How to Host a Royal Wedding Party

With the Royal Wedding only weeks away excitement is starting to build! If your invitation got lost in the post (don’t worry, mine did too), you can still celebrate – just host your own royal wedding party at home. It’s the next best thing to being at St George’s Chapel.

Unfortunately there isn’t an extra day off work this time around, but luckily they will still be televising the wedding, which is all that really matters! Much like Eurovision, Harry and Meghan’s big day is the perfect excuse to gather your mates, lay on some drinks and nibbles, then commentate on all the style and events throughout the day! Here at Zazzle, we’ve got some handy tips to help you host the perfect Royal Wedding viewing party. With everything from the decorations to food to favours, your celebration is sure to rival the main event.

Guest List & Invites

First of all you need to plan the location and guest list. Hosting your party in your own abode makes for an easy and relaxed day, but you could also head out to watch it at a public screening. Once you’ve settled on a location, it’s time to write up a guest list. We don’t imagine you’ll be inviting as many people as Meghan’s ‘modest’ 600 attendees, but a group of close friends who are equally as excited as you are will make for the perfect party! Harry and Meghan won’t be taking any half measures for the wedding, so make sure you invite your guests the right way too with royal wedding party invitations. You can choose from lots of great designs from fun and fancy to regal and elegant. If you really want to impress your friends, pick a design just like Harry and Meghan’s real invitation, with black and gold detailing.

Royak Wedding Invitations

Decorations & Party Supplies

Location, check. Guest list, check. Invitations, check. Next on the agenda is sort out the essential Royal Wedding decorations and party supplies. No event is complete without some decorations to match! Bunting and banners would make the perfect backdrop for all those selfies and group shots you’ll take with your guests to remember the day. Then pick up paper party supplies to add to the decor, and make the clean up afterwards a whole lot easier! Find Union Jack paper plates and cups, neat napkins and even posh paper hats!

Royal Wedding Paper Plate

Games & Favours

Between all the action of people arriving and speeches being given, you’ll want to make sure you have some activities on hand to keep your guests entertained. A classic choice is a simple deck of cards, where anyone can suggest different games to play like Snap or Old Maid. You can even up the stakes and get some Harry and Meghan themed poker chips for a game of Texas Hold’em. Or just create your own Royal Wedding games at home. Simply put together some trivia questions about the wedding and Royal Family and have some fun testing everyone’s knowledge! You can even provide some little party favours like personalised key rings or compact mirrors as prizes for the games to commemorate the day. Customise them to include information about your party or the royal wedding for the perfect keepsake.

Harry & Meghan Poker Chips - Royal Wedding Games

Harry & Meghan Playing Cards - Royal Wedding Games

Dress For The Occasion

Last but not least is to sort out what you’re going to wear for the day. Whether you’re going to a screening at the pub or a street party, you’ll want to dress to impress! If you’re hosting a posh event, you and your mates might want get out the fancy frocks and dress up as though you’re off to Windsor Castle! If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, fun and frill-free, we’ve got a few options that might just do the trick. Why not get matching t-shirts for you and all your friends to wear while you commentate on all the guests’ attire? For a fancier finish, try a Royal Wedding tie, and for the ladies, a handy themed tote bag would be the perfect purse for the day!

Harry & Meghan Tie - Royal Wedding Accessories

Whether you’re going big on the celebrations for the Royal Wedding, or keeping it low key and simple, it’s sure to be a day to remember! As for me, my friends are not as excited about the big event as I am, so I’ll be having a pyjama party while watching all the festivities! However, I’ve made sure I’ve got myself sorted with a Harry & Meghan mug for the multiple cups of tea and biscuits I’ll be consuming on the day! Let me know what your plans are to watch the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the comments below.

Harry & Meghan Mug - Royal Wedding Mug

Make Your Own Travel Memory Map

If you love jetting off on new adventures, or know someone who does, this Travel Memory Map DIY is for you! Travelling is a great way to learn about different cultures, taste amazing food, spend time with friends and family or to meet new people along the way. Many of us enjoy documenting our experiences so we can look back and reminisce. Let’s face it, with Facebook and Instagram at our fingertips, it’s never been easier to just check in at that hidden coffee shop in Paris or to take a quick snap of your favourite gelato in Florence. By the time you’ve arrived back home, you’ve taken a trillion photos and posted nearly all of them on social media. You may print a few and place them in a photo book that you will probably never look at again. But what if you had a creative and tangible way to document it all? That’s where the memory map comes in and since I’ve started one I’ve never looked back. Here in this one place, I have photos and postcards and little snippets of my travels. Hanging over my desk, it’s a joyful reminder of all the places I’ve seen and fun memories I have – perfect for perking up any Monday morning. What’s more, it’s super easy to create and personalise. So just follow the guide below to create your own travel memory map!

Materials & Steps

Your Map:

First things first, you need a map! You can opt for a traditional world map or, if your travels are focused in one area, a single country or continent map. For example, perhaps you aim to visit all the US states or want to plot out an Interrail trip in Europe.

Some people paste a world map poster onto foam-board or on a corkboard. If so, make sure the board is cut to the size of your map. Then lay your board down flat and spay with an adhesive spray and place your map on your board. Carefully smooth out any wrinkles and let dry.

Me I like canvas, so I have a world map canvas stretched over a wooden frame.

USA States Canvas Print

What To Add To Your Map:

Postcards & Photos
I love taking photos when travelling and have a few special ones that I print. To avoid cluttering my map with too many big photos, I often print them smaller or grouped together on a postcard with the ultimate saying or quote to sum up the trip. You can include postcards you’ve bought while on holiday – I even post a few back to myself with snippets of that day’s adventures scribbled on the back. Or buy some vintage travel postcards after you get home.

Vintage Travel Postcards

Labels & Stickers
With a pin, I add little labels to the cities or countries I’ve visited. Or to avoid using too many pins, simply print some stickers to stick on to all your locations. You could customise your stickers on Zazzle with the year of the trip or even a tiny photo of who joined you.

More Memorabililia
If you’re sentimental and hang on to little bits and pieces, pin those up too! For example, maybe you have business cards or receipts from favourite restaurants or tickets to a museum or attraction.

Yarn or Ribbon
If you want to mark a special journey like a road trip or round the world adventure, I’ve seen people stitch or mark out their route.

Future Trips
As well as past adventures, you can use your map to plan your next adventure. Perhaps pin a colour-coded label or sticker for all those places on your bucket list. Then you can replace it when you make it there.

The best part of all is that it’s never finished! You can continue to build your map and memories trip by trip for years to come. How would you make your own travel memory map – or do you record your travels in another creative way?

7 Ways to Use Rubber Stamps

One simple stamp, so many possibilities! When you think of rubber stamps, most people think about stamping paper products like invitations and cards. You’re not wrong! Investing in an address stamp will certainly save you a lot of time handwriting the back of envelopes. However, personalised rubber stamps can be used for so much more. With different types of inks and surfaces, the options are endless.

Here are our favourite ways to use rubber stamps for craft projects, or to just make your life easier.

1. Do you own a small business? Make your mark by branding all your stationery and packaging with a rubber stamp. Simply create a business stamp with your logo or contact information and print on everything from your envelopes to invoices. It’s also an easy and affordable way to brand items like paper coffee cups, paper bags, labels or loyalty cards.

2.  If you love to make batches of jam every year, bake cookies for Christmas or are even experimenting with a home brew, use rubber stamps to turn your efforts into gifts or items ready for sale. Customise one of our ‘Made by’ stamps with your name and print on jam jar labels, stickers, tissue paper, boxes or whatever you use to wrap up your wares.

3. Go one step further by using stamps to decorate actual homemade goods! It’s easier than you’d think. Simply dip your stamp in food colouring or icing and carefully print onto baked items. You could add seasonal shapes or messages for holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, or someone’s name for a birthday! This method works best with smooth fondant icing.

4. Tired of your children losing all their clothing and other miscellaneous items at school or day care? Create a stamp with your child’s name and a phone number to ensure these items get returned to the rightful owner. Stamp on labels or directly inside text books, on pencil cases, rulers and lunch boxes. Use fabric ink and you can even mark clothing and bags.

5. Fashion your own temporary tattoos! Just remember to use washable ink. Perhaps your child wants to dress up as biker or pirate for Halloween or to show off tattoos just like daddy has. Or maybe you’re organising a hen party and want to brand the crew as the ‘Bride Tribe’. Butterflies, stars, tigers and typography, add anything to create your own custom tattoo stamp.

6. Are you planning an event and want to personalise the party supplies, but on a budget? Create a stamp with your name, monogram or the date of the party and print onto inexpensive napkins, paper plates, favour tags, party bags and place cards. Personalise our wonderful wedding rubber stamps to make your mark on all the little details of your big day.

7. Stamps are also handy in other crafts. Dip in fabric ink to print a pattern on a sewing project or use to mark an outline to stitch when embroidering. Or use without any ink at all to just imprint a name or message onto homemade soap or candles.

Do you have any more ingenious ideas for rubbers stamps? Share away below.

Alternative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

With less than two weeks to go, the Easter Bunny is surely on his way. Remember the fond days of yesteryear, looking for eggs out in the garden? The thrill of the hunt as you find that last concealed prize? And finally the spoils, when you’re gorging on all the treats you’ve uncovered. Relive the eggcitment by throwing an Easter egg hunt for your own little ones this year. These Easter egg hunt ideas pose new challenges, might teach everyone something new and are not all about the chocolate!

Forget your Easter basket. Zazzle has an amazing selection of Easter tote bags to gather those eggs. So, on your marks, get set, hunt!

Back to Nature

Egg hunts are a great way to get everyone outdoors. Why not take advantage of the setting and combine the hunt with a nature trail. Come up with a check list of things the children can look out for, such as types of flowers, trees, insects or leaves. Then hide the eggs near each item on your list to make it easier. This can be a great learning tool and would be ideal if you’re throwing a school Easter egg hunt.

Hop Into Action

Plan an active egg hunt to burn off the sugar rush. Pick up some plastic hollow eggs and fill them with fun exercises like ‘Do 10 jumping jacks’ or ‘Hop on the spot for one minute’. Every time someone finds an egg, they have to do the challenge. This is great for people of all ages! It’ll help all those young kids burn through the abundant amount of energy they have and can give adults a good work out too. Don’t forget to provide treats as well.

Glow in the Dark

This one is for older kids, teens and even adults. Fill up some plastic eggs with things that glow in the dark like glow sticks, or even buy some glow-in-the-dark eggs. Night time egg hunting can be amazing amounts of fun, just be safe and make sure to watch your step with all those burrows around.

Fair is Fair

If you’re throwing an egg hunt with children of all ages, it can be a bit unfair on the younger kids. The older ones tend to be the best and can locate all the eggs much faster than the younger ones. So why not separate the prizes with different coloured eggs. For example, match red eggs for the older kids, yellow for the youngest and blue for the in-betweens. This will prevent the older kids snapping up all the great prizes from the younger ones.

The Golden Egg

Include one egg that stands out from the rest – a golden egg! Make it more difficult to find but an extra special treat so it is worth all the effort. Find a particularly challenging (but safe) spot to hide it and the Easter Bunny will be proud.

The Treasure Map

Draw a map for people to follow to makes things more interesting. Following a treasure map is a whole lot more rewarding when the treasure is chocolate!

Egg Scavenger

Add some more interesting twists by creating clues on where to find the next egg. You can even include cryptic clues or riddles for older children. Present it as more of a team challenge with two sets of clues, and see which team makes it to the ultimate prize first! This one tests your brains, adds some friendly competition and can be full of great prizes.

Beyond Chocolate

Not all prizes have to be chocolate. Why not leave notes in plastic eggs for privileges. Like choosing what to have for dinner, 15 extra minutes before bedtime or picking a movie to watch. You can even get your kids to write and hide some for you to find. Who knows what to eggspect when you put creativity into the hands of cheeky children?


You can use Easter egg hunts as a great way to teach and learn. Try more basic lessons for the younger kids, like matching the top and bottom colours of plastic eggs to earn rewards. For the older ones, include trivia questions in plastic eggs for them to answer before getting their reward. You could even throw an egg hunt in the office as a team building exercise!

So there you have our top Easter egg hunt tips. Feel free to mix and match ideas to come up with the best possible hunt you can dream of. Make it as complicated or as simple and traditional as you want. The most important thing is to have some family fun. Hoppy Easter!

9 Things to Consider Before Planning a Destination Wedding

Sandy toes and salty kisses, are you about to become Mr and Mrs? At some point in every couple’s wedding planning process, they entertain the idea of a destination wedding.

Let’s set the scene. You and your sweetheart are holding hands on a golden sandy beach with the majestic blue hue of the ocean glistening in the background. The wind is blowing in your hair and the warm sand is tickling your toes as you gaze lovingly into the eyes of the man of your dreams and whisper ‘I do’. Sounds perfect right? To a cool, calm, super chilled bride (or bridechilla as I like to call them), this is the dream wedding. Bridezillas, on the other hand, beware! If you’re tempted, we’ve put together a few pointers to help you decide ‘Is a destination wedding right for me?’

Just Relax

If you’ve been planning every aspect of your wedding day since childhood, a destination wedding may not be for you. You will forget to pack something, somebody will miss their flight or lose their baggage and you will lose the plot. Better stay closer to home, where things are a little easier to keep under control. Whereas if you’re pretty laid back and want a relaxed rather than regimented wedding, then go ahead and wed away.

Do Your Paperwork

If you’re getting married abroad, remember to research the legalities for your chosen country. The rules, regulations and essential paper work around both civil and religious ceremonies vary vastly place to place, so you need to do your homework. Alternatively, you could just have the celebration and blessing abroad and make it official back home.

Let Them Save the Date

If your guests need to travel for your wedding, it’s more important than ever to send out save-the-dates as soon as you can. They’ll need to book flights, accommodation and ask for time off work so need a bit of notice. Similarly, get the full invitations out at least 12 weeks before you take off. Your stationery is also a chance to get everyone excited about the exotic trip! Pull out all the stops and send colourful, tropical, or retro themed destination wedding invitations that will have them dreaming of the beach.

Don’t Expect RSVPs, ASAP

Your guests may take a little longer to RSVP to a wedding abroad, beacuse they have more to consider themselves. You’ll also need to embrace the fact that due to practicalities, some guests may RSVP ‘no’. Don’t be glum if some of your mates can’t make it… it will do wonders for your budget! In fact, you have reason not invite everyone in the first place. Planning a destination wedding is a great way to keep numbers down by limiting it to just close friends and family, and are often all the more intimate for it. But if you or your fiancé’ need a lot of people to be there, you might want to reconsider.

No Fun in the Sun

While it may be relaxing to lounge about in the sun before your wedding, please resist all temptation! Weirdly placed tan lines and skin that resembles a lobster is the last thing you need when you’ll be wearing a white wedding dress in a few days, and with lots of photographs.

Keep Your Cool

Beautiful, balmy weather is probably one of the reasons why you want to marry abroad in the first place. But remember those temperatures when you’re trying on outfits back home. For example, avoid thick, synthetic fabrics for your wedding dress and give the three piece suits a miss. Supplying your guests with hand fans will be much appreciated! On Zazzle, you can print them with the details of the day too.

Expect Wardrobe Malfunctions

If you’re having a beach wedding, there may also be be outfit emergencies. Your heels may sink in the sand. Your dress, or your fiancé’s kilt may catch a gust of wind. Or one of your guests may lose their hat. Does that thought make you smile or want to scream? To avoid stilletos sinking in the sand, why not create some comfy custom flip flops for the big day on the beach.

Be Our Guest

At a traditional wedding, you’ll see the guests for a few hours at most. If you’re marrying abroad, chances are your guests will make a holiday out of it. So just make sure you want to spend a week with them – something to consider when narrowing down the guest list.

Location, Location, Location

You want your guests to think ‘Wow, that wedding is so them!’ instead of ‘So, why did they get married on a farm?’, right? Maybe you’re both foodies or into the great outdoors. Perhaps you met on holiday in Marbella or he proposed in Paris. If you’re going to travel, it’s more important than ever to make the location meaningful to you as a couple.

Destination weddings offer a truly unique, intimate and memorable wedding experience. If you’re a perfectionist, with a keen eye for detail and high expectations, then it’s probably best to stick to a more traditional wedding. If you want to share your special day with the people who truly matter, in a low-key, intimate setting then set your sights on the ocean and get planning that beach wedding now!

DIY Easter Decorations: Fabric Bunnies

If you’re anything like me then you’re always looking for an excuse to get out some decorations and Easter is no exception. It’s really the first time since taking down the Christmas tree that there is another reason to decorate, and decorate we shall! Once the first day of lent has started you can be sure that I’ll be hanging the Easter bunting on any available wall space. Plus, while I love to decorate, I love to make my own Easter decorations even more. It gives me the chance to search the web for new ideas, and adds that unique and personal touch to my home.

Once I saw these little bunnies on Pinterest, I decided I had to make them! It’s the perfect Easter crafts project for me as it’s quick and easy, and they look adorable dotted around my house. You can make one of these rabbits in 15–20 minutes. So you’ll have a whole nest of bunnies in no time, which is really egg-citing! Also, using a selection of different Easter fabrics really makes these creations stand out. Pastels, polka dots and striped fabrics work perfectly for the season.

So without further ado, let’s hop into the how to!

What You’ll Need:

  • Selection of fabrics
  • Pencil and paper
  • Stuffing
  • Needle
  • Threads
  • Dress pins
  • Scissors/pinking shears
  • Bows & ribbons (optional)
  • Craft glue

Easter Fabric

How to Make Your Fabric Easter Bunnies

1. First of all, draw out your rabbit template. It’s completely up to you on how big you want your bunnies to be. If you don’t trust your drawing skills, like me, just search the web for a simple template to work with!

2. Next, cut out your template. Once this is done you want to double up your fabric so that both sides of your rabbit are the exact same size. Fold your fabric so that the front or outside sides are together and you can place your template on the back side of the fabric. Trace an outline of your bunny on the back side of the fabric.

Eastr Bunny Fabric DIY

3. Cut through both layers of your fabric along the outline of your bunny, using a scissors or a pinking shears. I used pinking shears because I like the crimped effect and this method also helps the fabric from fraying. But you can just use ordinary scissors for this. I also held my fabric together with a couple of dress pins, just to ensure they didn’t move during cutting.

Easter Bunnies DIY

4. Once you have your two pieces cut out, place them together, front sides facing out. Again, secure them with a couple of dress pins to ensure they don’t move around when you sew them together.

5. Next, you need to sew the pieces together. Using a simple running stitch technique, start from the bottom corner and sew around your bunny to the other corner. Ensure you don’t sew the bottom part just yet as we still need to fill the bunny. If you have a sewing machine, you can use this instead to speed up this process and create a tighter stitch.

Easter Fabric Bunnies

6. Once you are happy with your sewing, you can begin to stuff the bunny to your desired level of plump. I like to fill these up as much as I can so that they feel like little teddies. When your bunny is nice and plump you can sew up the bottom part and close up the bunny.

Stuffing Easter Fabric Bunnies

7. The final step is completely optional. If you are happy with your bunnies as is, then you can stop here and start the process again to create a whole colony of Easter bunnies! But if you want to add a bit more personality then read on! For my bunnies, I picked up some bows and ribbons from a local craft shop. Using some craft glue, I stuck these little accessories onto my bunnies for the perfect finishing touches and set them aside to dry.

For alternative accessorising ideas, you could sew little eyes and a mouth onto the bunnies instead of buying extra bits. Also, if you have some cotton balls lying around, you could glue a little bunny tail onto the back for extra cuteness!

So there you have it, super simple and cute DIY fabric Easter bunnies. I have made quite a few of these for my home and plan to make some extras as Easter gifts for family and friends. It’s a great alternative to giving Easter eggs because we all end up with far too much chocolate when Easter Sunday rolls around anyway! One or two bunnies each plus one of Zazzle’s Easter cards and your loved ones will be wowed!

Fabric Easter Bunnies

Let me know if you give this DIY a go in the comments below. Also include any more suggestions you have to personalise the little cuties. Oh, and Hoppy Easter!

Our Favourite Statement T-Shirts this International Women’s Day

What does being a woman mean to you? Does it mean being confident? Does it mean being strong? Does it mean loving yourself unconditionally? Being a woman means so many different things to different people. Throughout history and today, fierce and feisty female heroines have paved the path for women worldwide.

Today is International Women’s Day and this year it is focused on highlighting the gender parity gap still very much present between men and women. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2017, the gender gap is not getting any smaller. Data suggests that the gap is, in fact, widening and gender equality is moving backwards. Armed with the hashtag #PressforProgress and nothing but passionate gusto, today women (and men) all across the globe will be calling for active progress in closing the gender gap.

As women, International Women’s Day isn’t the only female empowerment celebration we got to embrace this year. Last month, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the passing of the Representation of People Act in 1918. This act enabled a number of women over the age of 30 to vote – a monumental historical event. However, progress was still to be made as it was only women who lived in a house or were the spouse of someone who lived in a house that could vote at this time. So, after years of women fighting for equal social, economic and political rights, are you ready to join the action?

On Zazzle, we’ve seen more and more of our creators and customers making a statement with slogan t-shirts demanding for change. They may be wearing them today, and hopefully all year long. Here are some of our favourites.

#PressforProgress HashTag International Women’s Day T-Shirt

Gender parity won’t happen overnight, but positive gains can and are being made every day. Continue to highlight this year’s hashtag #PressforProgress and the importance of staying motivated with this typographic tee.

#PressforProgress International Women's Day T-Shirt

Venus Symbol T-Shirt

Subtle but still strong, this Venus t-shirt sends an unmissable message. Embrace your gender with the globally recognised female symbol.

 Venus symbol t-shirt

Circle of Women T-Shirt

Sometimes all you need is a symbolic way to get the point across. Stand tall and proud with your sisters and remind them that together, anything is possible with this colourful shirt.

Circle of Women T-Shirt

Strong Woman T-Shirt

Too often, women have heard the word ‘weak’ to describe the female gender. This design reminds the world just how strong they are, with a sense of humour.

Strong Women T-Shirt 

We Should All Be Feminists T-Shirt

Fighting for Women’s rights needs to be embraced by the whole of society to succeed. This stylish statement tee gets straight to the point.

We Should All Be Feminists T-Shirt

Empowered Women Empower Women T-Shirt

So many strong women offer inspiration to others. This graphic t-shirt supports just how important their work and example is to the movement for change.

Empowered women, Empower Women T-Shirt

International Women’s Day Celebration Tee

International Women’s Day is a time to show love and support to women from every background, regardless of race, ethnicity, political standing, sexuality and religious views. This design shows how today they all stand together.

 International Women's Day T-Shirt


These are just a few of the statement t-shirts we see trending every day. If you have a striking image or inspirational quote to share, create your own slogan tee with our design tool and spread the word. Whatever way you decide to celebrate International Women’s Day today, make sure your voice is heard.


How To Throw Your Own Paddy Party
– St Patrick’s Day Ideas

Everyone’s favourite Irish holiday, St Patrick’s Day, is fast approaching. On the 17th March, people the world over come together and celebrate the emerald isle and Irish heritage. But who was this saint and why do we celebrate St Patrick’s Day? The truth is, very little is known about him. What we do know suggests he was born in Britain in the late fourth century but at around the age of sixteen, he was kidnapped, sold and enslaved in Ireland for six years. After escaping, he went to France and joined a monastery. Twelve years later, with the pope’s blessing, he returned to Ireland, where he converted the Gaelic Irish to Christianity and travelled the country setting up monasteries and schools. His teachings were such a success that by the seventh century he had become a legendary figure. Indeed, there are many stories told about St Patrick, including one about driving all the snakes out of Ireland. Since his death on 17th March 461 AD, St Patrick has been commemorated on that day. After 1,500 years, it has become more of a secular holiday and a day when everyone is Irish! It’s all about good cheer, good food, music and partying. This year, instead of heading out, why not bust out the green and clover and throw your own Paddy Party? Follow our ultimate St Patrick’s Day party guide for tips and fun ideas for all the family!

St Patrick’s Day Sendables

Gather your guests with St Patrick’s Day invitations. On Zazzle, you’ll find fun designs with everything from clovers to leprechauns to St Pat’s hats. To glam up your invites, why not add some shiny green shamrock or gold confetti inside your envelopes!


Go green but also white and gold with your St Patrick’s Day decorations. Then just add rainbows, shamrocks and leprechauns for fun features, especially for the kids. Bunting makes a great alternative to streamers and balloons – not only can it be hung on any surface from walls to doors to ceilings, it is less messy and fully reusable for next year’s party. At the door, why not welcome your guests with an Irish themed poster. Decorate your tables with themed tablecloths and lay with Patrick’s Day plates, cups and napkins, all available on Zazzle!

Food & Drinks

Make the food and drinks fun and green. There are some great novelty St Patrick’s Day recipes out there, from shamrock chips to leprechaun cake pops to lucky charm crispy cakes. Why not try our shamrock Rice Krispy treats recipe below:


  • 113 g butter
  • 200 g mini marshmallows (make sure they’re soft)
  • 250 g Rice Krispies
  • Green food colouring
  • Shamrock cookie cutter


  1. Melt the butter over a low heat in a large saucepan.
  2. Once the butter has melted, add in the marshmallows and stir until they have also melted.
  3. Add the food colouring and stir until the entire mixture is green.
  4. Remove from the heat and stir in the Rice Krispies. Stir until the cereal is coated.
  5. Place the Rice Krispy mixture in a buttered tray. Press down with a buttered spatula.
  6. Press the cookie cutter down on the mixture to cut out shamrock-shaped treats.
  7. Place the treats on baking paper and refrigerate until set.
  8. Eat and Enjoy!


No party is complete without a game or two. For little kids, hide some gold chocolate coins around the house and garden and set clues for a scavenger hunt to find the pot of gold. Involve all the family and play ‘In the Leprechaun’.  Simply hang a poster and taking turns blindfolded, try and place a clover on the leprechaun. Love bingo? Have fun with a game of St Patrick’s Day bingo with the winner receiving a pot of  gold chocolate coins.


Before the party starts, you need the right outfit. If you don’t have time for anything elaborate, just pull on a St Patrick’s Day t-shirt with a fun slogan or Irish saying. Make your guest green with envy and complete your outfit with matching themed leggings, hats and more accessories.

So, you’ve got your outfit, the food and décor, now it’s time for the party to begin. But before we go, we’ll leave you with a St Patrick’s Day wish:

“For each petal on the shamrock

This brings a wish your way

Good health, good luck and happiness

For today and every day.”

Mother’s Day Ideas – How To Make Mum’s Day On 11 March

Mother’s Day 2018 is just around the corner on Sunday 11th March. Whether you’ll be celebrating with mum, step-mum, nan or another super woman in your life, you want to show her how much she means to you. Flowers or a box of chocolate are sure to be appreciated, but there are so many more ways to make her day special. So we’ve come up with some creative Mother’s Day gifts and even activities for some full-on family fun. From cakes to walks to bubble baths, these Mother’s Day ideas are bound to put a smile on her face.

1. Send Her a Card

Sometimes the simplest gestures are the most personal and a handwritten card is always a winner. On Zazzle, you can even personalise Mother’s Day cards with names or photos.

2. Make Her a Photo Gift

Go through those old photos and pick out the ones that will make her smile or laugh. Use the best ones to create a photo collage or upload them to make photo mugs, canvas, key rings and more.

3. Plan a Pampering Session

Book a mani/pedi or spa for you both. Or just pick up her favourite beauty products, run a bubble bath, pour a glass of fizz and let her relax for an hour or two.

4. Share a Story

Give her your favourite book that she hasn’t read. Write her a sweet note in the front cover explaining why you think she will love it too.

5. Take Afternoon Tea

Get dressed up and head into town for a classic afternoon tea at a fancy hotel or tea room.

6. Or, Make Your Own

Bake (or buy) scones and cakes. Add jam, clotted cream, some mini-sandwiches and a range of high-end teas. Set a special table with custom plates, napkins and even a tea pot!

7. Have a Movie Marathon

Camp out on the sofa to watch her favourite films. Add popcorn, drinks and blankets for a perfect girls’ night in.

8. Make Sweet Treats

If she has a sweet tooth, why not make your own truffles, fudge or other treats rather than picking up a selection box. Dress them up with custom gift wrap like favour bags, stickers and ribbon.

9. Play a Game

Gather the family and play a board game, a cards session or, if you’re feeling active and there are lots of you, a team sport!

10. Give Her the Day Off

Let her lie in, get her breakfast in bed then give the whole day off, while you do any cooking, cleaning, gardening etc.

11. Go For a Walk

Set out as a family on a hike or just a walk in park. Stop off in a nice old country pub and treat her to Mother’s Day lunch, or bring a picnic if it’s sunny!

12. Prepare a Toast

Bring over her favourite bottle of wine and make a heartfelt toast to everything she does for you. Enjoy a glass or two while reminiscing over your funniest family memories. Add a personalised wine label for a special touch.

Now you have no excuses to pull off a fabulous Mother’s Day surprise! You can also shop for more on our Mother’s Day gift ideas page.

Wedding Trends To Watch Out For

As spring begins, so will the wedding season and a whole new bunch of wedding trends to get excited about. While classic wedding themes will never go out of style, a touch of a trend can set your day apart and make it more individual to you. So now that chalkboards and burlap are behind us (mostly), what will be the dress, stationery, reception, food or décor this year? From ultra violet to see-through table settings, there is lots of fun to be had. Get in there first with our guide to 2018 wedding trends.

Ultra Violet

Pantone of the year always plays a part in setting wedding colour trends. In 2018 it’s all about ultra violet, a deep blue-based purple with cosmic or even regal undertones. It might seem a bit bold, but sprinkled throughout your wedding – in the invites, table settings, bouquet ribbons or bridesmaid dresses – it can add energy and depth. The whole purple palette is trending too, from lavender to lilac.

Ultra Violet Wedding Invite

Midnight Garden

In 2018 we’ll be seeing a shift away from soft pastel palettes to the dark and dramatic. Rich and moody hues like burgundy and deep purples will appear in floral arrangements even mixed with berries and boho details like feathers. With a dark fairytale feel, this wedding trend works well for winter – it would look stunning against the snow. Set the tone from the beginning with dark floral invitations.


Last year’s Pantone of the year, greenery, was a huge hit and in 2018 it is only set to grow. Not only is this trend visually beautiful but it’s budget friendly too. Try lush plants like ferns, eucalyptus, vines or succulents for stunning shapes or herbs like lavender, rosemary or thyme to even perfume your venue. Use to line your aisle, on the table tops and in bouquets. You can illustrate your theme on your stationery and other details like napkins or favour bags.

Greenery Wedding Invitation

Heralded Crests

Monograms have long been a chic way to personalise your wedding, on invitations, cakes, napkins and programmes. But now couples are going beyond simple initials and commissioning more whimsical letter art with floral flourishes or even heraldic style crests. On Zazzle you can print yours on everything from save the dates to favours.

Black Magic

Straight from the fashion pages, this trend is bold but beautiful. We’ve seen high-end wedding gowns with black accents, black bridal crowns and bridesmaid dresses. If you don’t fancy a dark wedding dress, you can still try black ribbons, invitations or favours. Black table settings like table cloths, place mats or napkins also look stunning paired with gold cutlery.

Black Wedding Napkin

Fun Food

From food-stations to trucks, eating is becoming more and more of an experience at a wedding. Unlike a sit-down meal, informal food means more mingling. It’s also a fun way to show off your personality by choosing the foods that mean a lot to you – from your cultural heritage to favourite guilty pleasures. Dessert tables offering a whole range cakes also go down a treat. Add some more personality to your food stations with personalised paper party supplies like plates, napkins, cups and more.


Move over rose gold, copper is this year’s must-have metallic. Perfect for an autumn wedding, copper accents such as cutlery, lanterns or even tables and chairs create a warm and cosy glow. It pairs well with dark colours like navy or a paler blush pink, but also with marbles or concrete materials for a more industrial look.

Copper Wedding Sticker

Transparent Touches

Mid-century design is having a moment, and with it we’re seeing the use of see-through materials like acrylic, Perspex and good-old glass. From glass marquees to floor-to-ceiling windows to see-through dancefloors, clear décor is modern and fun. It lets the light in and quite simply makes your space look bigger and brighter. These minimalist materials also put the focus on what they are displaying or holding, from colourful cakes to bright bouquets. Try serving the bubbly on Zazzle’s acrylic trays.

Written In the Stars

From the actual moon, sun and stars to mythical astrology, celestial themes are set to trend in 2018. There are many unique and beautiful ways to add a celestial vibe to your wedding, from fairy lights and disco balls to star sign favours or crystal-encrusted headdresses. While constellations and phases of the moon can create stunning graphics and interesting names for table plans. We think this trend is truly out of this world.

Celestial Wedding Invitation

Typographic Signs

Typography is nothing new but couples are being more and more playful with their words. Wedding signage spelling out your last name, nicknames, favourite quotes or an in-joke adds a fun and personal element to your wedding décor. They can also be repurposed in your home as a memento of the day. Wood or acrylic wall art or neon signs, will all make the transition from your wedding to walls.

Geodes & Crystals

There are plenty of ways to rock the geode trend on your big day. The beautiful colours and curvaceous shapes in these rock formations work beautifully printed on the invitations, table cards, plates and more. Couple are even ordering geode wedding cakes in jewel colours and encrusted with sugar crystals.

Geode Agate Wedding Wine Labels

Bold Backdrops

Wedding arches have long created a focus for the ceremony and of course the photographs, but in 2018 some new shapes will set the scene. Full-circle wedding wreaths are not only on the invites, but in the actual wedding. Whilst geometric backdrops like A-frame arches or diamond shapes are also being spotted in on-trend ceremonies. Bold backdrops elsewhere in the venue add a personal element and photo opportunities, from flower walls to commissioned murals.

Rehearsal Dinners

A longstanding tradition in the USA, rehearsal dinners are starting to take off in the UK and Ireland. Everyone is bound to be spending the evening together anyway, so why not make it a bit more of an occasion by preparing invitations and menus. Plan a dinner or drinks party somewhere special or even just a few down at the local. Remember it’s supposed to be fun, but not so fun you are still out at 2am…

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

The Great Indoors

Let’s face it, the weather can’t be trusted. So rather than refreshing the forecast every few minutes, why not go indoors. Your inside reception doesn’t have to be a castle or manor house. Industrial loft-style spaces, museums ad even pubs are becoming more popular. Select a space that played a part in your relationship – where you had your first date or where he proposed. Low-key venues strip away formality and make guests your guests feel at home so you can just enjoy each other’s company. Better than a soggy wedding dress any day.