How to Decorate Your Student Room

How to Decorate Your Student Room

Hordes of falling, multicoloured leaves; fresh, crisp mornings; the return of rush-hour bedlam. Uni is beckoning. 

Whether you’re a first-year newbie shaking with excitement and trepidation, or a postgraduate veteran delaying the impending reality of the working world, you’ll be spending loads of time in your student accommodation this coming year. 

Revamping your university room decor can be fun and undoubtedly rewarding but finding time between meeting up with friends, organising your study supplies, and acquainting yourself with your local pubs environs, can be difficult.

Having inserted the key and unlocked the door, explore this roomful of affordable yet stylish ideas – they’re sure to save you time revolutionising the interior design of your new residence.  

Home Is Where the Art Is

Although treating your university bedroom like a blank canvas may be a tad extreme, having an open mind is essential. Posters are a relatively inexpensive way of expressing your personality – some university campuses host poster sales regularly, while you can create your own online as well. Additionally, feel free to let your artistic inclinations roam free by mixing and matching your favourite prints or photos to transform a bare white area into a soothing, thought-provoking gallery wall. 

For those looking to infuse their room with travel vibes, maps can strike the perfect balance between being decoratively aesthetic and sating those wanderlust instincts. Vintage or modern, colourful or monochrome, your map can easily be incorporated into your design specifications, acting as the ultimate conversation starter with any guests.    

Remember, however, that you’re not only confined by your room’s four walls, but by the fine print on your lease agreement. Make a lasting impression on your landlord, and not their walls, by using command strips to hang up any posters and photos. These removable wall mounts are available in various sizes, so you can put up anything from an eye-catching tapestry to your dressing gown without leaving a trace behind on the wall when you leave.

Cushion the Blow

If you’re moving out for the first time, you’ll make several mind-blowing discoveries: for instance, your dinners never actually cooked themselves and your clothes never magically washed themselves either. However, while those tangible benefits will be missed, your immediate challenge will be to import some of that intangible cosiness and character into your student room decor. 

Throw blankets are a great starting point: what better way to conjure up a warm, snug atmosphere than introducing something that makes you warm and snug?! Combining functionality with an injection of colour and texture, throws can transform a boring desk chair or a non-descript bed into treasured, inviting spaces. Add further personality with a photo cushion or two, and suddenly, those empty voids which had you longing for home are filled by welcoming reminders of the way life used to be. 

For those with looser purse strings, consider adding a statement rug to provide comfort against those barefoot walks on a cold, hard floor. But take note: while it may seem contradictory, a bigger rug, one which partly runs underneath the bed, will draw the eye wider and make a small space seem larger – ideal for when your nocturnal cramming routine has you suffering from bleary-eyed claustrophobia.   

Let There Be Light

Even the best-designed dwellings can be subdued by poorly-lit spaces. Furthermore, lighting can also profoundly influence mood levels – too bright, and it can disrupt circadian clock rhythms that negatively impact upon sleep quality; too dim, and how are you expected to read those endless streams of revision notes? 

Consequently, your lighting choices should be able to cater to your uni room’s dual functions: sleep and study. You can rejuvenate your place’s character by mixing up an array of floor and table lamps to create different lighting levels, while lampshades are a great way to enliven bare bulbs or instil a little colour into a space. 

Introduce some glow to your living quarters by hanging up a set of fairy lights. Superbly versatile, they can be draped around a mirror or perched on a wall to illuminate your night-time sanctuary. What’s more, you can explore your creative side by pegging polaroid prints to your assortment of lights, and stringing them across your room for that classic dreamy feel. Once complete, be sure to showcase your innovation on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook… Whatever your preferred social media platform, your followers are sure to be impressed!

Become a Plant Parent

While those mammoth study sessions may prevent you from getting outdoors, bring some nature indoors by becoming a plant parent. Houseplants help to purify the air and regulate humidity, and the sight of greenery has been shown to make us feel happier. Even the act of regularly tending to plants is said to help relieve acute stress

In reality, it’s never been easier to develop your green fingers – low-maintenance, long-living varieties, such as snake plants and aloe vera, need only be watered occasionally without requiring massive amounts of sunlight. Furthermore, most herbs can be grown inside, and it can be quite rewarding to watch seedlings of basil, thyme, or parsley sprout up, engulfing your room in beautiful scents. Don’t forget the added bonus of some extra flavour to your meals as well! 

Room for Manoeuvre

Ultimately, the person who best knows how to decorate your student room is…well, you. So why not bring some of that individuality to your living space? Unleash your creative impulses by adorning the walls with a washi tape design, or by re-using those empty mason jars and glass bottles as vases or ornamental candle holders

However, if you’re the more organised type, dividers are a simple, inexpensive way to bring order to a socks and underwear drawer. And while some of these picture-perfect desk decor ideas are virtually impossible to achieve on a daily basis, developing a ‘keep, reuse, dispose’ decluttering policy can ensure that your creative ingenuity will not be overwhelmed by excessive hoarding.   

With exams complete and the Christmas festivities imminent, you’re standing on the threshold again, looking back at the place you’ve got to know so well. You see? There’s no reason why that warm, fuzzy feeling of homeliness can’t be fostered even within the constraints of a lease. So go for it, challenge yourself to break free, and add those personal touches to your university room decor. Because ultimately, a home isn’t where the deeds are; it’s where the heart is! 

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