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Where’s Wally? Have You Seen This Man…

Flashback to 1987. Cold War fever gripped the nation. The Simpsons first hit TV airwaves. The slick veneer of the 80s was in full force. The Where’s Wally?’ campaign began.

A long-standing friend of ours went missing. Wally (also known by the alias Waldo in the United States) left on an epic adventure. Last seen wearing a distinctive red and white striped top with matching hat, he should be very easily spotted, right? Well costume or not, we are still looking for this loveable cartoon character. We have custom posters set up across the country! Have you seen him? Is he okay? We are getting worried…

The Known Sightings

Where is Wally? Well there have been sightings over the years. He seems to have an interest in exotic travel destinations (don’t we all though?) This classic children’s character has been spotted in a variety of locations. Photographic evidence puts him in Egypt, Rome, Japan and a host of other amazing countries worldwide. He also appears to time travel.

Where's Wally - Egypt

Where's Wally - Ancient Rome

The questions remain. How? Why?

The Witnesses

A host of witnesses and volunteers have come forward to help with the hunt and we thank them wholeheartedly for continuing the search for our long lost friend. These cartoonish Where’s Wally characters have been known to spot our tricky traveller on more than one occasion. Most notably, Santa Claus discovered him hiding away among his Christmas gifts but was unable to persuade him to stay!

Where's Wally - Christmas

A host of events celebrate the kids cartoon hero we know and love (and would really like to return home… Wally… if you’re reading this…). World record Where’s Wally costume events, where the public dress up as our missing man, remind us all that the hunt continues! Dublin, Ireland has the current record for participants.

The Allies

Where’s Wally books have been made on the subject, furthering speculation that Wally hasn’t been working alone. Wilma – his confidant and friend. Woof – his cute canine companion. The Wally Watchers – a group of fanatics who are determined to find the answer to Where’s Wally?!Where's Wally Book Bag

Threads all connected in a web, surrounded by the man in glasses with an unusually chipper smile. Clearly he’s under duress. Nobody is that chirpy.

If Found, Please Contact

We cannot stand by and hope any more. The time for action is now! If you see Wally, hear of his whereabouts or even a whisper on the wind tells you where he might currently be, please contact Zazzle! Be sure to get the warning out everywhere. On mugs, t-shirts, bags. Anything that lets people know the search is still on-going.

Where's Wally Mousepad

Where's Wally T-Shirt

We are concerned for his safety. He’s a danger to himself. Always jetting off. HE EVEN WENT TO SPACE!!! Sure it was cool and all but he had no helmet or anything. A total daredevil!

Where's Wally - Space

We can be contacted by leaving a comment below or on social media. At Zazzle, we’ll never leave a man behind.

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