Resist a Morning Brew

Create matching mugs with their names or typography that are personal to them. You can simply print two regular mugs or go one step further with the Lover’s Mug Set. Zazzle’s Lovers’ mugs are made to perfectly fit together… just like the happy couple. Now (thanks to you!) the newlyweds can share a morning cuppa every day. Awwwww!

Wedding Mug - Mrs

Wedding Mugs - Mr

5. For the Couple that Love Breakfast in Bed

A customised serving tray is perfect for the couple that enjoys breakfast in bed (who doesn’t?!). Or create customised cushions and blankets for mornings snuggling in front of Netflix. Personalise your thoughtful gifts with their names, wedding date or a sentimental quote…

Wedding Cushions

6. For the Sentimental Couple

 A keepsake box offers a touching way for the newlyweds to store all the items that inspired their wedding memories in one place. Personalise yours with their names, wedding date or a photo of the happy couple for a quality gift that stands out from the crowd.

7. For the Couple Who Spend Ages in the Bathroom

If your bride and groom love their bathroom, treat them to some bath and beauty gifts. On Zazzle you can customise shower curtains, toothbrush holders, towels, bath mats and more to add to their newlywed boudoir.

Wedding Couple Bath Mats

So there you have our top unique wedding gift ideas that can all be found right here on Zazzle! Be bold, be brave, and give your newlyweds an unforgettable gift that they will cherish forever.

9 Things to Consider Before Planning a Destination Wedding

Sandy toes and salty kisses, are you about to become Mr and Mrs? At some point in every couple’s wedding planning process, they entertain the idea of a destination wedding.

Let’s set the scene. You and your sweetheart are holding hands on a golden sandy beach with the majestic blue hue of the ocean glistening in the background. The wind is blowing in your hair and the warm sand is tickling your toes as you gaze lovingly into the eyes of the man of your dreams and whisper ‘I do’. Sounds perfect right? To a cool, calm, super chilled bride (or bridechilla as I like to call them), this is the dream wedding. Bridezillas, on the other hand, beware! If you’re tempted, we’ve put together a few pointers to help you decide ‘Is a destination wedding right for me?’

Just Relax

If you’ve been planning every aspect of your wedding day since childhood, a destination wedding may not be for you. You will forget to pack something, somebody will miss their flight or lose their baggage and you will lose the plot. Better stay closer to home, where things are a little easier to keep under control. Whereas if you’re pretty laid back and want a relaxed rather than regimented wedding, then go ahead and wed away.

Do Your Paperwork

If you’re getting married abroad, remember to research the legalities for your chosen country. The rules, regulations and essential paper work around both civil and religious ceremonies vary vastly place to place, so you need to do your homework. Alternatively, you could just have the celebration and blessing abroad and make it official back home.

Let Them Save the Date

If your guests need to travel for your wedding, it’s more important than ever to send out save-the-dates as soon as you can. They’ll need to book flights, accommodation and ask for time off work so need a bit of notice. Similarly, get the full invitations out at least 12 weeks before you take off. Your stationery is also a chance to get everyone excited about the exotic trip! Pull out all the stops and send colourful, tropical, or retro themed destination wedding invitations that will have them dreaming of the beach.

Don’t Expect RSVPs, ASAP

Your guests may take a little longer to RSVP to a wedding abroad, beacue they have more to consider themselves. You’ll also need to embrace the fact that due to practicalities, some guests may RSVP ‘no’. Don’t be glum if some of your mates can’t make it… it will do wonders for your budget! In fact, you have reason not invite everyone in the first place. Planning a destination wedding is a great way to keep numbers down by limiting it to just close friends and family, and are often all the more intimate for it. But if you or your fiancé’ need a lot of people to be there, you might want to reconsider.

No Fun in the Sun

While it may be relaxing to lounge about in the sun before your wedding, please resist all temptation! Weirdly placed tan lines and skin that resembles a lobster is the last thing you need when you’ll be wearing a white wedding dress in a few days, and with lots of photographs.

Keep Your Cool

Beautiful, balmy weather is probably one of the reasons why you want to marry abroad in the first place. But remember those temperatures when you’re trying on outfits back home. For example, avoid thick, synthetic fabrics for your wedding dress and give the three piece suits a miss. Supplying your guests with hand fans will be much appreciated! On Zazzle, you can print them with the details of the day too.

Expect Wardrobe Malfunctions

If you’re having a beach wedding, there may also be be outfit emergencies. Your heels may sink in the sand. Your dress, or your fiancé’s kilt may catch a gust of wind. Or one of your guests may lose their hat. Does that thought make you smile or want to scream? To avoid stilletos sinking in the sand, why not create some comfy custom flip flops for the big day on the beach.

Be Our Guest

At a traditional wedding, you’ll see the guests for a few hours at most. If you’re marrying abroad, chances are your guests will make a holiday out of it. So just make sure you want to spend a week with them – something to consider when narrowing down the guest list.

Location, Location, Location

You want your guests to think ‘Wow, that wedding is so them!’ instead of ‘So, why did they get married on a farm?’, right? Maybe you’re both foodies or into the great outdoors. Perhaps you met on holiday in Marbella or he proposed in Paris. If you’re going to travel, it’s more important than ever to make the location meaningful to you as a couple.

Destination weddings offer a truly unique, intimate and memorable wedding experience. If you’re a perfectionist, with a keen eye for detail and high expectations, then it’s probably best to stick to a more traditional wedding. If you want to share your special day with the people who truly matter, in a low-key, intimate setting then set your sights on the ocean and get planning that beach wedding now!

How To Design Business Cards: 6 Top Tips

In the age of LinkedIn, smart phones and social media it has become easier than ever to connect with people online. But whereas a website or social media account can be easily forgotten, effective business cards offer a tangible representation of you and your business. If you haven’t got cards you are proud to hand out, you’re missing out on big opportunities.

Not all cards are created equal, however. Your business card design reflects your own personal brand and getting it right is one of the most crucial and cost-effective marketing strategies. Getting it wrong, can have the opposite effect. You don’t want to be remembered as the person with cheap-looking, flimsy cards, do you?

This little card is the face of your company and a creative representation of your business. So here are our top 6 business card design tips.

1. Be On Brand

If you have company colours, use them. If not, make sure the look of your card matches your industry and brand and don’t just follow your own personal taste. Creative industries might go bold with bright colours, fun patterns and trendy designs to look fresh and original. However, don’t under-estimate the power of simplicity. Some of best examples of good business cards are often the plainest – soft colours or pure black and white. Minimalist business cards can look more stylish and professional, especially for traditional industries that want to inspire trust.

2. Less is More

Potential clients will spend a maximum of five seconds glancing at your business card so you don’t want to overwhelm them with information. Those five seconds should only be spent answering basic questions: who, what, why and where. Don’t squeeze in absolutely everything, including all your social media accounts, in tiny text. Also avoid obscuring the details with a poorly chosen font. Steer clear of italics and cursive styles and choose easy-to-read text in a traditional size.

3. Impress With Paper

A cheap or thin looking card may have leave prospective clients questioning the quality of your services. Premium paper and finishes make your cards more tactile and memorable. Zazzle has an array of paper types including simple matte and gloss, but also textured linen, shimmering pearl and even a beautifully soft silk, all offering a sophisticated and unique finish. However, always consider brand and audience when picking your paper. It makes sense for a luxury company to go for a fancy paper, but more simple businesses may want to opt for something fuss-free to stay on brand.

4. Shape Up

An easy way to make your card unique is to choose more unusual shapes and sizes. Rather than the regular rectangle, why not opt for square business cards or mighty or mini sizes that will immediately stand out from the pack. You might consider folded business cards too. These shapes may need a more specific design attention to fit the unusual space, but when done well, look modern and marvellous.

5. Cut The Clip Art

While clip arts may be colourful and funny they can look unprofessional. A random photo of a puppy may be cute, but it has no place on a business card, unless you are either a vet, dog walker or pet shop owner. If you don’t have a company logo or in-house graphic designer, choose from Zazzle’s professionally designed templates or stick to a text only design.

6. Make It Stick

The problem with paper is that it’s everywhere and may be filed away or, worse again, recycled. Avoid the back of the wallet or bin by making your card useful and visible. Magnetic business cards offer function as well as form by being a handy way to pin up notes or just to decorate the fridge. Whether they realise it or not, every time potential customers go for the milk they will be reminded of you and your business. This strategy is particularly effective for businesses such as electricians, taxi firms or babysitters – services that people know they will need at some point and fast, so are good to have at hand.

So what are you waiting for? Using these golden rules of business card design, you are ready to browse our best designs or create your own.

Meal in a Mug: Breakfast

It’s something you use every day – your favourite mug for a nice cuppa tea. But who knew that you could whip up a whole meal in mug? The recent trend for microwave mug recipes suggest you can and could be a lifesaver for people on the go or those with an aversion to the washing up.

As a hard-core foodie and former chef, I must admit that I was a little sceptical. I’ve seen some crazy mug recipes out there. Mug cake. Pizza in a mug. Lasagne. My head hurts just trying to imagine how you would even go about assembling these dishes. How could you possibly cook lasagne in a cup without the pasta going hard, the meat being severely undercooked and the cheese spilling down the side of the cup in a greasy sludge?

But then I thought about two of my all-time favourite chefs who both use microwaves in professional kitchens. Gordon Ramsay cooks fresh herbs in his microwave, and Marco Pierre White swears that microwaving bacon will revolutionise your kitchen. If it’s good enough for Marco it’s certainly good enough for me, so I have decided to put this idea to the test and see if microwave mug meals really work.

I’m going to dip my toe into the world of microwave cooking and start with breakfast. I’m not quite ready for microwave pizza just yet (and I’m not sure I ever will be) so I have chosen one of favourite breakfast dishes – French toast! In this cold weather, we all want something hot for brekkie with minimum time spent in a chilly kitchen.

I will be testing out my gastronomic experiment in the Zazzle canteen – a place where Zazzlers come to eat, relax and play video games!

The mug:

A new recipe calls for a new mug and I treated myself to the cutest new Zazzle mug just for this occasion. I wanted something unique and funny that I could also use for my morning coffee. I opted for a bright, colourful mug, personalised with an adorable breakfast themed design. At least if my meal in minutes becomes a culinary disaster I’ll have an adorable new coffee cup to cheer me up! Zazzle mugs are sturdy and microwave safe so there’s no fear of any mishaps in the microwave but steer clear of fine bone china or anything delicate when testing this recipe.

The recipe:


1 slice white bread

½ tbsp. of butter

4 tbsp. milk

1 large egg

1 ½ tbsp. of maple syrup

1 tbsp. chocolate chips

1 tsp. cinnamon

French Toast ina Mug Ingredients


  1. Whisk the egg, maple syrup and cinnamon together in a mug until combined
  2. Butter the bread and cut it into bite sized cubes
  3. Add the bread to the mug, sprinkle with chocolate chips and give it a good stir
  4. Microwave for 2 minutes in 30 second intervals

The verdict:

I was blown away by how tasty my two minute meal was. It was rich, buttery and delicious and it tasted like a warm hug in a mug. The only thing that this recipe lacked was a bit of crunch. The chocolate chips added a great texture but I missed the golden caramelization achieved by pan frying. The next time I make this I’m going to sprinkle some granulated sugar on top for an extra crunch. I was concerned that it would look a mess but surprisingly it looked just as appealing as it tasted.  The smell was invigorating and the inviting odour of sweet maple syrup floated through the  entire downstairs office. It wasn’t long before hungry colleagues emerged offering to taste test my new culinary delight!

French Toast in a Mug

French Toast in a Mug

Personalised Christmas Cards For Everyone On Your List

The custom of sending Christmas cards started in the UK in 1843. Nowadays, where digital communication is standard practice and personalised letters are rare, a card can bring so much joy to loved ones during the festive season.

Giving a Christmas card, just like giving a gift, is an opportunity to show the recipient just how much you know and care. So send something more thoughtful this year with personalised Christmas cards or just super specific card designs that match your recipient’s personality – whether they love their pets or a good pun.

With so many unique and high quality options on Zazzle, there’s no excuse for picking a generic card. Show them you know them with unique Christmas cards this year!

For The Snap Happy 

If you’re sending the same Christmas card to all of your loved ones, a personalised photo card is the perfect way to share pictures of the family. You can celebrate your first Christmas as a married couple by adding your wedding photos, or show off photos of your kids (or dog!). This chic brush script card is understated and elegant and offers an instant reminder of you and your family.

If you recently welcomed a new arrival into the family, why not wish your friends and family a Merry Christmas and introduce them to your new bundle of joy at the same time with a baby’s first Christmas card. This modern design is adorable.

For the Camera Shy

Not everyone wants to slap their face on a Christmas card. If you are feeling shy, you can still personalise your season’s greetings by adding names, dates and messages. These designs, from Zazzle designer Origami Prints, are understated but still unique to you.

Loved Dearly Personalised Christmas Card

Loved Dearly Card

by origamiprints

For the Foodie

For the people who are all about the food, find a card that looks good enough to eat! This bacon Christmas tree design is made for the guy or girl who likes their fry up.

Or try this cute Christmas card for that coffee-crazed colleague, who also tends to scoff a doughnut or two!

Coffee Elf and Crazy Doughnut Elf Card

Coffee Elf and Crazy Doughnut Elf Card

by kitteh03

For the Pet Lover
Choose from our adorable dog Christmas cards to wish the dog lover in your life a happy hawl-iday! This sausage dog design (with Christmas jumper) is just too cute.

Happy Howl-idays Card

Happy Howl-idays Card

by origamiprints

Or if you have your own pooch or feline friend, make them the star of the show by adding thie picture to one of our pet Christmas card templates. Meowy Christmas!
For the Joker

Push the boundaries with one of our
funny Christmas cards. Just select your recipients carefully!

Too much tequila at the office party? We’ve all been there or at least know somebody that has. This light-hearted card is perfect for that friend or relative that overdid it last year!

Not one for nan, but I’m sure we all know someone who will appreciate this crude reindeer card!

For the Friend Who Loves Christmas
Anyone who loves Christmas will appreciate the tradition of one of our vintage Christmas cards because they evoke the true spirit of Christmas from way back when. They’ll go giddy for this gorgeous Victorian design.

For The Friend Who Hates Christmas

We all know someone who hates Christmas. A Scrooge-style character who boycotts the holiday and orders a curry on December 25th. This card is for them. It’s so cute, it may even prompt a smile…maybe.

This funny design is officially licensed by Dr.Seuss. It will playfully poke fun at your pessimistic mate and their Grinchy habits. Merry Grinchmas!






5 Secret Santa Gifts for Strangers

You know Christmas is around the corner when you start to hear the ‘who got who?’ whispers at the water cooler for your office Secret Santa. The rules are simple. The budget is £XX and the identity of the gift giver is a secret, never to be disclosed.

The big reveal is about to be made. As you pull that scrunched up Post-it® note from the Santa hat, you wonder which name will appear in your hand. Your boss? Your assistant? Someone from HR? To your horror you’re stuck with a name you don’t even recognise: ‘Dave’ from Accounts… a familiar face that you know nothing about.

Fret not! You don’t need to be best friends with someone to get them the perfect gift – in fact you don’t even need to know them. This Zazzle gift guide is perfect for semi-acquaintances, mystery colleagues and even strangers.

This adorable stocking will add some festive cheer to any mantle. You at least know your recipient’s name, so personalise their stocking with their initial for a bespoke, one-of-a-kind gift that will lead to endless Christmas memories.

Whether their poison is tea, coffee or Bovril, a nice hot cuppa in the morning is an office staple all across the UK. So you can’t fail with oen of our personalised mugs. This monogram design is simple yet elegant and the perfect gift for that not so familiar colleague.

Everyone’s got to eat right? A cute calendar perfectly combines practical and adorable in one perfect gift. Who doesn’t love a food pun?

A motivational poster is a great gift for anyone working in an office. They can hang it on their wall or cubicle for a daily dose of inspiration. Office décor is proven to have an impact on everything from mood to morale to productivity and performance. You’re welcome Dave!

A mini basketball hoop will add some fun to any desk. This design is simple, yet not overly familiar and the custom printed name adds an extra special touch. Rumours around the water cooler are sure to be all about the identity of this perfect giver!

This list is guaranteed to please anyone in your office or workplace and will no doubt get the whole office talking about your thoughtful gift, without any upsets! You can thank us by sharing your Secret Santa gifts on Instagram or commenting below.

All Wrapped Up – How To Get Organised This Christmas

Love Christmas but hate the stress leading up to it? We feel you! If you’re not organised, Christmas can have people feeling more frazzled than festive.

Our guide for getting ready for Christmas early will cut the crazy out of Christmas planning and keep you from being swept up in the holiday madness. It will save you money too!

We’ve broken down one giant job into more manageable tasks, from tackling your Christmas card list to starting your Christmas shopping to food prep and all the rest. You can use it as your Christmas planning check-list! So when the big day arrives, you can actually enjoy it…

1. Start Your Christmas Cards Early

There’s no need to send your Xmas cards in July (unless you live in Australia!) but rushing things can lead to upsets. This year, set up a master Christmas card list in a spreadsheet with all your up-to-date names and addresses, then you can just edit it every year. Tackle your list gradually, writing cards when you can – a few in front of the TV, a couple on the train to work and so on. If you write them in small batches, you can enjoy and put effort into each one. Also remember to buy more cards than you think you will need. That way, if you do forget someone and receive theirs, you have time and spares to send one back one in time. Just remember to update your spreadsheet with their details ready for next year!

If you get started early, you’ll also have time to make your own Christmas cards on Zazzle – you can add names or even family photos to some stunning designs.

Personalised Christmas Cards - Zazzle UK

2. Create A Christmas Gift Master List

Plan your Xmas presents as far in advance as possible to avoid the surprise of that dream gift being sold out or you showing up on Boxing Day empty handed. Get started by creating your second spreadsheet, this time for Christmas gifts. Add everyone you need to buy gifts for with some initial ideas and a rough price for everyone.

Consider your list carefully! Reigning in on the Xmas present list will ease stress and save a few quid. We’re not suggesting you leave your kids off Santa’s list… but maybe it’s time to stop buying talc for your great Auntie Ethel or socks for that third cousin twice removed who’s name you can never remember!

Be a good listener and take note of any hints from friends and family and add all these ideas to your list too. Armed with your spreadsheet, you can pick up gifts when you see them and make time to search for something special (at the best price) you have thought of.

3. Do ALL Your Gift Shopping Online 

Forget trawling through the High Street looking for bargains. Dragging shopping bags along the length of Oxford or Buchannan Street is a pain that can easily be avoided. Shop online, get them delivered and have a stress-free, bag-free shop. Once you have your Christmas gift list set up, it will be so much easier to tackle it from the comfort of your computer. Plus, there will be plenty of online coupon codes in emails or onsite in November you can use to save money. Just make sure to consider delivery times and order online early.

4. Create An Events Calendar

The Christmas season usually involves a lot of social gatherings, from school plays to work parties to the local carol service. Buy a calendar and mark in times, events and personal targets over the Xmas season. This will help you avoid clashes, missing anything by mistake and getting everything organised on time. But don’t feel you have to go to everything! Make sure you put aside time for simple family time.

5. Wrap Presents As You Buy

I’ve spent many a Xmas Eve wrapping for hours and though it sounds festive in theory, it isn’t fun. Wrapping your gifts as you buy them not only keeps presents away from curious little eyes, it lets you put effort into each and every one. You can even personalise your gift wrap on Zazzle, with custom wrapping paper, gift tags, tissue paper and gift bags! Custom Christmas stockings are also great way to organise gifts all the while adding an extra dose of Christmas cheer.

Personalised Wrapping Paper - Zazzle UK

6. Take Stock Of Christmas Decorations

Get that big box down from the loft as early as possible and see what Christmas decorations you have. There’s nothing worse than having your tree in pride of place then the fairy lights don’t work or the angel for the top has gone missing. So check your lights, throw out any broken baubles and then have some fun restocking! This way you’ll have the time to find some stand-out new pieces. In fact, why not add a few personalised Christmas tree decorations this year from Zazzle.

Personalised Christmas Tree Decorations - Zazzle UK

7. Order Your Food Early

We’ve all seen the mad dash to the supermarket on Christmas Eve, with dozens of shoppers scrambling frantically in search of a Turkey. The reality is that these shoppers will be lucky to come out with a chicken in their trolley so order ahead to avoid this Christmas chaos!

Also, don’t feel you have to make a sit-down meal for every occasion. We’re not saying you should swap the turkey for sausage rolls… but save the feast for Christmas Day and for other gatherings, serve nibbles instead. It’s easier on the chef and kinder to the budget.

Follow these tips and by Christmas even you can sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities.  How do you get organised for Christmas? Share any of your own Christmas planning tips in the comments!

Easy Halloween Costumes for Lazy People

In my early twenties I went to a fancy dress shop in search of the perfect Halloween costume. My outfit of choice was the Honey Monster – the classic cereal king! It included a furry yellow body suit, mask and a red jumper labelled ‘Honey Monster’, my new secret identity. I had to try it on.

I must admit, I looked the business in this ensemble. It was fun, unique and a little bit playful – exactly what I was looking for! I rocked that furry little outfit…

But the smell inside the swelteringly hot costume was not so pleasant. The shop assistant explained that rental costumes are not washed between uses, but for an extra 50 quid I could buy a brand new one. Hmmm… pay £80 for a brand new suit or £30 for a minging one? I politely declined and decided I would make my own costume.

I bought fabric, fake blood, a sewing kit and even some sequins, but when I got home I remembered how lazy I am and ended up wearing a bin bag and a witch’s hat (a firm costume favourite since my toddler years!)

Now that I’m a master Zazzler, I have become a lot savvier when it comes to choosing a fun Halloween outfit with zero effort. I found that a Zazzle t-shirt + a few simple accessories = one easy Halloween costume!

This list is for fellow idle cheapskates, who can’t be bothered making a costume and don’t want to break the bank buying one.

Team this bright orange pumpkin face t-shirt with black jogging bottoms or leggings. Stuff for a plump pumpkin look or keep it slim and chic. Top off with a green hat for extra points.

Women's Halloween Shirt | Pumpkin Face

Make no bones about it, a funny skeleton outfit is the perfect balance of silly and scary. Pair your tank or tee with some skeleton leggings for the full set.

Chest Bones X-Ray Skeleton Funny Costume Halloween All-Over Print Tank Top

Halloween Skeleton Leggings

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Why it’s Superman flying in for a Halloween visit! Reveal the shield with this or other designs from our Official DC Comics Superman store. Wear it under a white shirt and team with some sexy specs ready for shirt-ripping sillyness.

Superman S-Shield | Superman Logo T-Shirt

You’ll need an easy Halloween costume for the kids too. Your tiny tot will be cute as can be in this spooky ensemble. Complete the look with some white tights for a frightfully fun children’s Halloween costume.

Cute Halloween Toddler Shirt - Happy Ghost Face

Zazzle’s all-over-print t-shirts offer even more outfit options. Pull on this prisoner t-shirt and grab some hand cuffs and you’ll look like you just broke out of Alcatraz.

Convict Halloween Costume, Mugshot Custom Text All-Over Print T-Shirt
Don’t stop at the shirt. Zazzle’s Halloween leggings offer a terrifying alternative to trousers or tights. Even my black bin bag might look good over these beauties.

Orange And Black Striped Witch Halloween Leggings

Finding the perfect Halloween outfit needn’t be stressful, expensive or left to your local party stop. I love Halloween as much as the next girl but I’ll never cough up 80 quid for a shop bought costume, and now thanks to these spook-tacular but easy Halloween costume ideas, you won’t have to either! Which of these fang-tastic designs is your favourite?

5 Original Kids’ Birthday Party Themes

Gone are the days when a game of pass-the-parcel then ice cream and jelly would suffice for a children’s birthday party. Today, kids’ parties are getting more and more imaginative (and expensive!) But you don’t have to break the bank (or your brain) throwing the next birthday bash. Here are five fun and affordable kids’ birthday party themes to try.

Bam! Boom! Kapow! – The Superhero Party

Throw an action-packed, kick-ass superhero party. You don’t need super powers to pull it off.

  • Assemble the crew by sending some superhero themed party invitations. Zazzle has a range of official
    DC Comic invites that are sure to start the birthday party with a bang!
  • Use a bold colour palette of red, yellow and blue for that pop-art look. Simple, coloured table cloths will
    do the trick then you can power them up with Zazzle’s superhero paper party plates and cups.
  • Create a cool cityscape backdrop in a flash with a big superhero banner.
  • Set up a ‘training camp’ with activities to test speed, agility and skill, to prepare your mini-superheroes
    for a life of crime fighting!
  • Paint some rocks green and hide them in the garden for a ‘Kryptonite Hunt’.
  • Label colourful and healthy fruit and vegetable snacks as ‘SUPER POWER Foods’… it’s worth a try.
  • Fold pages from comics into cones and secure with tape. Fill with popcorn, crisps or sweet treats!

Have A Blast – The Mad Scientist Party

Nerd up and throw your kids a mad scientist birthday party. It might even be educational…

Science Experiment Kids' Birthday Party Invitation Girl
Science Experiment Birthday Invitation Girl
by Anietillustration
  • Fill the walls of your party zone with posters showing scientific formulas, calculations and the
    periodic table to recreate that science lab feeling.
  • Dress your mini scientists in white coats and goggles to unleash their inner science geek!
  • Stock up on coloured hair spray and gel so guests can self-style their mad scientist look.
  • Fill glass bowls with colourful gobstoppers styled as atom balls. Serve jelly or juice in beakers, petri
    dishes or test tubes. You can even set up an ‘Ice Cream Lab’ so they can experiment with fun toppings.
  • Look up some fun and easy science experiments to try at home. The coke and mento trick never fails.

Great Hall Feast – The Harry Potter Party

Recreate the Great Hall Feast for little Harry Potter fans (or even big ones… for your 30th!).

Harry Potter | Gryffindor Crest | Perfect for Harry Potter Kids' Birthday Party
Harry Potter | Gryffindor Crest Gold and Red 6 Cm Round Badge
by harrypotter
  • Kick off your feast with a Sorting Ceremony. Don a witch’s (or wizard’s) hat and sort each guest into one
    of the four Hogwarts Houses. Reward them with house badges. Keep an eye on the Slytherins!
  • Fill some ready rolled shortcrust pastry disks with cooked spiced pumpkin and shape them into pasties.
    Glaze them with egg wash and bake until golden. The result – homemade pumpkin pasties that would impress Ravenclaw and pumpkin pasty connoisseur, Cho Chang!
  • Serve delicious homemade Butterbeer by combining cream soda, cream and butterscotch sauce.
    Pour into stein mugs for a magical drink that tastes just as good as The Leaky Cauldron’s
  • Play ‘Pin the Glasses on Harry’, like pin the tail on the donkey.

Let’s Go To The Movies – The Cinema Party

Hold a blockbuster birthday bash with a cinema theme.

Movie Popcorn Personalised Party Favour Bag For Cinema Kids Birthday Party
Movie Popcorn Personalised Party Favour Bag
by VisionsandVerses
  • Send vintage style ticket invitations for an old fashioned, Hollywood feel.
  • Fill favour bags or boxes with popcorn and sweets. Serve drinks in old school coke bottles with striped
    straws or mix up some milkshakes. Mini burgers, hot dogs or pizza slices complete a diner-style menu.
  • String up some fairy lights for some glitzy Hollywood lighting and even hang a fake curtain around
    the projector screen or tv.
  • Transform empty cardboard boxes into ‘cars’ (or your guests’ seats) with paper plates for wheels, for a drive-in cinema.
  • Turn on their favourite film and (hopefully) sit back. If you can’t face the party at home, take the snacks
    with you and hit the multiplex.

Under The Sea – The Mermaid Party

Everyone wants to be a mermaid. Make a splash with an under-the-sea party.

Mermaid Kids' Birthday Party invitation
Mermaid Birthday invitation
  • Decorate with blues, aquas, pinks ahttps://www.zazzle.co.uk/z/ymh2n?nd purples, preferably with some silver and LOTS of glitter. Pick up balloons, streamers, even tinsel to create your blue lagoon.
  • Whip up some clam cookies. Sandwich two biscuits with frosting then pop in a sweet for a pearl.
  • Make ‘crab croissants’. Fill croissants with ham and cheese then stick in cocktail sticks with stickers for eyes.
  • Hide chocolate coins in the sandpit for a mermaid treasure hunt.
  • Bring out the rainbow hair spray again for luscious mermaid locks, then get plaiting.