DIY Tissue Paper & Glass Jar Lanterns

I recently decluttered my ever-expanding home and, in my bid to go green, I came across a cupboard filled with recycled glass jars. I figured what better way to make use of all this glassware, than to upcycle with trendy patterned tissue paper. Candles and ambient lighting can makeover any setting to create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere and add an idyllic but subtle touch to your home.

For this DIY I chose a cute cactus print, a memphis design and some pretty watercolour paper!

Here’s what you need to get started:

DIY Tissue Paper Lanterns - Materials

Step 1:  Gather a variety of glass jars to make a nice arrangement based on height and size. For a regular glass jar, one sheet of tissue paper per jar is plenty. Simply cut the tissue paper to the height and width of the glass jar.

DIY Tissue Paper Lanterns - Step 1

Step 2: Using your sponge brush, evenly paste the Mod Podge onto the outside of a glass jar.

DIY Tissue Paper Lanterns - Step 2

Step 3: Wrap the tissue paper around the glass jar to fully cover the surface and smooth out any air bubbles as you go. As this glass jar was round, I found it easiest to roll the tissue paper onto the outside of the jar, pushing out any air bubbles as I went. You can even cut the tissue paper into strips to easily paste onto more complex shaped jars. Once wrapped, trim off any excess tissue paper to perfectly join each end.

DIY Tissue Paper Lanterns - Step 3

Step 4: Apply another layer of Mod Podge to seal the outside of the jar and allow to dry until the Mod Podge is clear and no longer tacky to touch.

DIY Tissue Paper Lanterns - Step 4

I chose Mod Podge with the Matte effect but you can also opt for the Gloss effect if you really want your prints to stand out.

DIY Tissue Paper Lanterns - End Result

And there you have it! Discover designs to match your home interior and create your very own atmospheric lanterns with ease. If you’re trying this DIY at home, make sure to share it with us using the hashtag #zazzlemade on Instagram. We would love to see your creations!

Creator Spotlight: The John Dyer Gallery

Today we’re excited to introduce our first featured artist on the UK blog, The John Dyer Gallery. John lives and works in Falmouth and his work captures the vibrancy of the stunning Cornish coastline and other destinations around the world. From bustling fishing harbours to the Amazon rainforest, every scene is full of life and fun. We had a chat about what inspires him as an artist, and his favourite products on Zazzle!

John Dyer Painting The Amazon Rainforest

Tell us about yourself!

I live in Falmouth, Cornwall – one of the art hotspots in the country and a super inspiring coastal location to live and work in! I am a contemporary artist, painter and my canvases are sold all over the world. I use elements from my paintings to create my designs on Zazzle. I am the artist in residence and love to travel and study environmental subjects around the world.

John Dyer Seagull T-Shirt

Tell us about the space where you do your work. Do you have a studio or a particular place in your home where you paint?

I have always worked from home – cost effective and friendly! I have a large house and the three floors all have studio spaces for painting, packing, designing and framing. It is quite an industrious place! I live and work by the beach surrounded by wonderful light, sub-tropical plants and holiday fun.

John Dyer Painting Palette

What is your background in art? How did you get started?

My father is an artist, so I grew up surrounded by art. I trained in London in graphic design and then lived in Camden as a freelance designer and young artist. Travelling to the Amazon rainforest in 1989 converted me to a painter.

Spirit of the Amazon Rainforest Poster - John Dyer
Spirit of the Amazon Rainforest Poster

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

The natural world, my family, people on holiday and inspiring places all influence my work.

Summertime Night St Ives John Dyer Mug
Summertime Nights St Ives Mug

When do you feel your most creative? Your least?

When I have a clear head I feel the most creative and when I travel.

Cannes - South of France - John Dyer iPhone Case
Cannes – South of France Case

What are your favourite products to design on Zazzle?

I love the variety of Zazzle products, it’s a wonderful design process to go through. My favourites are the ties, phone cases and clocks, but my most popular items are posters and postcards. Overall, it’s the variety that I like and the challenge of working with new products all the time.

Horse Racing Tie - John Dyer
Horse Racing Tie

Do you have any advice for new Zazzle Creators?

Have fun! Design lots of products and don’t worry if some don’t sell – you need a wide offering to attract interest and then keep expanding the range. Order your own products, as presents for friends and family so you get to know what you are selling.

Any final thoughts for our readers?

Zazzle are a great company to work with and they look after our customers well. It’s a fantastic partnership!

Wedding Thank You Card Tips & Etiquette

The big day has come and gone, the guests have travelled home and last slices of cake have been eaten. While your honeymoon may be the only thing on your mind right now, there’s one last thing to check off that to-do list: the wedding thank you cards.

Attending a wedding is a big ask, and often expense – your guests may have taken the days off, bought a new dress, booked a hotel and found a present. You want them to know how much their presence meant to you.

The thought of writing 100+ thank you notes may not be that appealing, but it is achievable! Just follow our guide to wedding thank you card etiquette and see some of our favourite designs.

Who Receives a Thank You Card?

There’s no need to panic about this one – simply include everyone. From small gestures to grand actions, thank everyone who contributed in any way to your nuptials.

Start with the wedding party, so your bridesmaids, groomsmen and of course your parents. Whether they hosted your wedding and provided financial assistance or not, they deserve a huge thanks for the love, help and support they’ve given you, on the big day and run-up to it. Even the little flower girls and ring bearers will want a card. They may be small but being part of your wedding was probably a big deal for them.

Parents Wedding Thank You Cards

Let’s face it, without the suppliers, you wouldn’t have been able to make your fairy-tale day come true. From florists to bakers, musicians to photographers, every little detail they added counted so include them on your list. Plus don’t forget the person who married you!

Officiant Wedding Thank You Cards

Next up, all the guests. The friends and family who came to rejoice with you made your day what it was. It’s important to remember that sometimes, presence is the only gift we need. So don’t leave out those who weren’t in a position to buy a gift. Also, if you received a group present, it’s more personal to thank each individual guest rather than send just one card. Finally, include the family or friends who couldn’t make it on the day but still sent you a gift.

When Should You Send Wedding Thank You Cards?

This one is easy too – as soon as possible! Why not get them done and dusted before your honeymoon, so you can truly sit back and relax as newlyweds? Even if you don’t manage that, it’s best practice to send your wedding thank you cards within three months of the day. Also, it’s more fun and easier to write your messages while the wedding is still fresh in your minds.

Of course timing also depends on the size of your wedding. If you had hundreds of guests, then everyone will understand that you have a big task and it may take a while. But if you had a very small guest list, sending cards six months down the line won’t look great!

That said, if you miss the three-month deadline, don’t use that as an excuse to not send a card at all. A thank you card sent a year later is still better than none at all.

Floral Wreath Wedding Thank You Cards

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Thank You Cards

Your thank you notes are the last little detail in your wedding, so you’ll want to leave your guests with something memorable. Personalised wedding thank you cards will do just that. If you’re organised and want all your wedding stationery to match, why not order them at the same time as your wedding invitations. Whether you opted for a rustic, vintage or beach theme, most of the wedding invitation suites on Zazzle have coordinating thank you cards.

Beach Wedding Thank You Cards

Another option is to wait and use your photographs and send wedding photo thank you cards. Simply add your favourite shots to one of our templates to create a perfect keepsake for your guests. If you do this, talk to your photographer about timing so you can get at least a selection of photographs before the rest to make your cards.

Photo Wedding Thank You Cards

It’s also nice idea to send specific notes to the wedding party. You can find individual mother of the bride, flower girl or bridesmaid thank you cards and even personalise them with names.

Bridesmaid Thank You Cards

What to Write in Wedding Thank You Cards

The trick with wedding thank you card wording is to make it as personal as possible. First things first, address each person by their name. If they gave you a gift, thank them for it and say why you love it and how you plan to use it. If they gave you money, it’s inappropriate to mention the amount but thank them for the ‘generous gift’. Then suggest how you will use the funds, whether for your honeymoon, to decorate the house etc.

It’s nice to call out other details in your note, for example if the recipient helped you with something specific or travelled a long way to be at the wedding. Or why not recount a fun anecdote from the day that included them. If they didn’t make it, say how you wished they could have been there.

Floral Wedding Thank You Cards

Finally, mention when you might see them next, whether that’s for a lunch date or at an upcoming family event. Then sign off from both you and your spouse. If you’ve taken your other half’s name (or you want to specify that you haven’t!), or if you changed your address since your wedding, your thank you cards are an opportunity to let people know. You can even have an address sticker made up to add to the inside of the card, or as a return address on the envelope.

Address Stickers

More Wedding Thank You Card Tips

The secret to making this task stress-free is to be organised. No matter how big or small your wedding is, you know you’re going to need to thank your guests, so start planning before the wedding! Explore thank you card designs, settle on one you love and get it ordered in plenty of time. This way, if guests decide to give you your gift prior to the wedding, you can thank them straight away.

The idea of missing someone you meant to thank is gut-wrenching. Don’t rely on your memory amid all the madness of a wedding and honeymoon, start a list of all the people you need to thank. Remember that wedding guest list spreadsheet? Make a copy! Then just add columns for gifts and keep track of them as they arrive. This way you will have all the names, addresses and details you need to start writing.

Photo Collage Wedding Thank You Cards

Then just designate a time to start and stick to it. You could spread it out over a series of sessions or get a bottle of wine and some nice food in and make a night of it! If you had hundreds of guests, you could enlist a couple of helpers to seal envelopes, write addresses and add stamps. But the personal messages inside should always come from you or your spouse.

Last but not least, remember to use a nice pen! Good luck and share any of your own wedding thank you card tips.

Creator Tips: How to Create Feed Friendly Products

Today we’re sharing a post from Elizabeth on our US blog about optimising products for feeds. Over to you, Elizabeth!

Building your brand and finding new opportunities for growth is part of being a business owner. As a Zazzle Creator, you know the hustle from product creation and promotional efforts to marketplace optimizations. Today, we’d like to go over another way you can expand your customer reach without too much effort, by optimizing your products so they can easily be added to feeds.

As you can imagine, Zazzle invests a lot into advertising campaigns to drive customers to the site and to your unique products; shopping feeds are a key part of that strategy. We’re not just talking about Amazon, but also Google and Bing which have shopping ads. The example below shows how these ads appear on the web.

If you go on Google search and type in ‘custom pink daisy invitations,’ what comes up is a search results page with the Google shopping section on top or on the right-hand side. In the example below, five Zazzle invitations come up on top, under the shopping section.

How to Design Products for Feeds

If your product was to come up in an ad like this, it’s likely that you would get more traffic and sales for that particular product. In fact, we’ve seen a direct correlation with products getting surfaced in these external ads to the success of the product and the Creator on Zazzle. Not all products can be considered for these ads, but we’d like to share with you a few things you can do to improve your chances.

One significant factor that we consider for feeds is if a product has a good long-tail title and description. A long title means several descriptive words that are true to your design. In the example below, each word can be used to describe the invitation. You can think of the title below in terms of color (pink), descriptive elements (gerber daisy), and occasions (graduation). Be creative, but make sure the title makes sense as a whole so you can use it in a sentence, it shouldn’t be a number of keywords strung together.

How to Design Products for Feeds

The same idea goes for your product description. The description gives you an opportunity to tell the story about your design. What occasion do you picture your customers purchasing this design for? What’s its inspiration? What’s its history?

In the example below, we can see the description paints a picture of the customer using the product for a specific event — invite guests to a celebration honoring the recent high school or college graduate. It also provides a more in depth description of the design itself by highlighting the style (cute), medium (digitally painted photograph), and background (tan). To get ideas for titles and descriptions, you can do some searches yourself and see what type of titles and descriptions seem to work well in the ads.

How to Design Products for Feeds

Another important factor in getting in creating feed-friendly products is image quality. As the search engine (e.g. Google) wants to deliver the best possible customer experience, image quality is key. Among not accepting products with blurry images or images with text overlay, products with watermarks will also not be considered for ads. You can remove your watermarks from your products by unchecking the box in your advanced store settings.

How to Design Products for Feeds

Creating long-tail titles and descriptions, and not using watermarks are important parts of getting your products into feeds. The good news is that following these practices will most likely give you a boost in the Zazzle marketplace as well, so it’s a double win for you! We hope you’ll take this into consideration as you create your products and grow your business and your brand.

Easy DIY Wedding Ideas To Impress

While a wedding is a wonderful and joyous occasion, it can also be an expensive one! By taking charge of some of the elements and some simple DIY wedding ideas, you can make big savings. I had the recent pleasure of helping a relative of mine with her wedding, which was truly special. So I wanted to share some helpful homemade wedding ideas to add some unique elements to your ceremony and venue. Not only will they cut down on costs, but also make your big day more personal and a stand out affair!

Fairy Lights

Adding fairy lights to your decorations can be a simple and cost effective way to add some sparkle and glamour to your wedding décor. Whether you have a blank wall to arch way to dress up, fairy lights can both brighten up a dark area and create a relaxing ambiance. If your wedding venue is full of architectural features that might often go unnoticed, dress them up by wrapping a few strings of lights around them and as the day turns to night, these areas will become prominent features. Curtain lights can also be the perfect way to create an Instagram-worthy backdrop!

DIY Seating Chart

Making your own seating chart is one of the simplest DIY wedding projects. With Zazzle you can create your own wedding seating chart poster that matches your wedding theme such as vintage, rustic or classic romance. The great thing about designing your own seating chart is that you can create it in your own time, edit it as seating plans change, and place the order when you’re ready. You can jazz up your seating chart by sourcing a blank antique frame from a second hand shop, and hang it in the entrance to your wedding reception for instant, cost-effective glamour.


At my relative’s recent wedding, we used candles in just about any available space we could find. Candles, lit or unlit, can add an element of romance to the décor. This venue had a rustic feel to it so we used cream candles for a touch of rustic elegance and placed them around windowsills, a feature fireplace, and even in the bathrooms to dress them up! Using candles of varying widths and heights can draw the eye in and create focal point.

Greenery and Flowers

Flowers and greenery can end up being one of the most expensive elements of the day if purchased through the wedding venue or a wedding florist. Sourcing flowers from a wholesaler and creating some DIY flower arrangements can actually be simpler then it appears. Flowers such as roses and alstroemeria can make for the perfect flowers for your arrangements, and DIY wedding bouquets for the bridal party, as they are both available in a wide variety of colours to suit your wedding scheme. Greenery such as myrtle and honey bracelet can be used to fill out your flower arrangements, and ivy can be used among your decorations, for instance, surrounding candles or wrapped around your fairy lights for added impact. Source your flowers and greenery in advance and collect them the day before the wedding so you can create fresh and stunning arrangements.

Place Cards

Another one of our favourite DIY wedding ideas to do on Zazzle – design your own place cards. This is exactly what we did for my relatives wedding. We uploaded our own design, added some background colour and the end result was simply spectacular! Of course, for a really cost effective and personal touch, you can create your own from scratch. Source some simple white or cream colour blank cards and hand-write them yourself (or ask someone with nice handwriting!). Then with a simple stroll through the woods you can collect some pine cones to act as place card holders, and you’ve got the ultimate rustic chic place setting decorations!


It is often the small touches that will stand out to your guests and have them talking long after the big day so it’s important to get the favours just right. That doesn’t mean they need to be expensive – in fact DIY wedding favours can be much more memorable. Homemade sweets and treats can look truly impressive when wrapped up nicely. So why not pop some truffles or fudge in personalised favour bags or wrap them up in polythene and label them with gift tags. Or you could gift little bottles of homemade gin or liquor dressed up with personalised labels. If you don’t have time time to make your own, you can still buy your treats (we won’t tell), but the personalised packaging will give them a homemade, rustic look!

Wedding Signage

If your wedding venue is particularly large or you’re having an outdoor wedding, then you’ll want to have some signs to let your guests know where all the important parts are from the dance floor to the sweets table or toilets. You can create wedding sign posters to be in keeping with your wedding theme, or in bold, statement colours to stand out amongst the rest. Place these signs on easels or in simple frames for easy viewing. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you can try your hand at creating your own custom signs from scratch. Source some wooden pieces, paint on your words of choice and nail the pieces to a simple blank. Without much hassle you’ve got some wedding décor with rustic class!


Re-using everyday materials can be a great hack for wedding accessories. You can use jam jars or mason jars to act as wedding centrepieces that you can fill with lights and foliage. Additionally, if you want to collect some wine bottles over time, you can spray paint these with gold or silver metallic paint. They can make amazing vases for flowers to be used as fabulous centrepieces, or as decorations throughout the wedding. This little trick will make your vases look much more expensive than they actually are!

Bake It Away

A recent trend with many wedding parties is to make their own wedding desserts and sweet treats, giving their big day a very personal element. By making your own sweet treats for the dessert table, you’ll make a big saving in this area, as well as getting exactly what you want and love. Better yet, you can ask some close friends or family to lend a hand for a marvellous spread of delicious desserts for all to share!

So there you have it, for my own family wedding we found that the parts of the wedding that really stood out to guests were the decorations that we had taken the time and effort to do ourselves. Adding your own personal touches to your wedding day can make the day truly unique and can let you and your soon to-be spouse’s personalities shine through!

Kick Off Summer With a Football Party

It’s all kicked off! The on (… and off) pitch dramas, controversial refereeing decisions and wonder goals have begun in Russia. Why not celebrate this international football bonanza in all its glory with a football party or barbeque. Even if you’re not that big of a fan, you know that you’re going to hear about it anyway, so you might as well embrace it. We’ve got some great football party ideas that might just help you along the way.

The timing of your event can be tricky. Do you kick off with your country’s opening match, the final group game or even the final? There’s so many opportunities along the way. If you really have it in you, you can go for the hat-trick, with smaller parties for each group game.  Or if you’ve got a good group of friends, you could suggest taking turns hosting for each game.

On beautiful summer days, or even average summer days, sitting in a dark bar can dampen the football spectacle. A party meanwhile, can bring the event to life. Set up the festivities in your back garden and show the match in the living room. Have the BBQ ready for the full time whistle because there’s nothing like barbequed meat to help celebrate a win. Just make sure whoever’s cooking knows what they’re doing! Show those would-be chefs who’s in charge with an apron that says as much.

Barbeque Boss Apron

Next up, the decorations. An easy and obvious theme is your country’s flag or kit colours, or a variety if you have an international crew attending. It’s a great way to show pride in your team and to let people know they’ve come to the right place to watch the game. On Zazzle, you can add your team to everything from banners to bunting to the paper plates, napkins and cups!

Why not make things more interesting for your guests by including some competition of your own? For example, run a tournament pot, where everyone gets a team drawn from the hat? The winner gets a prize. It’s a pretty simple concept but it’s a great way of getting people interested or invested in different teams. It’s a strange feeling, cheering on another country that you’ve had no prior attachment to, but it’s surely a good one. For the final prize, why not present a custom football?

Custom Football

Custom England Football

Food is important for any good party. So why not ask guests to bring food or drinks associated with the countries they drew, or are playing on the day? Not only will it mix up the usual party snacks but people can learn about different cultures too. You can even make it more competitive with prizes for the best foods. The almost guaranteed culinary disasters are always worth a good laugh too.

Not everyone is football mad, so it’s a good idea to have an area where these people can go to avoid it all when they get a bit bored. Set up some games like a foosball or table tennis table, a dart board or games system. Or just create an area to sit and chat in the sun. Even the most avid football fans can be drained by boring defensive displays so it’s great to have a place to fall back to.

Throwing a football party can be a lot of work and the above ideas can add a little extra. All you really need is people to come, eat and drink a bit and watch a hopefully good game of football. A small bit of effort could make this a memorable event, no matter if your team whimpers out in the group stages, is annihilated in the quarter finals or lifts the trophy at the end of it all.

7 Teacher Gifts They Really Want!

The end of term is beckoning but before you jet off on holidays there are few people to thank first. The teachers who have opened your young scholars’ minds and have motivated them to accomplish top-notch marks. Tracking down unique teacher gifts can be tricky. No doubt the soap, candles, plants and chocolate boxes pile up on the desk every year – all great presents but everything in moderation… If you really want to stand out from the stack, think about personalised teacher gifts! Teachers spend a lot of time getting to know their pupils so it’s nice to show that you have thought about them too. Here are some teacher gift ideas from Zazzle that are personal, practical and will let them know they’ve done a great job!

1. Post-it® Notes

Every teacher loves sticky notes. Take theirs to the next level by giving them a pack of personalised Post-it® Notes! From labelling piles of marking or important pages in text books, your teacher will find plenty of uses for this present. Customise their pack with their name, initials and more.

Teacher Post It Notes - Teacher Gift Ideas

2. Wine Labels

You may not want to admit it, but your child could be a handful or even an eager beaver who wants to know absolutely everything about everything else. Either way, a personalised bottle of wine makes a much-needed teacher appreciation gift. Customise our wine labels with names and funny messages to let them have a giggle.

Teacher Wine Labels - Teacher Gift Ideas

3. A Tote Bag

They can either take the wine home in this or use it for all the marking, text books and everything else they carry to the classroom every day. Go for a teacher-themed tote with their name and specialist subject, or a simple monogram design that they can use at the weekend too!

Teacher Tote Bags - Teacher Gift Ideas

4. A Tumbler

As an alternative to teacher mugs, why not customise a tumbler. These handy flasks keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold – perfect for coffee on the go or staying hydrated at the desk. Pick a design with a funny quote to keep them motivated throughout the day.

Personalised Tumblers - Teacher Gift Ideas

5. Pens

No matter how many pens they own, teachers need more! Every time they hand out one to a student, there is high chance they won’t get it back again. Solve the problem by giving them a pack of personalised teacher pens with their name on.

Teacher Pens - Teacher Gift Ideas

6. A Passport Holder

Every teacher deserves a holiday over the long summer break. So send them off in style with a personalised passport holder! Even the most motivated teacher will probably want to leave their job at home, so personalise with their real name.

Personalised Passport Holders - Teacher Gift Ideas

7. A Jigsaw Puzzle

A personalised jigsaw makes a sweet and sentimental gift for teachers. Simply add a class photo to a blank jigsaw template and add some text such as ‘Class of 2018’. This personal present will remind any teacher of all the times they had to pick up the pieces and put everything back together again…

Well there you have it – our top gifts for teachers. If you’re still lost, why not send a Zazzle gift card so they can create something they really want over the summer holidays. Then don’t forget to accompany your present with a friendly teacher thank you card for a finishing touch. Buy your teacher gifts online, we’ll make them, then you can save your energy for all the running around you’ll be doing this summer!

Royal Wedding Details To Inspire Your Own Big Day!

A week last Saturday, the world tuned in to watch the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The event was set to break tradition and push the boundaries of the royal family and it did not disappoint! We were treated to a host of celebrity guests, fabulous fashion, a moving speech by Rev. Michael Bruce Curry and a powerful rendition of ‘Stand By Me’.

With the summer wedding season about to begin, and brides planning those last finishing touches, I’ve put together a list of the best royal wedding details to inspire your own big day and give it that regal edge!

The Invitations

One of the elements that largely kept within royal traditions were the wedding invites. The official invitations were gilded and made using American ink on English card – a subtle nod to the union of two different cultures. The invitations featured the three-feathered badge of Prince Charles in gold ink at the top, printed on thick, eight-by-six-inch white cards. While the design was traditional, the happy couple made them more modern by writing ‘Ms Meghan Markle’ instead of her full name of ‘Ms Rachel Meghan Markle’. You might not have your own family crest, but gold wedding invitations with your initials or a personal emblem will still make for an elegant invitation suite.

The Décor & Flowers

The royal wedding décor was focused on beautiful botanical features. The entry ways and arches were filled with a spectacular display of flora and greenery. The church already featured elaborate architecture, and the delicate royal wedding flowers gave the perfect finishing touch. Their florist created a floral display with flowers naturally in bloom at this time of the year, including peonies, white roses and foxgloves that were locally sourced from the Crown Estate and Windsor Great Park. As well as the succulent green foliage, silver birch, beech and hornbeam were used throughout the archways and entry ways.

As well as these floral arrangements, Meghan’s bridal bouquet included flowers hand-picked by Harry from their private garden at Kensington Palace. The bouquet included jasmine, sweet peas, myrtle, lily of the valley and forget-me-nots where were Princess Diana’s favourite flower, a small nod to the groom’s mother. We’re sure lots of brides are now longing for a similar look so the greenery wedding trend is only set to soar!

The Bridal Party

Having children in the bridal party is traditional to royal weddings. Meghan and Harry selected ten bridesmaids and page boys to attend their wedding, and they were all children with close ties to the couple, including Princess Charlotte and Prince George. While Harry included his brother, Prince William, as his Best Man, Meghan broke from tradition and opted not to have a maid of honour or chief bridesmaid. There are several advantages to having a younger bridal party – as well as looking adorable, you won’t upset any older friends who don’t make the cut! Invite your little tribe to be by your side with ‘Will you be my flower girl’ cards!

The Outfits 

Meghan did not let people down when it came to her royal wedding dress. The modest and classic dress included a bateau neckline, three-quarter length sleeves, and a long flowing train. Her five-metre long veil featured hand-embroidered floral designs, representing the countries of the Commonwealth. Meghan also wore a simple diamond tiara once owned by Queen Mary. Both Prince Harry and Prince William wore the frockcoat uniform of the Blues and Royals.

The bridal party of royal tots were also dressed to impress.  Each of the bridesmaid dresses were made out of ivory silk, and were of a high-waisted design with short puff sleeves. They included pleated skirts and pockets and were finished off with a double silk ribbon tied in a bow at the back. The look was then completed with stunning flower crowns, in keeping with the floral décor. The page boys wore a miniature version of Prince Harry’s Blues and Royals frockcoat.

The Colour Scheme

The royal wedding colour scheme was fresh and natural. The bride and bridesmaids wore bright white and tones of pastel green were seen throughout the bouquets, in keeping with the colours used in the décor. The rest of the bridal party also dressed to match, with the Queen opting for a stunning citrine coat over her plum, lime, and emerald printed floral dress. The mother of bride wore a mint green coat with floral detailing atop a matching dress, while the Duchess of Cambridge went with a modest primrose yellow dress with a floral fascinator. The colour scheme could be described as a spring-green garden, with pastel tones and natural flowers at the forefront.

The Photography

The couple also opted for an incredibly natural style when it came to the royal wedding photography. The official photographs made use of natural light, included members of the family with natural smiles and people placed at different heights with natural poses. While some newlyweds wait months to reveal their wedding photography, these newlyweds were not shy about releasing their photos just days after the event. Why not embrace a similar approach by sending out photo wedding thank you cards soon after your wedding with fun snaps of the day.

The Favours 

Even at a royal wedding, favours were a must! Official gift bags were handed out to the 2,640 members of the public who were invited into the castle grounds to view the couple’s special day. The gift bags were a simple hessian bag with striking blue handles. They were also personalised for the newlyweds with the initials ‘HM’ and the date and venue of the wedding. Inside each bag was a service booklet, a tube of shortbread, a large chocolate Harry and Meghan coin, a bottle of water and a fridge magnet – so both practical supplies and keepsakes for the day. Treat your guests to something similar with wedding tote bags, filled with treats like magnets for mementos as well as practical elements like plasters for all those dancing feet after the dinner!

The Menu & Cake

The couple’s first wedding reception was hosted by the Queen and Prince Philip at St George’s Chapel, for a whopping 600 attendees. The guests were treated to a selection of canapes including smoked salmon, grilled asparagus and garden pea panna cotta. A selection of larger dishes then included free-range chicken with mushrooms and leeks, as well as slow roasted Windsor pork belly. Produce from their menu was largely sourced in the UK. Guests also sipped on champagne, a selection of wines and an elderflower mocktail that was made with the same elderflower syrup used in the wedding cake.

The wedding cake was a lemon-flavoured sponge, soaked in an elderflower cordial syrup, covered in a Swiss meringue buttercream also flavoured with elderflower. It was made in three parts of varying sizes, which were arranged atop footed, golden bowls and a mirrored tray.
If you’re planning on hosting a royal feast of your own, be sure to present your guests with all the delicious options printed on wedding menus to match your theme.

The Personalised Touches

This royal wedding certainly wasn’t shy of adding in some personal touches for the happy couple. There were family favourite flowers, special music and even a Tiki-themed bar, just like Harry’s favourite London bar, as part of their ‘festival themed’ celebration. Guests were also welcomed by a steel band before the meal.

These personal elements really reflected the couple’s personality on their special day and you can do the same. If you’re wine lovers, why not create personalised wine labels for the table, or if you’re jetting off for a beach wedding, make your own custom flip flops! Everyone will remember the small touches so make sure to let your personalities shine through, just like the happy royal couple!

Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Shopping for Father’s Day gifts isn’t an easy task. What are we going to get him this year? How are we going to make it different from last year and the year before? Does he still like the same style, the same food and the same hobbies? It’s a bit of a minefield, one that can make you second guess every gift idea you conjure up.

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate everything you love about your dad. Maybe it’s his humour, dripping with sarcasm, or maybe it’s the way he instinctively knows when you’re feeling down and need a hug. Maybe it’s remembering all the things your dad taught you as you were growing up; how to ride a bike, how to tie your shoelaces, how to fix things around the house. Or maybe it’s simply the way he loves you unconditionally and the unique bond you share.

Make this Father’s Day extra special with a gift from Zazzle. With so many options and the ability to customise your chosen present, you’ll be spoiled for choice! From sports to comedy, cooking essentials to artistic pieces and superhero merchandise to stylish clothing, we have the best Father’s Day gifts for all types of dads!

 Sports Mad Dad

Is your dad a sports fanatic? Get him prepared for the field or add a bit of fun to his game with fantastic sports equipment and gear! If your dad is a table tennis pro, our ping pong paddles can be personalised with your very own images or message. There are some great designs including ‘Ping Pong Champion Dad’ and a customisable ‘The Man, The Myth, The Legend’. Make your gift extra special and pair the paddle with a personalised ping pong ball.

With all that exercise, a water bottle is going to be essential. Ensure you dad’s one doesn’t get mixed up with someone else’s and create his own one-of-a-kind bottle. If designing isn’t your cup of tea, glitz up your dad’s game with a ‘Best Dad Ever’ design or give him a bottle featuring an illustration of his favourite sport, animal or colour.

Dad Ping Pong Paddle

Funny Dad

Ah yes, the comical dad! Always ready to drop the next joke or pull the latest prank. Embrace your dad’s sense of humour and give him a chuckle with a gift he can’t resist. Perhaps your dad spends a lot of time running around after you and your siblings? Maybe he’s on the go so much, his phone is constantly paying the price and prone to falls and scratches. If that’s the case (pardon the pun), perhaps a protective phone cover is just what he needs. There’s no need to lose out on the opportunity to make your own joke here; personalise it with a funny message or private quip.

Has your dad ever come home from work exhausted and looking like he’s had the worst day? Lift his spirits from wherever you are with a funny mug he can grab a cuppa with or a funny magnet he can stick on his computer tower. Sometimes all we need is a smile to let go of some of that stress!

Funny Father's Day Mugs

Foodie Dad

Is your dad a lover of all things cuisine? Make sure he has everything he needs to be a master chef and artful foodie this Father’s Day. If, like most of us, your dad is rushing out the door to work in the morning and never forgets his cherished cup of coffee, a travel coffee mug is on point for his needs. Not only can you add a cute picture of you and dad to our coffee mugs and personalise it with text, it keeps hot liquids warm and avoids nasty spillages on the morning commute.

Let your dad’s cooking instincts take over and make sure he protects his clothes in the process! What’s better than a custom printed apron to don whilst you prepare the family meals? And when it’s finally time for dear old dad to sit down and put his feet up in the evening, make sure he’s accompanied by a bottle of wine, with its very own customised wine label.

Dad Apron

 Geeky Dad

Everyone loves a dad who is a total nerd! Show your dad you love his geeky side this Father’s Day with geeky gifts he’s sure to love. Is your dad a massive DC Comics fan? Make him feel like the hero he is with a cool ‘Super Dad’ belt. Why not take it one step further and deck your dad out in all things super with ‘Super Dad’ t-shirts, hoodies and hats! We even have ‘Super Dad’ flip flops – just make sure he doesn’t decide to pair them with ‘Super Dad’ socks!

Does your dad love his video games and spend a lot of time on his computer? Get your hands on a ‘Best Dad In The World’ or ‘Keep Calm Dad, It’s Just A Game’ mousepad for the perfect Father’s Day gift. Remind your dad just how great he is and give him some silent company whilst he’s playing video games with a ‘Number 1 Dad, Happy Father’s Day’ teddy bear.

Fathers Day Superdad T-Shirt

 Dapper Dad

It can be rather difficult to think of Father’s Day gift ideas for dashing dads. With such unique taste and great style, it’s easy to worry about not hitting the mark. Well, never fear – Zazzle is here! We have a great collection of fashionable clothing your dad will love to don.

Want to give your dad cool yet cute Father’s Day presents? Our father-son matching t-shirts are trendy and sentimental. If you’re looking for something classy and old-school, why not check our ‘The Original’ and ‘The Remix’ tees? Change the colour, font and t-shirt style to really capture your dad’s personality and style. If your dad is more of a hoodie man, we have everything from ‘My favourite people call me Papa’ to ‘Best Dad Ever’.

Is your dad’s style less young and hip dad and more sophisticated and charming father? It’s often the accessories and smaller items of clothing that are the quirky focal point for this style. Why not grab your dad a pair of colourful and whimsical socks, featuring anything from dachshunds to eye-catching patterns. Finish off your dad’s polished look with a tie and choose from eccentric Mad Hatter’s Tea Party designs to elegant Fleur-de-Lis inspired pieces.

To top it all off, don’t forget to peruse our range of Father’s Day cards to complement the perfect present.

Unique Wedding Gifts That Mean More

In the age of gift registries and honeymoon funds it seems impossible to give unique wedding gifts that really stand out. Wedding gift etiquette clearly states that you should stick to the list… but here at Zazzle we believe that personalised wedding gifts mean so much more than a mindless purchase off the registry. So if you want to give a gift with a difference, we’ve come up with seven wedding gift ideas that will have the bride and groom swooning.

1 . For the Arty Couple

Create a custom piece of wall art that that they can hang in their home and enjoy every day. For example, frame a vintage travel poster of where they met or their honeymoon destination. Make wood wall art embellished with their initials and the details of their wedding day. Or print a wedding canvas using a stunning photograph of the moment they were married.

Wedding Photo Camvas

2. For the Adventurous Couple

Any globetrotting couple is sure to have booked one heck of a honeymoon. Send them packing with some some personalised travel accessories. Wedding luggage tags, his ‘n’ hers flip flops and monogrammed beach towels are personal but practical and are sure to be used for years of adventures to come!

Wedding Luggage Tags
Wedding Beach Towels

3. For the Foodie Couple

If the way to their heart is through their stomachs. stock their kitchen with food-centric gifts. Customised aprons, chopping boards or even table cloths are so much more exciting than another toaster. Or if you’re a bit of a foodie yourself, wrap up homemade or carefully selected goodies with personalised stickers, wine labels, tissue paper and gift bags for a beautifully presented wedding hamper.

Wedding Chopping Boards

 4. For the Couple Who Can’t Resist a Morning Brew

Create matching mugs with their names or typography that are personal to them. You can simply print two regular mugs or go one step further with the Lover’s Mug Set. Zazzle’s Lovers’ mugs are made to perfectly fit together… just like the happy couple. Now (thanks to you!) the newlyweds can share a morning cuppa every day. Awwwww!

Wedding Mug - Mrs

Wedding Mugs - Mr

5. For the Couple that Love Breakfast in Bed

A customised serving tray is perfect for the couple that enjoys breakfast in bed (who doesn’t?!). Or create customised cushions and blankets for mornings snuggling in front of Netflix. Personalise your thoughtful gifts with their names, wedding date or a sentimental quote…

Wedding Cushions

6. For the Sentimental Couple

 A keepsake box offers a touching way for the newlyweds to store all the items that inspired their wedding memories in one place. Personalise yours with their names, wedding date or a photo of the happy couple for a quality gift that stands out from the crowd.

7. For the Couple Who Spend Ages in the Bathroom

If your bride and groom love their bathroom, treat them to some bath and beauty gifts. On Zazzle you can customise shower curtains, toothbrush holders, towels, bath mats and more to add to their newlywed boudoir.

Wedding Couple Bath Mats

So there you have our top unique wedding gift ideas that can all be found right here on Zazzle! Be bold, be brave, and give your newlyweds an unforgettable gift that they will cherish forever.