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New Year, New Workout Routine

You were working out three times a week with fitness classes, DVDs on your mat at home, eating a healthy diet and generally really motivated. Then… all of a sudden it stopped! Christmas landed and your health and fitness plan went out the window. The kids were off on holidays and bar madly running around for Christmas presents, you had no time for exercise. Maybe you were also munching mince pies and enjoying yourself a little too much? Hey, you deserved a little break.

But now everyone’s back to school and back to work, it’s time to get back to fitness! Yes, we know it’s cold and dark outside but if you haven’t rebooted your workout plan for 2018 yet, it’s time to commit. Just follow my five fitness tips and you will get back into shape faster than you think.

1. Set a Date and Time

Before you groan, it doesn’t have to be a Monday. Why not start back on Tuesday… okay well Wednesday. But whatever day you choose, treat it like an appointment. Would you cancel your nails or hair? No, then don’t cancel getting back into your workout regime. Once you get past those difficult first few early morning/after work sessions, you’ll find it so much easier.

2. Be Prepared

Make fitting in your routine as easy as possible. We all know that any excuse and you will roll over in bed or drive straight home past the gym and miss your session. So, pack your gym bag the night before with your workout gear, or leave it out ready if you are a morning exerciser. Charge your iPod, dust off your Fitbit and make sure you have water and a towel!

3. Start Slow

Ease yourself in and you are more likely to keep at it. There’s no point in going at 110% during your first session then not being able to walk for a week! That’s if you even make it in the first place. The scarier the plan, the more likely you are to skive off.  Start off slow and simple, then as you get back into the routine, you can gradually up your game

4. Set Targets

Without a goal, it’s easy to lose commitment. You’ll feel so much more motivated when you work towards and finally achieve something specific. So ask for a fitness programme, hire a personal trainer or, for a more purse-friendly option, just use a fitness app – there are lots of free ones out there. A simple plan like ‘Couch to 5K’ is straightforward but still a challenge.

5. Enjoy It!

If you pick something you enjoy, you are far more likely to stick to it. There are so many different exercise ideas to choose from, it’s easy to find something that suits you. Mix it up and you also won’t get bored! If you are into mindfulness, try yoga. If you’re always the first on the dancefloor, why not join Zumba. Buddying up with a friend can also make fitness far more fun.

So today was the day: Tuesday at 7.00pm, you have that sports bra and leggings on with workout music at the ready. You don’t have to run far, but it will be a run all the same. It might be the endorphins talking but you already feel fitter (maybe a little slimmer) and generally happier!

What are your tips for staying on track with your fitness routine? Together we can do this!

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Engaged and in the midst of planning her big day, Catherina is loving all things wedding. She was previously a fitness instructor for 10 years and so enjoys going to the gym and yoga, but also chocolate and prosecco!

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