Easy Fabric Garland DIY

DIY: Easy, No Sew Fabric Garland

If you’re hosting a party or are simply redecorating a room, you have to try out this simple, no sew fabric garland. It is the perfect piece to take a space from drab to fab! What’s great about this DIY project is that you don’t need a sewing machine or needles, you can use new or old pieces of fabric, it can be done in less than an hour and you can pretty much get started on it right away! Read on below to discover how you can create your very own fabric garland.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • fabric (new or old pieces)
  • ribbon or twine
  • scissors

DIY Fabric Garland - What You Need

Step 1: Choose some lightweight fabrics that tie in with the colour scheme of your room or party. Choose between three and four different styles for a nice effect. Cut up your fabric into thin strips. My strips roughly measure 4 cm wide by 40 cm long, but choose whatever measurements you feel are best, or that suit that fabric you’re working with.

DIY Fabric Garland - Cutting Fabric

Step 2: Once you have all your fabric ready to go, cut a piece of ribbon to however long you want your garland to be, remembering to allow extra ribbon on each end to hang it up. Then loosely secure to your work surface with some paper weights so that it doesn’t move around too much when you’re knotting the strips on.

Step 3: To begin adding the strips to your ribbon, fold one fabric strip in half. Then from the top, slide the folded end beneath your ribbon.

DIY Fabric Garland - attaching fabric to ribbon

Step 4: Open the loop at the bottom and pull the opposite ends over the ribbon and through your loop. Then tighten the ends so they are securely in place on the ribbon.

Fabric Garland DIY - Loose Knot Picture

Step 5: Continue with these steps for each strip you want to add to the ribbon. Make sure to slide the strips close together  so there are no gaps. Also make sure to interchange between fabrics so that the designs are evenly spaced out. If you feel that there are gaps in the garland at the end, simply go back and add more strips where desired.

DIY Fabric Garland - Adding Fabric

Step 6: Once you have tied on all of your strips you can either trim the bottom of the strips for a neat look, or leave as is for a more rustic feel. Then you are ready to proudly display your new garland wherever you choose.

There you have it, a super simple no sew garland that is sure to impress! This little DIY is the perfect way to use up some spare fabrics you might have or is a great opportunity to pick out some new designs.

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