Where’s Wally? Have You Seen This Man…

Flashback to 1987. Cold War fever gripped the nation. The Simpsons first hit TV airwaves. The slick veneer of the 80s was in full force. The Where’s Wally?’ campaign began.

A long-standing friend of ours went missing. Wally (also known by the alias Waldo in the United States) left on an epic adventure. Last seen wearing a distinctive red and white striped top with matching hat, he should be very easily spotted, right? Well costume or not, we are still looking for this loveable cartoon character. We have custom posters set up across the country! Have you seen him? Is he okay? We are getting worried…

The Known Sightings

Where is Wally? Well there have been sightings over the years. He seems to have an interest in exotic travel destinations (don’t we all though?) This classic children’s character has been spotted in a variety of locations. Photographic evidence puts him in Egypt, Rome, Japan and a host of other amazing countries worldwide. He also appears to time travel.

Where's Wally - Egypt

Where's Wally - Ancient Rome

The questions remain. How? Why?

The Witnesses

A host of witnesses and volunteers have come forward to help with the hunt and we thank them wholeheartedly for continuing the search for our long lost friend. These cartoonish Where’s Wally characters have been known to spot our tricky traveller on more than one occasion. Most notably, Santa Claus discovered him hiding away among his Christmas gifts but was unable to persuade him to stay!

Where's Wally - Christmas

A host of events celebrate the kids cartoon hero we know and love (and would really like to return home… Wally… if you’re reading this…). World record Where’s Wally costume events, where the public dress up as our missing man, remind us all that the hunt continues! Dublin, Ireland has the current record for participants.

The Allies

Where’s Wally books have been made on the subject, furthering speculation that Wally hasn’t been working alone. Wilma – his confidant and friend. Woof – his cute canine companion. The Wally Watchers – a group of fanatics who are determined to find the answer to Where’s Wally?!Where's Wally Book Bag

Threads all connected in a web, surrounded by the man in glasses with an unusually chipper smile. Clearly he’s under duress. Nobody is that chirpy.

If Found, Please Contact

We cannot stand by and hope any more. The time for action is now! If you see Wally, hear of his whereabouts or even a whisper on the wind tells you where he might currently be, please contact Zazzle! Be sure to get the warning out everywhere. On mugs, t-shirts, bags. Anything that lets people know the search is still on-going.

Where's Wally Mousepad

Where's Wally T-Shirt

We are concerned for his safety. He’s a danger to himself. Always jetting off. HE EVEN WENT TO SPACE!!! Sure it was cool and all but he had no helmet or anything. A total daredevil!

Where's Wally - Space

We can be contacted by leaving a comment below or on social media. At Zazzle, we’ll never leave a man behind.

Motivational Quotes to Get You Through the Working Week

‘Working 9 to 5, trying hard to make a living’ We get it. From boardroom to break room, the in and out of working life can be stressful. So we’re putting together a kick-ass list of motivational quotes for work that are not only going to see you get through the working week but see you excel and succeed when doing so. There’s nothing better than a bit of inspirational typography. Ohhh yes!


  • ‘The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today’ – Elbert Hubbard

Shake off the weekend and roll up your sleeves. This is the perfect Monday motivational quote to get you pumped for a long week to come. A little extra java in your coffee mug wouldn’t hurt also!

  • ‘Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.’ – St. Francis

Alright, it’s still Monday. You’re looking for some more uplifting and inspirational quotes. Are you still stuck on the ‘what’s necessary’ stage? No more. Aim higher because you’ve got this!


  • ‘Power means happiness; power means hard work and sacrifice’ – Beyonce

Oh my god; Tuesdays can be even worse than Monday. Power through with some Beyonce. If anyone knows what’s what then it’s her. Maybe fire on some Spotify on the sly (you know you want to). A quote for work and for getting things done. All the single ladies… Damn, now it’s in my head too.

  • ‘Things don’t have to change the world to be important.’ – Steve Jobs

I cannot stress this enough! Refill the printer, greet that client or crunch the numbers; whatever it takes. It’s Tuesday, what else are you going to do?


  • ‘My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.’ – Maya Angelou

I’m sorry Maya, our Wednesday inspirational focus was still on survival but we can see the faint glimmer of light that is the weekend on the horizon. Here’s a positive quote that’s really going to add some bounce to your step around the office.

So the last one wasn’t enough? That’s O.K. I’ve been there too and Wednesday can be cruel. Breathe deep and repeat this… you will make it though. Half-way to Friday. Half-way to Friday.


Whoop! You’ve been crushing it all week. This inspirational quote is all about measuring success. So if your boss comes in looking for results… you’ve got just the spin to turn his frown upside down! This is both uplifting and a funny motivational quote that will add some levity to any office space.

  • ‘Things don’t have to change the world to be important.’ – Steve Jobs

A feel good quote that is sure to make you realize that it’s all worth it in the end. Hard work pays off!


  • ‘Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.’ – Albert Einstein

You don’t need to be an amazing physicist to see the future here. One word: ‘Weekend’ and it is only hours away. Good for any time of the week; this is a goal orientated message that is sure to inspire success.

The perfect Friday feeling quote. You’re going out of the office with a bang. You’ve worked hard, now play harder. Take control and push forward!

So you’ve made it and that’s another week down. I hope this has been the inspiration you needed to break through this working week (it certainly helped me with mine). You can thank me when you hit the big time.

6 Geeky Gifts That Every DC Comics Fan Needs

What do you buy the DC fan who already has everything? Yes, there sure is a lot of merchandise to choose from, but you know they were the first in line to buy this or that. Yet there’s always something missing (trust me, I have some branded playing cards to prove it). They just haven’t realised it yet.

So I’ve done you a favour and created this nerd based list of 6 MUST HAVE geek gifts that will be a perfect fit for that difficult-to-shop-for fan in your life, all from Zazzle’s official DC Comics store. It’s almost like I have psychic powers. The lottery numbers will be: 4, 8, 15 ,16, 23, 42. I won’t say when though (gotta keep you all guessing)…

Batman T-Shirts

There’s no fan out there that doesn’t dare to dream to take on the mantle of this Caped Crusader! Batman is the world’s greatest detective so be sure that you wrap this cool gift tight because we don’t want to spoil the surprise for one lucky fan.

Bruce Wayne style threads that they’re going to love! Geek t-shirts are all the rage and you can even customise these for an unusual gift they WILL NEVER EXPECT.

Superman Phone Case

The Man of Steel is lending his awesome powers of strength to your tech. Make your phone indestructible just like Clark Kent (woah – that reporter guy?)! Thanks to a personalised, hardened shell that even kryptonite will have a hard time breaking down.

A custom case makes a gift that is functional as well as fashionable. Believe me when I say that the best gifts are for gadgets! iPhone or Samsung, we have you covered!

Wonder Woman Journal

This blockbuster superhero needs no introduction. Diana Prince is here to kick ass and take names (with some style I might add). This journal brings the classic character to life right off those pages. Every fans dream!

Inspire fan fiction or embrace the lasso of truth with a diary. What? Nerds have feelings too. Whatever you need, be sure that a custom journal will go a long way with any devotee of this fabulous female fighter!’

The Flash Mouse Mats

If you’re looking for tech gifts for him then you’ve got just the ticket with this amazing mouse mat. Family or friend, if they’re anything like me then they’re blazing through the internet like The Flash.

Video gaming, social media or checking to see if someone has finished those books yet (he hasn’t as of writing… big surprise) you’ve got to be the fastest man alive when it comes to your computer, just like Barry Allen. Keep up the pace with a slick mouse mat for a custom gift you’ll immediately love!

Suicide Squad Watch

Crime never takes a break! Always remind yourself of this fact with an ultra-cool watch featuring the baddest criminals of all – Suicide Squad. These are dangerous types and it’s time to teach them a lesson!

This can be tag teamed with the Batman shirt from before for a two-hit combo knockout (street fighter style)! Watch the joy in their faces as they unwrap this prize.

Comic Book Cushion

By the very nature of their fandom, your geek probably spends a lot of time indoors, watching movies, playing video games or engrossed in comic books. Make their lair more comfortable but still on theme with a retro comic cushion.

Remember those playing cards I mentioned before? I’d trade ‘em all for this list. That’s how you know I got you covered. Serious question: Who’s your favourite DC character? Answers in a comment below (you know the drill by now).

Boyfriend Bling: Gifts for Men (They Won’t Hate)

Picture this: you need gifts for him but he hates everything. Sound familiar? That’s the everyday scenario in my house. Are you wondering how to get your boyfriend or husband looking dapper 24/7?

The good news is that I am going to take that worry away with this amazing men’s fashion guide with accessories we cannot hate (at least openly)!

Men’s Ties

‘Where am I gonna wear that?!’ is what you expect to hear. Well, we’re bringing the tie back. Whip your fella out of that rustic checked shirt and into something a little more this decade.

Shirt and tie will be the best men’s gift you can get. Rule of thumb is: vintage style for work (he’ll thank you when he gets that promotion), patterned for casual (yes even checked if he simply must) and always make sure the casual is skinny.

Okay, so he probably will hate this one but we’re playing the long game. Remember that!

Hip Flasks

He’s going to need to get over the shock of that tie fast. Distract and awe with his own hip flask! A personalised men’s gift he’s sure to enjoy. Zazzle’s designs range from funny to serious to fit your boyfriend’s style.

Expect a big level of gratitude with this one. Enjoy a swig yourself for doing such a great job! He won’t notice if it goes missing every now and then, right?


Home is where you hang your hat so be sure he hangs his in yours. There’s a hat style for any type of man. Tell him it will hide those awkward hair days (or my Monday to Friday – I was born with very lush hair, readers). He’ll get it.

Try a trucker hats in winter for some extra warmth, baseball caps for summer days. Even a visor for those 18 holes on the golf course. 100% functional and, depending on his taste level, at least 50% fashionable. Find cool hats for your prize hunk!


The best gifts for men have got to be gadgets. Tech accessories never go out of style. We’re primarily talking about phone cases here. Your phone is an extension of yourself and for men that might mean checking football scores every 5 seconds (the answer is ALWAYS 0-0). Keep it safe with unique phone cases that really let his personality stand out.

Who’s gonna hate having a working phone? Nobody!


‘But we can use our phones…’ – Boring. Unique personalised watches make perfect accessories for him. No excuses for being late (an obvious benefit for you) and something he’ll use time and time again (get it?). Pick a classic strap for the distinguished look or metal for some edgy style.


If you can’t convince him to smarten up or try something new, go for the good old t-shirt – the failsafe fashion gift. He can never have too many. With funny puns, retro superheroes and sarcastic slogans you know he’s going to love one of these…

So that’s it. Men’s style ideas that he’ll actually appreciate and no more worries for you! Find some extra inspiration in our Gifts For Him gift guide. Now you have the perfect list, share your previous man gifting horror stories with me. I’ll judge them on a man scale of ‘I’m not doing those dishes!’ to ‘Don’t you have enough shoes already?’ Or you know… bad to worse.

12 Days of Ugly Christmas Jumpers

Congratulations! You are invited to take part in the ongoing Christmas craze to sweep our streets every December: the ugly Christmas jumper. Huh? Wait – you don’t know what hideous horror to wear this Xmas? No problem. We have a ‘stylish’ selection to make sure you stand out as the best… amongst the worst-dressed this season (if that even makes sense).

Below you’ll find our favourite novelty Christmas jumpers that are sure to make an impression, good or bad! Whether it is for that funny family feast or you’re rolling to the annual office Christmas party, we have you covered with enough tacky tops for the 12 Days of Christmas.

Cheesy Christmas Jumpers

First up is the cheesy Christmas jumper, a traditional eyesore that goes back decades. Imagine the hand knitted beauties your relatives wore in the 1960s. That’s the look you’re aiming for. Think bright colours, argyle patterns, snowflakes, saccharine slogans and a couple of jolly santas and snowmen. Preferably all of the above combined into one naff piece of knitwear. This holiday sweater is sickly sweet and more is definitely more. Don’t Stop Believin’!

Here is a prime example.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater

by christmastee

Here’s another candidate for some oozy cheese.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ugly Christmas Jumper, Sweater, Hoodie, T-Shirt

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ugly Christmas Jumper

by changy

Remember, when it comes to novelty Christmas jumpers you want to rock a vintage look. This one is a classic.

Cute Christmas Jumpers

There is a fine line here. One person’s cheesy could be another’s cute. But the more sentimental folks won’t be able to resist these dachshunds dashing through the snow or jumpers that let you pretend to be a penguin. Adorable or awful? No matter, these cuties work for this wonderful time of year.

Simple but effective, these two sweet seasonal sweaters could kick start an entire Christmas fancy dress outfit. Just add antlers (or flippers).

    Ugly Red Nosed Sweater
Penguin Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Reindeer Or Penguin Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts

by loveloyal

Funny Christmas Jumpers

Funny Christmas sweaters are a tough nut to crack, but on Zazzle there is a sweatshirt for every sense of humour, from the ‘LOL’ to the ‘just plain weird’. These beauties make super secret santa gifts or outfits for the office party, or even the day after. They say humour is the best medicine, so nurse that headache with a hilarious holiday sweater.

It’s a pun-derful life. The art of the pun may pass some people by, but not you! From the brazenly bad to the seductively sublime, you’ll find more people talking about these novelty Christmas jumpers more than any other. Ho-ho-horrible isn’t it?

ugly Christmas sweater alternative

Ugly Christmas Sweater Alternative

by surpriseshop

Not only does this sweater show a silly sheep (a funny Christmas favourite), it has not one pun but two!

Ugly Christmas Sheep Fleece Navidad Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sheep Sweater

We couldn’t leave out the cat lovers, this one is for you. Meowy Christmas!

DIY Christmas Jumpers

But… but who has the time? Ha! Naïve you. The art of an ugly jumper is that it truly takes no time at all. Especially with Zazzle, where you can create personalised Christmas jumpers in a jiffy. Here are a couple of ideas to mimic that home-made feeling.

Remember those embarrassing Christmas photos you SWORE would never see the light of day? Well guess what – it’s time to take one for the team! Picture yourself as an elf working in the North Pole laboratory. Upload your seasonal snaps. The Nightmare before Christmas is about to begin. Cringe mode activated. Yes, it’s an Elfie selfie…

If you’re not ready to slap your face on your sweater, customise your Christmas clothing with your name or pick a design that hints at your hobby. Whether you’re into fishing or football, golf or guinea pigs, you can show off your passion with some festive fashion. You can even personalise to your politics.

Or take one tasteful typographic sweatshirt, as below, and pimp it up with some naff accessories. You can vary the degree of awfulness to match the occasion. Take it 3D by pinning on personalised badges, Christmas decorations, tinsel, even some flashing fairy lights for a custom Christmas jumper that won’t ever be forgotten.

C’mon, I can’t have all the ideas readers. Mix it up a little!  Make your own Christmas jumper, from scratch with our design tool. Add your own sarcastic season’s greetings or dashing design to one of our blank templates. Why not post it for sale… you might even make it into my list next year!

So that’s the ultimate ugly Christmas jumper starter pack to get you through all 12 days of the holiday.

What are your ‘so bad it’s good’ decorative outfits? Was it a his and hers Christmas jumper mix match? Let us know by commenting or sharing. I swear I won’t judge… much.

20 Years of Harry Potter – Our Favourite Moments

The fabulous series of Harry Potter books reached their 20th birthday this year and what a milestone!

Here at Zazzle H.Q. all talk around the water cooler has been about our favourite Potter memories and in the end we’ve settled (well really I have… ) on a magnificent seven moments from the series. That’s one for each horcrux.

Be wary! Spoilers ahead for the lucky few who have yet to complete this magical adventure to its end and have nothing to read… ever again…

‘Yer a Wizard ‘Arry!’ – The Philosopher’s Stone

This famous Harry Potter quote saw kids around the world leap with joy. Hagrid telling Harry he was in fact a magical wizard was a real fist-pump/party moment. It turns out talking to snakes was normal. Who knew?Harry and Hagrid Poster

Dobby and the Pudding – The Chamber of Secrets

Home trapped Harry was desperate for magic spells that summer away from Hogwarts School… but not that desperate! Dobby the house elf may have been a bit of an oddball but his heart was in the right place. Soon enough he was in our hearts as well.  S.P.E.W. before we knew right?!

Harry Potter | Dobby Has No Master Postcard

Hermione Granger to the Rescue – The Prisoner of Azkaban

A million great memories across these pages but this stands out. When everything looked lost Hermione saves the day with her time turner (I mean come on… time-travel?). Her genius at studies made sure she was properly prepared for any eventuality with her magical accessories. School is cool.

Hermione 14 poster

Priori Incantatem (The Duel) – The Goblet of Fire

Things just got real. The books took a dark twist. Graveyard? Check. Return of Lord Voldemort? Check. Nightmares for weeks? Yeah – you bet! Ghosts returning via magic saw Harry meet his dead parents.

Harry Potter Spell | Neither Can Live T-Shirt

Sirius Black dies – The Order of the Phoenix

Nope. It’s too soon. I can’t. Sorry. Just re-read the books! Feel the emotions.

Sirius Black Wanted Poster Postcard

Ron Weasley being uh… Ron Weasley! – The Half-Blood Prince

Hogwarts had plenty of romance and magic in the air. Poor Ronald was never the best at either but Lavender Brown stole away this prize hunk. It didn’t last (are we surprised?). Didn’t he know his true love Hermione was under his nose the entire time? Minus points for Gryffindor Ron.

Ron Weasley 4 Coffee Mug

Always‘ (Snape the Good Guy) – The Deathly Hallows

The moment that spawned fanfiction across the globe. Professor Snape’s adoration and love for Harry’s mother caught everyone by surprise – except maybe old Dumbledore! Moments like this keep on giving in a beloved children’s series (be it books or films) that even adults today can relate to. ‘After all this time?’ J.K. Rowling, You got us again.

Harry Potter Spell | Always Quote Silhouette Cushion

So that’s our amazing Harry Potter moments. Disagree? I know it’s impossible to disagree as this is truly the perfect list (RIGHT?!?!) but hey, why not leave us a comment or share your favourite moment!

P.S. You can pick up all these wonderul pieces of Potter memorabilia in our official Harry Potter store.