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Me & My City: Ana, Project Manager at Zazzle, On Valencia

The people working at Zazzle are as diverse and unique as our products, and here at Zazzle’s International HQ in Cork, we have an amazing bunch from all over the world. In our new series ‘Me & My City’, we want to introduce you to some of the International team, what they do at Zazzle and tell us a bit about where they are from. You’ll meet our marketeers, translation experts, merchandisers and in-house creators, from Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Japan and of course our hometown Cork, Ireland. We hope you enjoy seeing a bit more behind the scenes at Zazzle, and then get some summer holiday inspiration to boot!

Today we’re chatting to Ana, our Project Manager and her city Valencia, Spain.

Beach in Xàbia, Valencia region
Ana, off duty in Xàbia in the Valencia region

Name: Ana

Hometown: Valencia, Spain

Tell us about yourself! What do you do at Zazzle?

I was born and raised in Xàbia, Alicante but I went to university in Valencia, which I consider my second home. I have lived and worked in different countries, but I moved to Cork, Ireland for the opportunity to work at Zazzle! I work as a project manager for our international markets, helping my team (an amazing group of colleagues from different countries) to localise the Zazzle website into eight different languages. We do everything from translating product descriptions to implementing SEO strategies to launching marketing campaigns adapted to different markets.

What is your favourite Zazzle product, and why?

I love the fleece blankets! The fabric is so soft, the print quality is amazing and there are many designs to choose from. They are perfect at this time of year to keep cosy in the cold weather.  

What are your hobbies?

I love travelling, history, walking and good food. Whenever I can, I take a flight somewhere in Europe, especially to destinations that combine all of these passions. 

What is there to see in your hometown?

Valencia is the city of light. I love the ‘Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias’. It’s a cultural complex with incredible architecture. The light in that area of the city is unique, especially on a sunny day when it reflects from the white buildings with different shapes. One building looks like an eye, another one like the ribs of a whale and so on. They all have different functions, from museums to an opera house to a cinema. They are located in the old riverbed, with nice gardens crossing the whole city from north to south.

Another area that I love in Valencia is the old town. You walk through it and you can see centuries of history and different cultures meld in the architecture. I recommend visiting el ‘Mercado Central’ (the Market) and ‘La Catedral de Santa María’ (the Cathedral). If you visit the Cathedral, don’t miss the art inside and take the stairs up to the tower called ‘Micalet’ to enjoy the most magnificent views of the city.

What should we eat there?

Paella! It’s originally from here and you won’t find a better version of this dish anywhere in the world than the one you will eat in Valencia. The whole of the Valencia region is known for its rice dishes. So don’t miss the opportunity to order rice for lunch! If you go in the summertime, you should also try ‘Horchata’. It’s a white, fresh drink made from tiger nuts (not actually nuts, but tiny root vegetables). It’s delicious! Of course there are many, many more dishes, but if I keep talking about food the list would be endless…

Are there any special celebrations in your hometown?

The most well known festival is ‘Fallas’. It’s a regional festival in March to celebrate Saint Joseph. People go out in the street to be with their friends; there are fireworks every day at 2pm; there is a parade where people wear regional dress and bring flowers to ‘La Virgen de los Desamparados’. But the most important part of the festival is that each neighbourhood builds a huge monument in the street, and then burns it to ashes on the night of 19th March, which is pretty spectacular. The Fallas festival is part of UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It’s really good fun!

Finally, are there any other interesting facts about Valencia?

One of the most important painters from Valencia is Joaquin Sorolla. He captures the light from the city like no one else. He also painted in Xàbia. I adore his art and I think you should see it at least once in a lifetime. One of his most important collections, called ‘Vision of Spain’, is in the Hispanic Society of America, New York.

Joaquín Sorolla - Couples On Horseback Postcard - UK Zazzle Blog

Joaquín Sorolla Guitar Players Postcards,UK Zazzle Blog

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