Boyfriend Bling: Gifts For Him

Boyfriend Bling: Gifts for Men (They Won’t Hate)

Picture this: you need gifts for him but he hates everything. Sound familiar? That’s the everyday scenario in my house. Are you wondering how to get your boyfriend or husband looking dapper 24/7?

The good news is that I am going to take that worry away with this amazing men’s fashion guide with accessories we cannot hate (at least openly)!

Men’s Ties

‘Where am I gonna wear that?!’ is what you expect to hear. Well, we’re bringing the tie back. Whip your fella out of that rustic checked shirt and into something a little more this decade.

Shirt and tie will be the best men’s gift you can get. Rule of thumb is: vintage style for work (he’ll thank you when he gets that promotion), patterned for casual (yes even checked if he simply must) and always make sure the casual is skinny.

Okay, so he probably will hate this one but we’re playing the long game. Remember that!

Hip Flasks

He’s going to need to get over the shock of that tie fast. Distract and awe with his own hip flask! A personalised men’s gift he’s sure to enjoy. Zazzle’s designs range from funny to serious to fit your boyfriend’s style.

Expect a big level of gratitude with this one. Enjoy a swig yourself for doing such a great job! He won’t notice if it goes missing every now and then, right?


Home is where you hang your hat so be sure he hangs his in yours. There’s a hat style for any type of man. Tell him it will hide those awkward hair days (or my Monday to Friday – I was born with very lush hair, readers). He’ll get it.

Try a trucker hats in winter for some extra warmth, baseball caps for summer days. Even a visor for those 18 holes on the golf course. 100% functional and, depending on his taste level, at least 50% fashionable. Find cool hats for your prize hunk!


The best gifts for men have got to be gadgets. Tech accessories never go out of style. We’re primarily talking about phone cases here. Your phone is an extension of yourself and for men that might mean checking football scores every 5 seconds (the answer is ALWAYS 0-0). Keep it safe with unique phone cases that really let his personality stand out.

Who’s gonna hate having a working phone? Nobody!


‘But we can use our phones…’ – Boring. Unique personalised watches make perfect accessories for him. No excuses for being late (an obvious benefit for you) and something he’ll use time and time again (get it?). Pick a classic strap for the distinguished look or metal for some edgy style.


If you can’t convince him to smarten up or try something new, go for the good old t-shirt – the failsafe fashion gift. He can never have too many. With funny puns, retro superheroes and sarcastic slogans you know he’s going to love one of these…

So that’s it. Men’s style ideas that he’ll actually appreciate and no more worries for you! Find some extra inspiration in our Gifts For Him gift guide. Now you have the perfect list, share your previous man gifting horror stories with me. I’ll judge them on a man scale of ‘I’m not doing those dishes!’ to ‘Don’t you have enough shoes already?’ Or you know… bad to worse.

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