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How to Host a Royal Wedding Party

With the Royal Wedding only weeks away excitement is starting to build! If your invitation got lost in the post (don’t worry, mine did too), you can still celebrate – just host your own royal wedding party at home. It’s the next best thing to being at St George’s Chapel.

Unfortunately there isn’t an extra day off work this time around, but luckily they will still be televising the wedding, which is all that really matters! Much like Eurovision, Harry and Meghan’s big day is the perfect excuse to gather your mates, lay on some drinks and nibbles, then commentate on all the style and events throughout the day! Here at Zazzle, we’ve got some handy tips to help you host the perfect Royal Wedding viewing party. With everything from the decorations to food to favours, your celebration is sure to rival the main event.

Guest List & Invites

First of all you need to plan the location and guest list. Hosting your party in your own abode makes for an easy and relaxed day, but you could also head out to watch it at a public screening. Once you’ve settled on a location, it’s time to write up a guest list. We don’t imagine you’ll be inviting as many people as Meghan’s ‘modest’ 600 attendees, but a group of close friends who are equally as excited as you are will make for the perfect party! Harry and Meghan won’t be taking any half measures for the wedding, so make sure you invite your guests the right way too with royal wedding party invitations. You can choose from lots of great designs from fun and fancy to regal and elegant. If you really want to impress your friends, pick a design just like Harry and Meghan’s real invitation, with black and gold detailing.

Royak Wedding Invitations

Decorations & Party Supplies

Location, check. Guest list, check. Invitations, check. Next on the agenda is sort out the essential Royal Wedding decorations and party supplies. No event is complete without some decorations to match! Bunting and banners would make the perfect backdrop for all those selfies and group shots you’ll take with your guests to remember the day. Then pick up paper party supplies to add to the decor, and make the clean up afterwards a whole lot easier! Find Union Jack paper plates and cups, neat napkins and even posh paper hats!

Royal Wedding Paper Plate

Games & Favours

Between all the action of people arriving and speeches being given, you’ll want to make sure you have some activities on hand to keep your guests entertained. A classic choice is a simple deck of cards, where anyone can suggest different games to play like Snap or Old Maid. You can even up the stakes and get some Harry and Meghan themed poker chips for a game of Texas Hold’em. Or just create your own Royal Wedding games at home. Simply put together some trivia questions about the wedding and Royal Family and have some fun testing everyone’s knowledge! You can even provide some little party favours like personalised key rings or compact mirrors as prizes for the games to commemorate the day. Customise them to include information about your party or the royal wedding for the perfect keepsake.

Harry & Meghan Poker Chips - Royal Wedding Games

Harry & Meghan Playing Cards - Royal Wedding Games

Dress For The Occasion

Last but not least is to sort out what you’re going to wear for the day. Whether you’re going to a screening at the pub or a street party, you’ll want to dress to impress! If you’re hosting a posh event, you and your mates might want get out the fancy frocks and dress up as though you’re off to Windsor Castle! If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, fun and frill-free, we’ve got a few options that might just do the trick. Why not get matching t-shirts for you and all your friends to wear while you commentate on all the guests’ attire? For a fancier finish, try a Royal Wedding tie, and for the ladies, a handy themed tote bag would be the perfect purse for the day!

Harry & Meghan Tie - Royal Wedding Accessories

Whether you’re going big on the celebrations for the Royal Wedding, or keeping it low key and simple, it’s sure to be a day to remember! As for me, my friends are not as excited about the big event as I am, so I’ll be having a pyjama party while watching all the festivities! However, I’ve made sure I’ve got myself sorted with a Harry & Meghan mug for the multiple cups of tea and biscuits I’ll be consuming on the day! Let me know what your plans are to watch the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the comments below.

Harry & Meghan Mug - Royal Wedding Mug

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