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Easy DIY Wedding Ideas To Impress

While a wedding is a wonderful and joyous occasion, it can also be an expensive one! By taking charge of some of the elements and some simple DIY wedding ideas, you can make big savings. I had the recent pleasure of helping a relative of mine with her wedding, which was truly special. So I wanted to share some helpful homemade wedding ideas to add some unique elements to your ceremony and venue. Not only will they cut down on costs, but also make your big day more personal and a stand out affair!

Fairy Lights

Adding fairy lights to your decorations can be a simple and cost effective way to add some sparkle and glamour to your wedding décor. Whether you have a blank wall to arch way to dress up, fairy lights can both brighten up a dark area and create a relaxing ambiance. If your wedding venue is full of architectural features that might often go unnoticed, dress them up by wrapping a few strings of lights around them and as the day turns to night, these areas will become prominent features. Curtain lights can also be the perfect way to create an Instagram-worthy backdrop!

DIY Seating Chart

Making your own seating chart is one of the simplest DIY wedding projects. With Zazzle you can create your own wedding seating chart poster that matches your wedding theme such as vintage, rustic or classic romance. The great thing about designing your own seating chart is that you can create it in your own time, edit it as seating plans change, and place the order when you’re ready. You can jazz up your seating chart by sourcing a blank antique frame from a second hand shop, and hang it in the entrance to your wedding reception for instant, cost-effective glamour.


At my relative’s recent wedding, we used candles in just about any available space we could find. Candles, lit or unlit, can add an element of romance to the décor. This venue had a rustic feel to it so we used cream candles for a touch of rustic elegance and placed them around windowsills, a feature fireplace, and even in the bathrooms to dress them up! Using candles of varying widths and heights can draw the eye in and create focal point.

Greenery and Flowers

Flowers and greenery can end up being one of the most expensive elements of the day if purchased through the wedding venue or a wedding florist. Sourcing flowers from a wholesaler and creating some DIY flower arrangements can actually be simpler then it appears. Flowers such as roses and alstroemeria can make for the perfect flowers for your arrangements, and DIY wedding bouquets for the bridal party, as they are both available in a wide variety of colours to suit your wedding scheme. Greenery such as myrtle and honey bracelet can be used to fill out your flower arrangements, and ivy can be used among your decorations, for instance, surrounding candles or wrapped around your fairy lights for added impact. Source your flowers and greenery in advance and collect them the day before the wedding so you can create fresh and stunning arrangements.

Place Cards

Another one of our favourite DIY wedding ideas to do on Zazzle – design your own place cards. This is exactly what we did for my relatives wedding. We uploaded our own design, added some background colour and the end result was simply spectacular! Of course, for a really cost effective and personal touch, you can create your own from scratch. Source some simple white or cream colour blank cards and hand-write them yourself (or ask someone with nice handwriting!). Then with a simple stroll through the woods you can collect some pine cones to act as place card holders, and you’ve got the ultimate rustic chic place setting decorations!


It is often the small touches that will stand out to your guests and have them talking long after the big day so it’s important to get the favours just right. That doesn’t mean they need to be expensive – in fact DIY wedding favours can be much more memorable. Homemade sweets and treats can look truly impressive when wrapped up nicely. So why not pop some truffles or fudge in personalised favour bags or wrap them up in polythene and label them with gift tags. Or you could gift little bottles of homemade gin or liquor dressed up with personalised labels. If you don’t have time time to make your own, you can still buy your treats (we won’t tell), but the personalised packaging will give them a homemade, rustic look!

Wedding Signage

If your wedding venue is particularly large or you’re having an outdoor wedding, then you’ll want to have some signs to let your guests know where all the important parts are from the dance floor to the sweets table or toilets. You can create wedding sign posters to be in keeping with your wedding theme, or in bold, statement colours to stand out amongst the rest. Place these signs on easels or in simple frames for easy viewing. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you can try your hand at creating your own custom signs from scratch. Source some wooden pieces, paint on your words of choice and nail the pieces to a simple blank. Without much hassle you’ve got some wedding décor with rustic class!


Re-using everyday materials can be a great hack for wedding accessories. You can use jam jars or mason jars to act as wedding centrepieces that you can fill with lights and foliage. Additionally, if you want to collect some wine bottles over time, you can spray paint these with gold or silver metallic paint. They can make amazing vases for flowers to be used as fabulous centrepieces, or as decorations throughout the wedding. This little trick will make your vases look much more expensive than they actually are!

Bake It Away

A recent trend with many wedding parties is to make their own wedding desserts and sweet treats, giving their big day a very personal element. By making your own sweet treats for the dessert table, you’ll make a big saving in this area, as well as getting exactly what you want and love. Better yet, you can ask some close friends or family to lend a hand for a marvellous spread of delicious desserts for all to share!

So there you have it, for my own family wedding we found that the parts of the wedding that really stood out to guests were the decorations that we had taken the time and effort to do ourselves. Adding your own personal touches to your wedding day can make the day truly unique and can let you and your soon to-be spouse’s personalities shine through!

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