Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Alternative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

With less than two weeks to go, the Easter Bunny is surely on his way. Remember the fond days of yesteryear, looking for eggs out in the garden? The thrill of the hunt as you find that last concealed prize? And finally the spoils, when you’re gorging on all the treats you’ve uncovered. Relive the eggcitment by throwing an Easter egg hunt for your own little ones this year. These Easter egg hunt ideas pose new challenges, might teach everyone something new and are not all about the chocolate!

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Back to Nature

Egg hunts are a great way to get everyone outdoors. Why not take advantage of the setting and combine the hunt with a nature trail. Come up with a check list of things the children can look out for, such as types of flowers, trees, insects or leaves. Then hide the eggs near each item on your list to make it easier. This can be a great learning tool and would be ideal if you’re throwing a school Easter egg hunt.

Hop Into Action

Plan an active egg hunt to burn off the sugar rush. Pick up some plastic hollow eggs and fill them with fun exercises like ‘Do 10 jumping jacks’ or ‘Hop on the spot for one minute’. Every time someone finds an egg, they have to do the challenge. This is great for people of all ages! It’ll help all those young kids burn through the abundant amount of energy they have and can give adults a good work out too. Don’t forget to provide treats as well.

Glow in the Dark

This one is for older kids, teens and even adults. Fill up some plastic eggs with things that glow in the dark like glow sticks, or even buy some glow-in-the-dark eggs. Night time egg hunting can be amazing amounts of fun, just be safe and make sure to watch your step with all those burrows around.

Fair is Fair

If you’re throwing an egg hunt with children of all ages, it can be a bit unfair on the younger kids. The older ones tend to be the best and can locate all the eggs much faster than the younger ones. So why not separate the prizes with different coloured eggs. For example, match red eggs for the older kids, yellow for the youngest and blue for the in-betweens. This will prevent the older kids snapping up all the great prizes from the younger ones.

The Golden Egg

Include one egg that stands out from the rest – a golden egg! Make it more difficult to find but an extra special treat so it is worth all the effort. Find a particularly challenging (but safe) spot to hide it and the Easter Bunny will be proud.

The Treasure Map

Draw a map for people to follow to makes things more interesting. Following a treasure map is a whole lot more rewarding when the treasure is chocolate!

Egg Scavenger

Add some more interesting twists by creating clues on where to find the next egg. You can even include cryptic clues or riddles for older children. Present it as more of a team challenge with two sets of clues, and see which team makes it to the ultimate prize first! This one tests your brains, adds some friendly competition and can be full of great prizes.

Beyond Chocolate

Not all prizes have to be chocolate. Why not leave notes in plastic eggs for privileges. Like choosing what to have for dinner, 15 extra minutes before bedtime or picking a movie to watch. You can even get your kids to write and hide some for you to find. Who knows what to eggspect when you put creativity into the hands of cheeky children?


You can use Easter egg hunts as a great way to teach and learn. Try more basic lessons for the younger kids, like matching the top and bottom colours of plastic eggs to earn rewards. For the older ones, include trivia questions in plastic eggs for them to answer before getting their reward. You could even throw an egg hunt in the office as a team building exercise!

So there you have our top Easter egg hunt tips. Feel free to mix and match ideas to come up with the best possible hunt you can dream of. Make it as complicated or as simple and traditional as you want. The most important thing is to have some family fun. Hoppy Easter!

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