Ways to Hang Christmas Cards

Creative Ways to Display Your Christmas Cards

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have received a bunch of beautiful Christmas cards by now, but they may still be in a pile on the kitchen table! I love that my family and friends put in the time and thought to send me cards, but they often end up in a mess. Not this year though! I’ve put together a list of the best ways to display Christmas cards and, in the spirit of the season, I’d like to share it with you! 

Christmas Fairy Light Wall

Putting up a Christmas tree can be a mammoth task. Untangling fairy lights, baubles rolling away on the floor and tinsel going absolutely everywhere. Ditch the mess this year and just decorate your walls instead. When you finally untangle the fairy lights, hang them on your wall using some blu- tack or sticky tape in the shape of a Christmas tree and hang your cards between the lights. 

Greeting Card Ladder

Decorate the sides and rungs of a ladder with some tinsel or fairy lights and place your cards along the rungs so the front of the card is horizontal. To put cards on the sides of the ladder, use some sticky tack. Alternatively, hang a string from top to bottom and attach the cards using wooden clothespins.

Rustic Christmas Card Holder

Find an old piece of wood you have lying around or a wooden pallet and sand it down to avoid splinters. Once it’s good to go, hammer some nails into the wood and wrap some twine around them (like the fairy light wall, you can make shapes with this). Grab some mini wooden pegs and start attaching your Christmas cards to the twine. Finally hang it on your kitchen wall or place it against a table or mantlepiece.

Book Christmas Card Holder

Do you have some old books lying around at home? It’s time to put one of those spare copies to good use! First, remove the front cover from the book and fold each page in half to the centre of the book. Next, open the book flat so both the front and back pages are touching the table with the pages fanning out. When it’s finished it’ll look something like a Rolodex. Stick your cards into the slots created between the folded pages, and there you have it, a book Christmas card holder.

Across the Mantle

This is one of my favourite Christmas card display ideas because it’s so easy! Keep it simple by putting your cards on the mantlepiece. But that doesn’t mean it can’t look festive and eye-catching. Place a garland with fairy lights across your fireplace and add some cards with mini wooden pegs. This is also ideal if you’re running out space to stand cards on. You could also add cute decorations like pine cones, lights and bows!

Let us know your favourite ways to hang or display your Christmas cards below!

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