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Business Card Ideas: Make Yours Stand Out From the Stack

Business cards are a tried and tested means of getting your information across and have had outstanding success for decades. While it’s easy to throw together a basic business card, you risk losing the uniqueness and quality that will actually grab your audience’s attention. So if you want to really wow your recipients the next time you whip out your details, follow our tips to make your very best business cards.

What to Put on Your Business Cards

As a general rule, less is more. This may sound counter-intuitive but hear me out: most people these days will ask if you’re active on social media and pages like Facebook and LinkedIn are fast becoming the first point of contact between business and client. Let’s face it, time marches on and it’s better to march with than against it. By leaving out your fax, landline number, address and homepage, you’ll free up space for the most important details. Include your work number and email address, and make your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn icons clearly visible. For those operating within an artistic field, sites such as Pinterest may also be useful to add here. To get the full benefit, make sure you regularly update your social media pages with content to keep your audience interested.

Get Visual

If you work in a traditional field like finance or legal, it’s a safe bet to choose a simple but stylish template that exudes trust and professionalism. Whereas more creative industries may want to be more daring. Also keep in mind the psychological impact colours can have on a person. For example, blue, pink, green, grey and tan can be calming. Whereas bolder colours like red, black, orange and yellow can energise an audience. If you’re looking for on-trend templates, our creators have created business cards with popular patterns such as marble, floral, watercolour and more. Finally, don’t forget to include your company logo to help create a recognisable brand image.

Lights, Camera Call to Action!

To turn a curious recipient into a convinced customer, we recommend adding a call to action to your business card. This can be anything from a promotional code to simple phrases such as ‘Call now’, ‘Find out more’ or ‘Don’t miss out’. To make this interaction more swift and convenient, replace your website address with a unique QR code – then people can simply scan with their mobile device and be directed immediately to your page.

Shape & Size

Simply selecting a different size or shape template is an easy way to create unusual business cards. Our UK/Euro (8.5 cm x 5.5 cm) card sizes are perfect all-rounders that provide you with a classic scale and appearance ideal for solicitors, bankers, medical professionals or tradespeople. Looking to make a larger than life impression? Try our Mighty (8.9 cm x 6.4 cm) cards. These are great for fitting in those additional details without compromising the spatial integrity of your card. For those who prefer the compact look, our Mini (7.6 cm x 2.5 cm) cards will grab attention with their longer horizontal shape. While all of our sizes are winners, my personal favourite has to be the Square (6.4 cm x 6.4 cm). This unique size and shape will truly wow and is perfect for interior decorators, architects or those with a flair for design.

Don’t Cut the Corner

You can’t argue with the traditional square cut corners of an old-school business card. They let your card line up nicely with any other cards in a wallet or purse, and to stack after a big function or event. But adding round corners to your business cards will create a slightly unusual and softer appearance.

Pick Your Paper

Choosing a paper type requires some consideration. Our two base models, Standard Semi-Gloss and Standard Matte, offer a bright white, semi-gloss finish and a light, eggshell white, uncoated finish respectively. Premium Black paper comes with a dark, smooth finish, ideal for contrasting designs or minimalist works with light-on-dark visuals. Premium Thick offers a 32 pt. thickness (240 lb weight) and has an eggshell white finish and a soft cotton texture. Premium Pearl, which provides a soft, shimmer white, coated finish is ideal for wedding planners, event organisers or beauticians to name just a few.

Customise Your Cards

If you’ve found a design you love for your business card but want to make it that bit more special, then our easy-to-use customisation tool will see you right. Choose the font that best suits your style, upload images of your staff, premises or latest work and create amazing patterns.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your original business cards, so don’t be afraid to try out different styles, paper types, colours, themes, patterns or sizes. Whatever way you decide to market yourself, we wish you the very best in all your future business endeavours!

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