Creative Ways to Display Your Christmas Cards

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have received a bunch of beautiful Christmas cards by now, but they may still be in a pile on the kitchen table! I love that my family and friends put in the time and thought to send me cards, but they often end up in a mess. Not this year though! I’ve put together a list of the best ways to display Christmas cards and, in the spirit of the season, I’d like to share it with you! 

Christmas Fairy Light Wall

Putting up a Christmas tree can be a mammoth task. Untangling fairy lights, baubles rolling away on the floor and tinsel going absolutely everywhere. Ditch the mess this year and just decorate your walls instead. When you finally untangle the fairy lights, hang them on your wall using some blu- tack or sticky tape in the shape of a Christmas tree and hang your cards between the lights. 

Greeting Card Ladder

Decorate the sides and rungs of a ladder with some tinsel or fairy lights and place your cards along the rungs so the front of the card is horizontal. To put cards on the sides of the ladder, use some sticky tack. Alternatively, hang a string from top to bottom and attach the cards using wooden clothespins.

Rustic Christmas Card Holder

Find an old piece of wood you have lying around or a wooden pallet and sand it down to avoid splinters. Once it’s good to go, hammer some nails into the wood and wrap some twine around them (like the fairy light wall, you can make shapes with this). Grab some mini wooden pegs and start attaching your Christmas cards to the twine. Finally hang it on your kitchen wall or place it against a table or mantlepiece.

Book Christmas Card Holder

Do you have some old books lying around at home? It’s time to put one of those spare copies to good use! First, remove the front cover from the book and fold each page in half to the centre of the book. Next, open the book flat so both the front and back pages are touching the table with the pages fanning out. When it’s finished it’ll look something like a Rolodex. Stick your cards into the slots created between the folded pages, and there you have it, a book Christmas card holder.

Across the Mantle

This is one of my favourite Christmas card display ideas because it’s so easy! Keep it simple by putting your cards on the mantlepiece. But that doesn’t mean it can’t look festive and eye-catching. Place a garland with fairy lights across your fireplace and add some cards with mini wooden pegs. This is also ideal if you’re running out space to stand cards on. You could also add cute decorations like pine cones, lights and bows!

Let us know your favourite ways to hang or display your Christmas cards below!

How to Design Photo Christmas Cards: Our Top Tips & Templates

It’s nearly Christmas and you know what that means? Getting those address lists at the ready and sending your Christmas cards! I’ve been preparing for this since last year, saving all those funny photos, matching Christmas jumper pics and even shots of my dog modelling. Choosing the right picture for your photo Christmas cards is pretty important, but knowing which templates to use for different photographs is even more so. So, if you’re new to designing photo cards, or want to get it right this year, follow my top tips!

What to Consider When Picking a Photo


Colour is a significant factor when designing your photo Xmas cards. If the photo is too dark, you may not see all that’s going on in it, and if it’s too light, some elements may become lost on the card. This is especially true when printing photo Christmas cards as ink tones can vary. Of course, don’t let this stop you in your tracks completely; you can use a photo filter to darken or lighten your photograph. Be sure to have your photo bursting with Christmassy colours if you want to show off the family’s matching Christmas jumpers. If this Christmas is reminiscent of an anniversary or celebration, you could even turn the photo black and white instead.

Black and White Family Vintage Christmas Card


If you just can’t decide which photograph to use, consider combining a couple of them. Zazzle has lots of photo collage Christmas card templates to choose from. Use two photos, three, four or more – the choice is entirely up to you. If you have more than one photograph, consider using a theme to tell your story, like a different activity for every year. Alternatively, dedicate each section to a member of the family.

Photo Collage Christmas Card

The Best Templates for the Best People

The Whole Family

There are a couple of ways to cater for the whole family this Christmas. If you’ve got a big family photo you want to feature, then use all the space available coupled with a bit of text. You can save any other messages for the inside of the card. This template is perfect for the annual ugly Christmas jumper or matching Christmas shirt photo. If you’d like each member of the family to stand out, choose a photo collage with lots of segments for lots of photos. Include snaps of the family together having some fun and dashing through the snow!

Photo Collage Family Flat Christmas Card

The Married and Merry Couple

Is this the happy couple’s first Christmas together as newlyweds? Celebrate in style with a cheerful ‘Married & Merry’ Christmas card; you could use loving snaps from the big day. Moved into your first home together? Get a photo of you two cosying up in your best Christmas pyjamas with a cup of tea or hot cocoa. You could use a half and half photo template. Half the card would be of you two, and the other half would be decorated with text announcing you’re ‘Married & Merry’ or ‘Our First Christmas as Mr & Mrs’. If you just got engaged, you could announce that instead and add in a photo of the amazing moment it happened.

Married & Merry Christmas Card

Baby’s First Christmas

Blessed with a bouncing bundle of joy this Christmas? Need somewhere to put those adorable pictures? Put your baby in the spotlight  with one of our ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ cards. If you have yet to take Christmas snaps, put some felt reindeer antlers onto baby’s head for the most adorable photo Christmas cards ever.

Wreath Baby's First Christmas Card

Festive Pets

Okay, technically, pets aren’t people, but they’re part of Christmas as much as us humans. There are so many ways to include pets on Christmas cards. Give them their own square in a family collage or dedicate a whole card to your dog or cat with our pet Christmas cards (there are lots of Christmas pet costumes for a reason). If you’ve got the perfect photo, you can fill the front of the card with it and add a season’s greeting like ‘Bark Humbug’ or ‘Happy Howlidays’.

Happy Howlidays Christmas Card

What to Consider When Adding Text

Text over the Photo

When picking a template for your photo of choice, it’s important to take note of the colour of your photo and any text over it. If there are lots of whites in your photos, then a white or brighty coloured font would blend in with the background and be difficult to read, so choose a darker one instead. Whereas a picture with a dark background will need a brighter font. If your photo has lots of colours, no matter if they’re all bright, all dark or a mixture, it’s best not to add text over the photo, so choose a template with the text to the side instead.

Happy Howlidays Dog Christmas Card

Text to the Side

If you have an announcement or want to put your message as a large block of text, choose a template with text to the side or under your photo. It’s nice to match the style of the text with the theme of the card; for example, if the photo is of your newborn, you could use a fun and bouncy font. Another good tip is to try match the colour of your font with the colours in the photo. This isn’t always possible, but when it is, it looks beautiful.

Rose Gold Baby Christmas Card

I hope that helps get you started designing your Christmas photo cards! Good luck and Merry Christmas!