Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Shopping for men is tricky enough, but finding Valentine’s Day gifts for him is the ultimate challenge. You just used up all those clever and cute present ideas at Christmas, so what are you supposed to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?!

Never fear, our Valentine’s Day gifts list is here to save the day. Whether you’re on the hunt for something sweet or silly, our unique ideas will show him you get him.

1. Watch

Late for work, late for lunch or (worst of all) late for dates? He’ll have zero excuses after receiving this practical personalised present. Customise our watches with his initials, star sign, favourite hobby or even a photo of yours truly. From leather to metal, complete his watch with your choice of strap to make sure he’s strapped in for the long run. This monogram men’s watch is custom but classy.

Mens Watch - Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

 2. Phone Case

Did he get a new phone for Christmas? Bingo! Valentine’s present for him sorted. Keep his phone as good as new with our range of customisable phone cases. Add a photo of you together or a special place to one of our photo phone cases for a gift that will make him smile every day.

Photo iPhone Case - Valentine's Gifts For Him

3. Hip Flask

Trip with the boys, house party or sneaking something stronger into a sports match (tut, tut) all require one very important item – a hip flask, of course! The sleek, stylish and brown bag alternative to transport his liquor. Make his mark with his monogram, message or even coordinates of where you met, married or had an amazing holiday together.

4. Couples’ T-Shirts 

If you’ve been secretly tempted by his ‘n’ hers merchandise, now is your moment! Our couples’ t-shirts strike the right balance between cute and cheesy. Don’t expect him to wear his to the pub, but he might pair it with some PJ bottoms for those Netflix nights in. These cute milk and cookies matching t-shirts are made for you!

Couple's T-Shirts - Valentine's Gifts For Him

Couple's T-Shirts - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

5. His ‘n’ Her Mugs

You’re on a roll now, so why not serve up these matching his ‘n’ hers mugs over a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast! The perfect way to show you love him a latte. This mr & mrs pair are perfect for newweds.

His n Her Mugs - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

6. Coasters

Let him claim a spot on the coffee table with a custom coaster. Well, one more spot on the coffee table if you include the spot for his remote or his feet. This particular custom coaster design will make him feel like he’s achieved one of his life goals – to own his own bar and/or beer! Whether its coffee or an adult beverage on the rocks, let him feel superior by placing his glass down onto a sleek stone coaster.

Personalised Beer Coaster - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

7. Apron

Does he fancy himself as a bit of a king of the kitchen? Humour him with a custom apron like this one and get in the good books with your cook. Hopefully it will come in handy when he’s preparing that five-course Valentine’s feast you’re looking forward to!

Funny Mens' Apron - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

8. Socks

Was his stocking missing the usual pack of socks this Christmas? Or are they all a little smelly already…? No matter, stylish socks are the accessory of the moment and the bolder the better. Treat his feet with our range of fun sock designs.

Personalised Socks - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

9. Boxer Shorts 

Last, but by no means least, in our Valentine’s Day ideas for him – unique underwear. Ban those boring old boxers and replace with a custom printed pair in comfortable cotton.

Personalised Boxer Shorts - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

So there you have it, our favourite Valentine’s gifts for guys. Are you planning to show some love this February 14th? For more Valentine’s Day gift ideas or cards to wow your man, browse through our gift guide on Zazzle.

6 Geeky Gifts That Every DC Comics Fan Needs

What do you buy the DC fan who already has everything? Yes, there sure is a lot of merchandise to choose from, but you know they were the first in line to buy this or that. Yet there’s always something missing (trust me, I have some branded playing cards to prove it). They just haven’t realised it yet.

So I’ve done you a favour and created this nerd based list of 6 MUST HAVE geek gifts that will be a perfect fit for that difficult-to-shop-for fan in your life, all from Zazzle’s official DC Comics store. It’s almost like I have psychic powers. The lottery numbers will be: 4, 8, 15 ,16, 23, 42. I won’t say when though (gotta keep you all guessing)…

Batman T-Shirts

There’s no fan out there that doesn’t dare to dream to take on the mantle of this Caped Crusader! Batman is the world’s greatest detective so be sure that you wrap this cool gift tight because we don’t want to spoil the surprise for one lucky fan.

Bruce Wayne style threads that they’re going to love! Geek t-shirts are all the rage and you can even customise these for an unusual gift they WILL NEVER EXPECT.

Superman Phone Case

The Man of Steel is lending his awesome powers of strength to your tech. Make your phone indestructible just like Clark Kent (woah – that reporter guy?)! Thanks to a personalised, hardened shell that even kryptonite will have a hard time breaking down.

A custom case makes a gift that is functional as well as fashionable. Believe me when I say that the best gifts are for gadgets! iPhone or Samsung, we have you covered!

Wonder Woman Journal

This blockbuster superhero needs no introduction. Diana Prince is here to kick ass and take names (with some style I might add). This journal brings the classic character to life right off those pages. Every fans dream!

Inspire fan fiction or embrace the lasso of truth with a diary. What? Nerds have feelings too. Whatever you need, be sure that a custom journal will go a long way with any devotee of this fabulous female fighter!’

The Flash Mouse Mats

If you’re looking for tech gifts for him then you’ve got just the ticket with this amazing mouse mat. Family or friend, if they’re anything like me then they’re blazing through the internet like The Flash.

Video gaming, social media or checking to see if someone has finished those books yet (he hasn’t as of writing… big surprise) you’ve got to be the fastest man alive when it comes to your computer, just like Barry Allen. Keep up the pace with a slick mouse mat for a custom gift you’ll immediately love!

Suicide Squad Watch

Crime never takes a break! Always remind yourself of this fact with an ultra-cool watch featuring the baddest criminals of all – Suicide Squad. These are dangerous types and it’s time to teach them a lesson!

This can be tag teamed with the Batman shirt from before for a two-hit combo knockout (street fighter style)! Watch the joy in their faces as they unwrap this prize.

Comic Book Cushion

By the very nature of their fandom, your geek probably spends a lot of time indoors, watching movies, playing video games or engrossed in comic books. Make their lair more comfortable but still on theme with a retro comic cushion.

Remember those playing cards I mentioned before? I’d trade ‘em all for this list. That’s how you know I got you covered. Serious question: Who’s your favourite DC character? Answers in a comment below (you know the drill by now).

Boyfriend Bling: Gifts for Men (They Won’t Hate)

Picture this: you need gifts for him but he hates everything. Sound familiar? That’s the everyday scenario in my house. Are you wondering how to get your boyfriend or husband looking dapper 24/7?

The good news is that I am going to take that worry away with this amazing men’s fashion guide with accessories we cannot hate (at least openly)!

Men’s Ties

‘Where am I gonna wear that?!’ is what you expect to hear. Well, we’re bringing the tie back. Whip your fella out of that rustic checked shirt and into something a little more this decade.

Shirt and tie will be the best men’s gift you can get. Rule of thumb is: vintage style for work (he’ll thank you when he gets that promotion), patterned for casual (yes even checked if he simply must) and always make sure the casual is skinny.

Okay, so he probably will hate this one but we’re playing the long game. Remember that!

Hip Flasks

He’s going to need to get over the shock of that tie fast. Distract and awe with his own hip flask! A personalised men’s gift he’s sure to enjoy. Zazzle’s designs range from funny to serious to fit your boyfriend’s style.

Expect a big level of gratitude with this one. Enjoy a swig yourself for doing such a great job! He won’t notice if it goes missing every now and then, right?


Home is where you hang your hat so be sure he hangs his in yours. There’s a hat style for any type of man. Tell him it will hide those awkward hair days (or my Monday to Friday – I was born with very lush hair, readers). He’ll get it.

Try a trucker hats in winter for some extra warmth, baseball caps for summer days. Even a visor for those 18 holes on the golf course. 100% functional and, depending on his taste level, at least 50% fashionable. Find cool hats for your prize hunk!


The best gifts for men have got to be gadgets. Tech accessories never go out of style. We’re primarily talking about phone cases here. Your phone is an extension of yourself and for men that might mean checking football scores every 5 seconds (the answer is ALWAYS 0-0). Keep it safe with unique phone cases that really let his personality stand out.

Who’s gonna hate having a working phone? Nobody!


‘But we can use our phones…’ – Boring. Unique personalised watches make perfect accessories for him. No excuses for being late (an obvious benefit for you) and something he’ll use time and time again (get it?). Pick a classic strap for the distinguished look or metal for some edgy style.


If you can’t convince him to smarten up or try something new, go for the good old t-shirt – the failsafe fashion gift. He can never have too many. With funny puns, retro superheroes and sarcastic slogans you know he’s going to love one of these…

So that’s it. Men’s style ideas that he’ll actually appreciate and no more worries for you! Find some extra inspiration in our Gifts For Him gift guide. Now you have the perfect list, share your previous man gifting horror stories with me. I’ll judge them on a man scale of ‘I’m not doing those dishes!’ to ‘Don’t you have enough shoes already?’ Or you know… bad to worse.

5 Secret Santa Gifts for Strangers

You know Christmas is around the corner when you start to hear the ‘who got who?’ whispers at the water cooler for your office Secret Santa. The rules are simple. The budget is £XX and the identity of the gift giver is a secret, never to be disclosed.

The big reveal is about to be made. As you pull that scrunched up Post-it® note from the Santa hat, you wonder which name will appear in your hand. Your boss? Your assistant? Someone from HR? To your horror you’re stuck with a name you don’t even recognise: ‘Dave’ from Accounts… a familiar face that you know nothing about.

Fret not! You don’t need to be best friends with someone to get them the perfect gift – in fact you don’t even need to know them. This Zazzle gift guide is perfect for semi-acquaintances, mystery colleagues and even strangers.

This adorable stocking will add some festive cheer to any mantle. You at least know your recipient’s name, so personalise their stocking with their initial for a bespoke, one-of-a-kind gift that will lead to endless Christmas memories.

Whether their poison is tea, coffee or Bovril, a nice hot cuppa in the morning is an office staple all across the UK. So you can’t fail with oen of our personalised mugs. This monogram design is simple yet elegant and the perfect gift for that not so familiar colleague.

Everyone’s got to eat right? A cute calendar perfectly combines practical and adorable in one perfect gift. Who doesn’t love a food pun?

A motivational poster is a great gift for anyone working in an office. They can hang it on their wall or cubicle for a daily dose of inspiration. Office décor is proven to have an impact on everything from mood to morale to productivity and performance. You’re welcome Dave!

A mini basketball hoop will add some fun to any desk. This design is simple, yet not overly familiar and the custom printed name adds an extra special touch. Rumours around the water cooler are sure to be all about the identity of this perfect giver!

This list is guaranteed to please anyone in your office or workplace and will no doubt get the whole office talking about your thoughtful gift, without any upsets! You can thank us by sharing your Secret Santa gifts on Instagram or commenting below.

All Wrapped Up – How To Get Organised This Christmas

Love Christmas but hate the stress leading up to it? We feel you! If you’re not organised, Christmas can have people feeling more frazzled than festive.

Our guide for getting ready for Christmas early will cut the crazy out of Christmas planning and keep you from being swept up in the holiday madness. It will save you money too!

We’ve broken down one giant job into more manageable tasks, from tackling your Christmas card list to starting your Christmas shopping to food prep and all the rest. You can use it as your Christmas planning check-list! So when the big day arrives, you can actually enjoy it…

1. Start Your Christmas Cards Early

There’s no need to send your Xmas cards in July (unless you live in Australia!) but rushing things can lead to upsets. This year, set up a master Christmas card list in a spreadsheet with all your up-to-date names and addresses, then you can just edit it every year. Tackle your list gradually, writing cards when you can – a few in front of the TV, a couple on the train to work and so on. If you write them in small batches, you can enjoy and put effort into each one. Also remember to buy more cards than you think you will need. That way, if you do forget someone and receive theirs, you have time and spares to send one back one in time. Just remember to update your spreadsheet with their details ready for next year!

If you get started early, you’ll also have time to make your own Christmas cards on Zazzle – you can add names or even family photos to some stunning designs.

Personalised Christmas Cards - Zazzle UK

2. Create A Christmas Gift Master List

Plan your Xmas presents as far in advance as possible to avoid the surprise of that dream gift being sold out or you showing up on Boxing Day empty handed. Get started by creating your second spreadsheet, this time for Christmas gifts. Add everyone you need to buy gifts for with some initial ideas and a rough price for everyone.

Consider your list carefully! Reigning in on the Xmas present list will ease stress and save a few quid. We’re not suggesting you leave your kids off Santa’s list… but maybe it’s time to stop buying talc for your great Auntie Ethel or socks for that third cousin twice removed who’s name you can never remember!

Be a good listener and take note of any hints from friends and family and add all these ideas to your list too. Armed with your spreadsheet, you can pick up gifts when you see them and make time to search for something special (at the best price) you have thought of.

3. Do ALL Your Gift Shopping Online 

Forget trawling through the High Street looking for bargains. Dragging shopping bags along the length of Oxford or Buchannan Street is a pain that can easily be avoided. Shop online, get them delivered and have a stress-free, bag-free shop. Once you have your Christmas gift list set up, it will be so much easier to tackle it from the comfort of your computer. Plus, there will be plenty of online coupon codes in emails or onsite in November you can use to save money. Just make sure to consider delivery times and order online early.

4. Create An Events Calendar

The Christmas season usually involves a lot of social gatherings, from school plays to work parties to the local carol service. Buy a calendar and mark in times, events and personal targets over the Xmas season. This will help you avoid clashes, missing anything by mistake and getting everything organised on time. But don’t feel you have to go to everything! Make sure you put aside time for simple family time.

5. Wrap Presents As You Buy

I’ve spent many a Xmas Eve wrapping for hours and though it sounds festive in theory, it isn’t fun. Wrapping your gifts as you buy them not only keeps presents away from curious little eyes, it lets you put effort into each and every one. You can even personalise your gift wrap on Zazzle, with custom wrapping paper, gift tags, tissue paper and gift bags! Custom Christmas stockings are also great way to organise gifts all the while adding an extra dose of Christmas cheer.

Personalised Wrapping Paper - Zazzle UK

6. Take Stock Of Christmas Decorations

Get that big box down from the loft as early as possible and see what Christmas decorations you have. There’s nothing worse than having your tree in pride of place then the fairy lights don’t work or the angel for the top has gone missing. So check your lights, throw out any broken baubles and then have some fun restocking! This way you’ll have the time to find some stand-out new pieces. In fact, why not add a few personalised Christmas tree decorations this year from Zazzle.

Personalised Christmas Tree Decorations - Zazzle UK

7. Order Your Food Early

We’ve all seen the mad dash to the supermarket on Christmas Eve, with dozens of shoppers scrambling frantically in search of a Turkey. The reality is that these shoppers will be lucky to come out with a chicken in their trolley so order ahead to avoid this Christmas chaos!

Also, don’t feel you have to make a sit-down meal for every occasion. We’re not saying you should swap the turkey for sausage rolls… but save the feast for Christmas Day and for other gatherings, serve nibbles instead. It’s easier on the chef and kinder to the budget.

Follow these tips and by Christmas even you can sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities.  How do you get organised for Christmas? Share any of your own Christmas planning tips in the comments!

Spooktacular Halloween Recipes To Try This October

Not only does Halloween give us an excuse to pull on a silly costume, it is also the perfect opportunity to get creative in the kitchen! When else is it acceptable to use copious amounts of food colouring or not worry if it all looks a bit unappetising. That’s all part of the fun of trying some Halloween recipes. Whether it is the annual trick or treat around the neighbourhood, or a chic but scary soiree, your guests will want to be fed. So here are some terrifying but tasty treats to try this Halloween!

Chocolate Dipped Clementines

First up, a healthy alternative to traditional Halloween trick or treat candy. This easy Halloween recipe will have the kids coming back for more. To make it even more fun, you can swap the dark chocolate for a full white chocolate covering to make some spooky ghosts!

Homemade Halloween Sweets - chocolate dipped clementines | UK Zazzle Blog


  • 6-8 medium clementines
  • 100 g dark chocolate bar (60-70% cocoa solids), finely chopped
  • Sea salt (optional)


  1. Peel your clementines, break them into segments and set aside in a bowl.
  2. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.
  3. Place your chocolate into a microwavable bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds, stir, then microwave for another 30 seconds.
  4. Dip your segments one by one into the melted chocolate, then transfer to the baking tray.
  5. Before the chocolate sets, sprinkle with sea salt if desired.
  6. Place your baking tray into the fridge for 10 minutes until the chocolate sets, then enjoy!

Serving Suggestion:

Pop your chocolate orange treats into some cute personalised Halloween favour bags to hand out to guests or trick or treaters.

Cute Bat Treats for Halloween Family Name Favour Bags
Cute Bat Halloween Family Name Favour Bags
by hhhalloween

Spooky Spider Devilled Eggs

This nutritious Halloween recipe could be served as canapes at a Halloween drinks party or equally as an after school scary snack.

Homemade Halloween Snacks - Devilled Eggs | Zazzle UK Blog


  • 6 hard-boiled eggs, halved
  • 3 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • ½ tsp ground mustard
  • 12 black olives
  • Sprinkle of salt and pepper


  1. Cut the eggs in half lengthways and transfer yokes to a separate bowl.
  2. Add the mayonnaise, mustard, salt and pepper to the yokes and mash to form a paste.
  3. Transfer the paste back into the egg halves, just slightly overfilling the hole.
  4. Cut the whole olives in half. Place one half, centre down, on one devilled egg half.
  5. Finely cut the other olive half to create spider legs, then arrange.

Serving Suggestion:

Serve your spider eggs on a spider’s web with these fun paper plates.

 Rice Krispy Brains

This cheap, easy recipe is perfect to make with kids. The spooky brains can be handed out to trick or treaters, or even make a statement at a Halloween school bake sale.

Homemade Halloween Recipes - Rice Crispie Brains - Zazzle UK Blog


  • 45 g butter
  • 350 g mini marshmallows
  • Red food colouring
  • 180 g Rice Krispies cereal
  • Non-stick cooking spray
  • Red gel icing


  1. Melt the butter in a microwave for 30 seconds
  2. Add the marshmallows and heat until melted, stirring frequently.
  3. Add red food colouring to the mixture until you achieve the desired brain colour.
  4. Add the mixture to the cereal in a large mixing bowl, then mix until the cereal is evenly coated.
  5. Immediately spray your hands with non-stick cooking spray and scoop out balls of mixture to form brain shapes.
  6. Place your brains on a baking sheet lined with greaseproof paper.
  7. Let them cool completley, then drizzle with red gel icing for a frightful finish and store in an air-tight container.

Serving Suggestion:

If you are selling these treats at a Halloween bake sale, why not hand them out on custom Halloween napkins? Zazzle paper napkins can be created from scratch with the name of a charity, or you can choose a cute design like this one.

Boo! | Halloween Napkins Disposable Serviette
Boo! Halloween Napkins

Brownie Bat Truffles

These terrifying truffles are a little trickier than the previous recipes, however they are an undoubtedly a cool addition to any Halloween party snack table.

Halloween Recipes - Brownie Bats | Zazzle UK Blog


Makes 12-14 pieces

  • 34 cm x 20 cm tray of chocolate brownies, baked and cooled
  • 120 g chocolate buttercream icing
  • 7 Oreo cookies, halved and stuffing removed
  • 300 g milk chocolate
  • Red M&Ms


  1. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, roughly crumble the brownies by hand.
  3. Mix in the chocolate icing and gently knead mixture until evenly moistened.
  4. Divide into 1-tablespoon portions and roll into small balls.
  5. Insert two halved Oreo cookies on either side to create wings.
  6. Place brownie balls on the prepared baking tray and refrigerate for 2 hours.
  7. Remove balls from the fridge and let come to room temperature for around 15 minutes.
  8. Heat chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl in 10-second bursts until melted. Dip bat brownie truffles in chocolate.
  9. Create eyes using your red M&Ms, and enjoy!

Serving Suggestion:

Give your Halloween party a comic-book theme and serve these bats on a retro Batman plate. They will look super cool against the electric blue background.

Halloween Jelly Cups

This easy recipe puts a funny twist on the traditional adult jelly shot, or can be served without alcohol as a colourful
kids’ treat.


  • 3 packs of jelly in different colours and flavours.
  • Malibu rum (for the adults only!)
  • Jelly snakes
  • Paper cups


  1. Select your first jelly colour, and make the jelly in a jug, following the packet instructions. Add a spash of rum if desired.
  2. When the jelly mixture is completely liquid, fill a third of each party cup, then place in the fridge to set.
  3. When the cups are set, repeat steps one and two, layering the next colour of jelly over the previous colour.
  4. Repeat step three with last flavour if desired, decorate your cups with a gummy worm, and enjoy!

Serving Suggestion:

If serving these at an adults’ drinks party, have a laugh with these funny Halloween paper cups.

I'm Just Here for the Boos - Funny Halloween Party Paper Cup
Funny Halloween Party Paper Cup
by MyRazzleDazzle


Monster Hot Chocolate

This weird-looking but warming drink is perfect after a chilly night of trick or treat fun!


  • 2 pints semi-skimmed milk (substitute with almond milk for a healthy twist)
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 225 g white chocolate chips
  • 2 drops of green food colouring
  • Whipped cream
  • Green sprinkles


  1. Dip the rim of your cups in water, then in green sprinkles.
  2. In a saucepan, stir together the milk, vanilla, food colouring and white chocolate.
  3. Heat the mixture, stirring often, until the chocolate is melted.
  4. Serve immediately and top with your whipped cream and more green sprinkles.

Serving Suggestion:

This delicious drink is perfect for a scary kid’s sleepover. Why not delight the kids even more by serving the hot chocolate in these fun Halloween monster mugs!

Cute Green Monster Mug
Cute Green Monster Mug
by jasminesphotography

So there you have it, our selection of dishes to die for this Halloween. Which one will you dare to try first?

Easy Halloween Costumes for Lazy People

In my early twenties I went to a fancy dress shop in search of the perfect Halloween costume. My outfit of choice was the Honey Monster – the classic cereal king! It included a furry yellow body suit, mask and a red jumper labelled ‘Honey Monster’, my new secret identity. I had to try it on.

I must admit, I looked the business in this ensemble. It was fun, unique and a little bit playful – exactly what I was looking for! I rocked that furry little outfit…

But the smell inside the swelteringly hot costume was not so pleasant. The shop assistant explained that rental costumes are not washed between uses, but for an extra 50 quid I could buy a brand new one. Hmmm… pay £80 for a brand new suit or £30 for a minging one? I politely declined and decided I would make my own costume.

I bought fabric, fake blood, a sewing kit and even some sequins, but when I got home I remembered how lazy I am and ended up wearing a bin bag and a witch’s hat (a firm costume favourite since my toddler years!)

Now that I’m a master Zazzler, I have become a lot savvier when it comes to choosing a fun Halloween outfit with zero effort. I found that a Zazzle t-shirt + a few simple accessories = one easy Halloween costume!

This list is for fellow idle cheapskates, who can’t be bothered making a costume and don’t want to break the bank buying one.

Team this bright orange pumpkin face t-shirt with black jogging bottoms or leggings. Stuff for a plump pumpkin look or keep it slim and chic. Top off with a green hat for extra points.

Women's Halloween Shirt | Pumpkin Face

Make no bones about it, a funny skeleton outfit is the perfect balance of silly and scary. Pair your tank or tee with some skeleton leggings for the full set.

Chest Bones X-Ray Skeleton Funny Costume Halloween All-Over Print Tank Top

Halloween Skeleton Leggings

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Why it’s Superman flying in for a Halloween visit! Reveal the shield with this or other designs from our Official DC Comics Superman store. Wear it under a white shirt and team with some sexy specs ready for shirt-ripping sillyness.

Superman S-Shield | Superman Logo T-Shirt

You’ll need an easy Halloween costume for the kids too. Your tiny tot will be cute as can be in this spooky ensemble. Complete the look with some white tights for a frightfully fun children’s Halloween costume.

Cute Halloween Toddler Shirt - Happy Ghost Face

Zazzle’s all-over-print t-shirts offer even more outfit options. Pull on this prisoner t-shirt and grab some hand cuffs and you’ll look like you just broke out of Alcatraz.

Convict Halloween Costume, Mugshot Custom Text All-Over Print T-Shirt
Don’t stop at the shirt. Zazzle’s Halloween leggings offer a terrifying alternative to trousers or tights. Even my black bin bag might look good over these beauties.

Orange And Black Striped Witch Halloween Leggings

Finding the perfect Halloween outfit needn’t be stressful, expensive or left to your local party stop. I love Halloween as much as the next girl but I’ll never cough up 80 quid for a shop bought costume, and now thanks to these spook-tacular but easy Halloween costume ideas, you won’t have to either! Which of these fang-tastic designs is your favourite?

5 Original Kids’ Birthday Party Themes

Gone are the days when a game of pass-the-parcel then ice cream and jelly would suffice for a children’s birthday party. Today, kids’ parties are getting more and more imaginative (and expensive!) But you don’t have to break the bank (or your brain) throwing the next birthday bash. Here are five fun and affordable kids’ birthday party themes to try.

Bam! Boom! Kapow! – The Superhero Party

Throw an action-packed, kick-ass superhero party. You don’t need super powers to pull it off.

  • Assemble the crew by sending some superhero themed party invitations. Zazzle has a range of official
    DC Comic invites that are sure to start the birthday party with a bang!
  • Use a bold colour palette of red, yellow and blue for that pop-art look. Simple, coloured table cloths will
    do the trick then you can power them up with Zazzle’s superhero paper party plates and cups.
  • Create a cool cityscape backdrop in a flash with a big superhero banner.
  • Set up a ‘training camp’ with activities to test speed, agility and skill, to prepare your mini-superheroes
    for a life of crime fighting!
  • Paint some rocks green and hide them in the garden for a ‘Kryptonite Hunt’.
  • Label colourful and healthy fruit and vegetable snacks as ‘SUPER POWER Foods’… it’s worth a try.
  • Fold pages from comics into cones and secure with tape. Fill with popcorn, crisps or sweet treats!

Have A Blast – The Mad Scientist Party

Nerd up and throw your kids a mad scientist birthday party. It might even be educational…

Science Experiment Kids' Birthday Party Invitation Girl
Science Experiment Birthday Invitation Girl
by Anietillustration
  • Fill the walls of your party zone with posters showing scientific formulas, calculations and the
    periodic table to recreate that science lab feeling.
  • Dress your mini scientists in white coats and goggles to unleash their inner science geek!
  • Stock up on coloured hair spray and gel so guests can self-style their mad scientist look.
  • Fill glass bowls with colourful gobstoppers styled as atom balls. Serve jelly or juice in beakers, petri
    dishes or test tubes. You can even set up an ‘Ice Cream Lab’ so they can experiment with fun toppings.
  • Look up some fun and easy science experiments to try at home. The coke and mento trick never fails.

Great Hall Feast – The Harry Potter Party

Recreate the Great Hall Feast for little Harry Potter fans (or even big ones… for your 30th!).

Harry Potter | Gryffindor Crest | Perfect for Harry Potter Kids' Birthday Party
Harry Potter | Gryffindor Crest Gold and Red 6 Cm Round Badge
by harrypotter
  • Kick off your feast with a Sorting Ceremony. Don a witch’s (or wizard’s) hat and sort each guest into one
    of the four Hogwarts Houses. Reward them with house badges. Keep an eye on the Slytherins!
  • Fill some ready rolled shortcrust pastry disks with cooked spiced pumpkin and shape them into pasties.
    Glaze them with egg wash and bake until golden. The result – homemade pumpkin pasties that would impress Ravenclaw and pumpkin pasty connoisseur, Cho Chang!
  • Serve delicious homemade Butterbeer by combining cream soda, cream and butterscotch sauce.
    Pour into stein mugs for a magical drink that tastes just as good as The Leaky Cauldron’s
  • Play ‘Pin the Glasses on Harry’, like pin the tail on the donkey.

Let’s Go To The Movies – The Cinema Party

Hold a blockbuster birthday bash with a cinema theme.

Movie Popcorn Personalised Party Favour Bag For Cinema Kids Birthday Party
Movie Popcorn Personalised Party Favour Bag
by VisionsandVerses
  • Send vintage style ticket invitations for an old fashioned, Hollywood feel.
  • Fill favour bags or boxes with popcorn and sweets. Serve drinks in old school coke bottles with striped
    straws or mix up some milkshakes. Mini burgers, hot dogs or pizza slices complete a diner-style menu.
  • String up some fairy lights for some glitzy Hollywood lighting and even hang a fake curtain around
    the projector screen or tv.
  • Transform empty cardboard boxes into ‘cars’ (or your guests’ seats) with paper plates for wheels, for a drive-in cinema.
  • Turn on their favourite film and (hopefully) sit back. If you can’t face the party at home, take the snacks
    with you and hit the multiplex.

Under The Sea – The Mermaid Party

Everyone wants to be a mermaid. Make a splash with an under-the-sea party.

Mermaid Kids' Birthday Party invitation
Mermaid Birthday invitation
  • Decorate with blues, aquas, pinks a purples, preferably with some silver and LOTS of glitter. Pick up balloons, streamers, even tinsel to create your blue lagoon.
  • Whip up some clam cookies. Sandwich two biscuits with frosting then pop in a sweet for a pearl.
  • Make ‘crab croissants’. Fill croissants with ham and cheese then stick in cocktail sticks with stickers for eyes.
  • Hide chocolate coins in the sandpit for a mermaid treasure hunt.
  • Bring out the rainbow hair spray again for luscious mermaid locks, then get plaiting.