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How To Design Business Cards: 6 Top Tips

In the age of LinkedIn, smart phones and social media it has become easier than ever to connect with people online. But whereas a website or social media account can be easily forgotten, effective business cards offer a tangible representation of you and your business. If you haven’t got cards you are proud to hand out, you’re missing out on big opportunities.

Not all cards are created equal, however. Your business card design reflects your own personal brand and getting it right is one of the most crucial and cost-effective marketing strategies. Getting it wrong, can have the opposite effect. You don’t want to be remembered as the person with cheap-looking, flimsy cards, do you?

This little card is the face of your company and a creative representation of your business. So here are our top 6 business card design tips.

1. Be On Brand

If you have company colours, use them. If not, make sure the look of your card matches your industry and brand and don’t just follow your own personal taste. Creative industries might go bold with bright colours, fun patterns and trendy designs to look fresh and original. However, don’t under-estimate the power of simplicity. Some of best examples of good business cards are often the plainest – soft colours or pure black and white. Minimalist business cards can look more stylish and professional, especially for traditional industries that want to inspire trust.

2. Less is More

Potential clients will spend a maximum of five seconds glancing at your business card so you don’t want to overwhelm them with information. Those five seconds should only be spent answering basic questions: who, what, why and where. Don’t squeeze in absolutely everything, including all your social media accounts, in tiny text. Also avoid obscuring the details with a poorly chosen font. Steer clear of italics and cursive styles and choose easy-to-read text in a traditional size.

3. Impress With Paper

A cheap or thin looking card may have leave prospective clients questioning the quality of your services. Premium paper and finishes make your cards more tactile and memorable. Zazzle has an array of paper types including simple matte and gloss, but also textured linen, shimmering pearl and even a beautifully soft silk, all offering a sophisticated and unique finish. However, always consider brand and audience when picking your paper. It makes sense for a luxury company to go for a fancy paper, but more simple businesses may want to opt for something fuss-free to stay on brand.

4. Shape Up

An easy way to make your card unique is to choose more unusual shapes and sizes. Rather than the regular rectangle, why not opt for square business cards or mighty or mini sizes that will immediately stand out from the pack. You might consider folded business cards too. These shapes may need a more specific design attention to fit the unusual space, but when done well, look modern and marvellous.

5. Cut The Clip Art

While clip arts may be colourful and funny they can look unprofessional. A random photo of a puppy may be cute, but it has no place on a business card, unless you are either a vet, dog walker or pet shop owner. If you don’t have a company logo or in-house graphic designer, choose from Zazzle’s professionally designed templates or stick to a text only design.

6. Make It Stick

The problem with paper is that it’s everywhere and may be filed away or, worse again, recycled. Avoid the back of the wallet or bin by making your card useful and visible. Magnetic business cards offer function as well as form by being a handy way to pin up notes or just to decorate the fridge. Whether they realise it or not, every time potential customers go for the milk they will be reminded of you and your business. This strategy is particularly effective for businesses such as electricians, taxi firms or babysitters – services that people know they will need at some point and fast, so are good to have at hand.

So what are you waiting for? Using these golden rules of business card design, you are ready to browse our best designs or create your own.

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