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Although the amount of mail generated by the UK has slowed in recent years, sales of greeting cards, and specifically Christmas cards, show few signs of decline. The British public spent more than £1.7 billion on Christmas cards in 2017, according to the Greeting Card Association, and while ecards have become a popular way of […]

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Hordes of falling, multicoloured leaves; fresh, crisp mornings; the return of rush-hour bedlam. Uni is beckoning.  Whether you’re a first-year newbie shaking with excitement and trepidation, or a postgraduate veteran delaying the impending reality of the working world, you’ll be spending loads of time in your student accommodation this coming year.  Revamping your university room […]

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Did you know that board games and tabletop games have their origins in ancient Egypt? Almost 3,000 years ago, in the Middle Kingdom and Early Dynastic periods of Egyptian history, people played board games like Mehen, which used lion and lioness-shaped counters and marbles. The most popular board game was Senet, a draughts-like game which […]

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Mother, mam, mum, mummy, jennifer, oh dearest ma ma! No matter what you call her, if anyone deserves a day of recognition it’s your mum. So if you’re trying to show appreciation for the woman who gives advice, support and tough love when needed, we’ve got some top tips on creating personalised Mother’s Day cards. […]

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Business cards are a tried and tested means of getting your information across and have had outstanding success for decades. While it’s easy to throw together a basic business card, you risk losing the uniqueness and quality that will actually grab your audience’s attention. So if you want to really wow your recipients the next […]

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For me, Christmas means going home to visit family and spending some quality time with my darling fur baby. After sending dog Christmas cards again this year, I miss her even more! If you’re a fellow animal lover and haven’t sent your cards yet, why not personalise some pet Christmas cards with photos of your adorable […]

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All you want for Christmas is a Christmas t-shirt? Discover the best funny Christmas t-shirts right here on Zazzle. Perfect for Christmas nights in or out, these delightful t-shirts are so good you’ll wish it was Christmas every day! Picking the right shirt can be tricky so we have compiled a Top 10 list of […]

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Gift giving is one of the most personal experiences people can engage in. A personal present shows that you know what your friends and family are interested in, that you listen and that you know what they appreciate. Whatever gift you decide on, you can make it even more special with personalised wrapping paper. Read […]

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It’s nearly Christmas and you know what that means? Getting those address lists at the ready and sending your Christmas cards! I’ve been preparing for this since last year, saving all those funny photos, matching Christmas jumper pics and even shots of my dog modelling. Choosing the right picture for your photo Christmas cards is […]

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This summer it’s ten years since the release of The Dark Knight! As big fans of Bruce Wayne and the city of Gotham, we’ve compiled our favourite Batman moments from the epic trilogy! 1. Batman Begins – “I’m Batman!” Having waited so long to see our hero back in action, Christopher Nolan introduced a new style of […]