International Women's Day T-Shirts

Our Favourite Statement T-Shirts this International Women’s Day

What does being a woman mean to you? Does it mean being confident? Does it mean being strong? Does it mean loving yourself unconditionally? Being a woman means so many different things to different people. Throughout history and today, fierce and feisty female heroines have paved the path for women worldwide.

Today is International Women’s Day and this year it is focused on highlighting the gender parity gap still very much present between men and women. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2017, the gender gap is not getting any smaller. Data suggests that the gap is, in fact, widening and gender equality is moving backwards. Armed with the hashtag #PressforProgress and nothing but passionate gusto, today women (and men) all across the globe will be calling for active progress in closing the gender gap.

As women, International Women’s Day isn’t the only female empowerment celebration we got to embrace this year. Last month, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the passing of the Representation of People Act in 1918. This act enabled a number of women over the age of 30 to vote – a monumental historical event. However, progress was still to be made as it was only women who lived in a house or were the spouse of someone who lived in a house that could vote at this time. So, after years of women fighting for equal social, economic and political rights, are you ready to join the action?

On Zazzle, we’ve seen more and more of our creators and customers making a statement with slogan t-shirts demanding for change. They may be wearing them today, and hopefully all year long. Here are some of our favourites.

#PressforProgress HashTag International Women’s Day T-Shirt

Gender parity won’t happen overnight, but positive gains can and are being made every day. Continue to highlight this year’s hashtag #PressforProgress and the importance of staying motivated with this typographic tee.

#PressforProgress International Women's Day T-Shirt

Venus Symbol T-Shirt

Subtle but still strong, this Venus t-shirt sends an unmissable message. Embrace your gender with the globally recognised female symbol.

 Venus symbol t-shirt

Circle of Women T-Shirt

Sometimes all you need is a symbolic way to get the point across. Stand tall and proud with your sisters and remind them that together, anything is possible with this colourful shirt.

Circle of Women T-Shirt

Strong Woman T-Shirt

Too often, women have heard the word ‘weak’ to describe the female gender. This design reminds the world just how strong they are, with a sense of humour.

Strong Women T-Shirt 

We Should All Be Feminists T-Shirt

Fighting for Women’s rights needs to be embraced by the whole of society to succeed. This stylish statement tee gets straight to the point.

We Should All Be Feminists T-Shirt

Empowered Women Empower Women T-Shirt

So many strong women offer inspiration to others. This graphic t-shirt supports just how important their work and example is to the movement for change.

Empowered women, Empower Women T-Shirt

International Women’s Day Celebration Tee

International Women’s Day is a time to show love and support to women from every background, regardless of race, ethnicity, political standing, sexuality and religious views. This design shows how today they all stand together.

 International Women's Day T-Shirt


These are just a few of the statement t-shirts we see trending every day. If you have a striking image or inspirational quote to share, create your own slogan tee with our design tool and spread the word. Whatever way you decide to celebrate International Women’s Day today, make sure your voice is heard.


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