Designer Spotlight: The John Dyer Gallery

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Today we’re excited to introduce our first featured artist on the UK blog, The John Dyer Gallery. John lives and works in Falmouth and his work captures the vibrancy of the stunning Cornish coastline and other destinations around the world. From bustling fishing harbours to the Amazon rainforest, every scene is full of life and fun. We had a chat about what inspires him as an artist, and his favourite products on Zazzle!

John Dyer Painting The Amazon Rainforest

Tell us about yourself!

I live in Falmouth, Cornwall – one of the art hotspots in the country and a super inspiring coastal location to live and work in! I am a contemporary artist, painter and my canvases are sold all over the world. I use elements from my paintings to create my designs on Zazzle. I am the artist in residence and love to travel and study environmental subjects around the world.

John Dyer Seagull T-Shirt


Tell us about the space where you do your work. Do you have a studio or a particular place in your home where you paint?

I have always worked from home – cost effective and friendly! I have a large house and the three floors all have studio spaces for painting, packing, designing and framing. It is quite an industrious place! I live and work by the beach surrounded by wonderful light, sub-tropical plants and holiday fun.

John Dyer Painting Palette

What is your background in art? How did you get started?

My father is an artist, so I grew up surrounded by art. I trained in London in graphic design and then lived in Camden as a freelance designer and young artist. Travelling to the Amazon rainforest in 1989 converted me to a painter.

Spirit of the Amazon Rainforest Poster - John Dyer
Spirit of the Amazon Rainforest Poster


Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

The natural world, my family, people on holiday and inspiring places all influence my work.

Summertime Night St Ives John Dyer Mug
Summertime Nights St Ives Mug


When do you feel your most creative? Your least?

When I have a clear head I feel the most creative and when I travel.

Cannes - South of France - John Dyer iPhone Case
Cannes – South of France Case


What are your favourite products to design on Zazzle?

I love the variety of Zazzle products, it’s a wonderful design process to go through. My favourites are the ties, phone cases and clocks, but my most popular items are posters and postcards. Overall, it’s the variety that I like and the challenge of working with new products all the time.

Horse Racing Tie - John Dyer
Horse Racing Tie


Do you have any advice for new Zazzle Designers?

Have fun! Design lots of products and don’t worry if some don’t sell – you need a wide offering to attract interest and then keep expanding the range. Order your own products, as presents for friends and family so you get to know what you are selling.

Any final thoughts for our readers?

Zazzle are a great company to work with and they look after our customers well. It’s a fantastic partnership!

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