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It’s something you use every day – your favourite mug for a nice cuppa tea. But who knew that you could whip up a whole meal in mug? The recent trend for microwave mug recipes suggest you can and could be a lifesaver for people on the go or those with an aversion to the […]

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Not only does Halloween give us an excuse to pull on a silly costume, it is also the perfect opportunity to get creative in the kitchen! When else is it acceptable to use copious amounts of food colouring or not worry if it all looks a bit unappetising. That’s all part of the fun of […]

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Oh Summer – you wonderful, glorious thing! In one swift forecast, you turned our ‘no plans’ weekends into a haze of spontaneous BBQs and trips to the seaside. And for many of us, you brought around the main event, the pinnacle of our diary entries… our much anticipated summer holidays! Whether you’re a beach-hopper, adventure […]